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Why Should You Purchase Car Insurance In Georgia?

Georgia law states that all citizens with vehicles must have at least minimum car insurance. Insurance providers offering car insurance in Georgia are required to have licenses as stated by code or law. The Georgia Division of Driver Providers or GDDP provides the car insurance law, which enables you to put limitations on motorists who fail to follow the rules.

Georgia requires vehicle users to buy liability coverage for the safety of their cars and their family. You can get your Georgia auto insurance requirements on the web for any insurance company. Liability insurance policy will pay for damages or property damages that may occur on an accident. In 2010, drivers should buy around $25,000 physical injury liability coverage to handle the accidents of one person in an incident. Furthermore, motorists should have at least $50,000 in physical injury protection to cover the wounds or any injuries of several persons. Motorists need to buy at least $25,000 in property car liability protection to spend on damages to a different person’s property.

The car insurance law  in Georgia is applicable to car owners that need membership in Georgia. A golf cart, trailers, campers, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, bicycles and also mopeds doesn’t require membership or protection. Nonresidents being employed in Georgia may drive for about 30 days and a visitor for 90 days with an out-of-state membership. The state provides nonresident army staff stationed in Georgia the option of registering cars in their state of residency or perhaps in Georgia. Nonresident students going to school in Georgia have the choice of enrolling their cars in Georgia or in their home state.

The law demands owners to keep continuous insurance coverage for the whole time they possess their cars. The DDS needs documentation of insurance to give driver’s licenses, car registrations or license plates. Inability to give proof of constant coverage can lead to loss in driving access or revocation of car registration.

The state keeps vehicle insurance documents in the (GEICP) or also called Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance Program which is a data-base system and would not take insurance cards as being proof of protection. The law needs insurance companies to send insurance information electronically to the GEICS list within a month of providing a new policy or once a policyholder made adjustment or expires coverage. The method incorporates with the state’s car title or license plate list, letting county tax officers and also law enforcement officers to identify a car owner’s agreement with the law.

Insurance providers give insurance detail cards to their policyholders, discussing insurance policies. Whilst Georgia law will not take insurance information cards being evidence of insurance policies, insurance companies should issue cards and motorists should always have their cards available if needed.

Motorists who do not adhere to minimum protection of Georgia auto insurance requirements face suspension of driving license and also loss of car membership. Driver suspensions need pre-payment of half a year of minimum insurance coverage to bring recover license or registration.