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When to File and Not to File an Auto Insurance Claim in Georgia

Potential car accidents could result in significant financial cost that may prove a great burden for car owners to take responsibility on their own. In such cases, Georgia cheap car insurance offers car owners a shoulder to lean on when faced with vehicle calamities that result in great financial expenses to cover the damages. In addition to being a state requirement that all Georgia cars should be insured, most Georgia car owners actually consent to the fact that taking a vehicle insurance policy is very important in all aspects. However, having a car insurance policy does not mean that you are guaranteed to enjoy all the benefits stated in the policy agreement any time you feel you deserve them. A smart car insurance policy holder knows that filing a vehicle insurance claim may not be the best and right thing to do at times.

Most people have ill misconceptions about just when should they file for insurance claims in Georgia. Some car owners are always eager to rush to their car insurers every time their car gets a scratch or bumps on another motorist such as when moving the car out of the parking lot. Such car owners think that their insurance providers should instantly cover for the resulting damages even without giving it a second thought. In most cases, some scenarios like this cause minimal vehicle damage to the motorist and other cars involved. The car owner can easily pay off the damages using his credit card or by getting a few dollars out of his pocket without going through the hassles of filing of car insurance claims. For some reasons known better to them, some Georgia car drivers tend to think that their insurers should take responsibility even for the slightest accident encountered.

While some Georgia cheap car insurance holders have this instant reaction of rushing to their insurers every time, they do not realize the implications of filing auto insurance claims. When a motorist files for insurance claim, he should be sure to have increased insurance premiums the next time he is applying or renewing his auto coverage policy. Car insurers take advantage of such insurance claims and court cases to increase your car insurance rates unfairly. This can be very disadvantageous as you are forced to pay more premiums than you are currently paying which imply that you save less. Actually, if the damage would only cost you a few dollars to cover the loss, it’s better that you pay for the damages without involving your insurance provider. You might end up saving even more dollars in the long run.

On the other hand, failure to file the claim does not imply that you completely make your insurer unaware of the incident. It’s important that you notify your insurer rather than having him find out about the incident and start speculating why you never disclosed the incident in the first place. If the insurer makes wrong assumptions that you are a careless driver, he may even charge you higher premiums than he would originally charge you if you let him take full financial responsibility of the incident. Simply, having car insurance in Georgia is good but learning how to use it wisely is even better. You can get free insurance quotes by entering your zip at the top of the page but you should also be a smart and sharp policy holder.