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Why is Auto Insurance in Georgia is a Necessity for Every Motorist

The law for auto insurance in Georgia requires all the drivers to have auto insurance for all the vehicles they own. The insurance that you buy for your vehicle should cover up to $25,000 for any bodily injury to 1 person in single accident, $ 50,000 for 2 or more people injured in single accident and $25,000 for one accident for any damage done to the others vehicle. The law does not mandate to have insurance protection for personal injury or uninsured/underinsured policy but most of the driver’s in Georgia opts for it in addition to minimum liability policy to have an extra protection for unforeseen situation.


Driving on the roads of Georgia without a roof or car insurance policy is illegal and often leads to penalties and fines. Being caught driving without a car insurance policy can result in suspension of your car’s registration number. To reinstate the registration number you will have to pay a lapse fee of $25 and $60 for reinstating the registration number. With the repeated fault the penalty to be charged increases. Also, it may lead to a situation that your car’s registration number be suspended for 6 months mandatorily. Thus, always carry a proof of the car insurance policy.

You must be thinking of all the benefits of having Georgia car insurance. To list a few of them is that it gives protection for their investment and also saves them from the serious financial loss that may take place. If you are driving without getting insurance for your car you may land up paying for the expenses from your pocket. In case of an accidental injury or death caused due to accident may lead to bankruptcy.  The lack of auto insurance in Georgia may add financial problems resulting from the property damage done to your car. So, having a car insurance policy is a must.

There are mainly two types of basic insurance for car called as liability and collision. In Georgia it is mandatory to have minimum liability insurance but getting collision insurance is optional. Collision insurance covers for the expense involved in case of a damage done to your car in an accident. Insurance companies in Georgia generally replace the car if in case the cost of repairing your car is more than 70% of the value of the car. However, if you have comprehensive coverage for your car then you can be covered for any damage done to your car by natural calamities like fire, vandalism or against theft.

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