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What Is Proof For Car Insurance In GA All About?

There are a set of basic rules that the state of Georgia has laid down for all vehicle owners. You need to have a thorough understanding of these laws and must ensure that you adhere to them at all time to avoid unnecessary issues. The MVD or the motor vehicle division in Georgia will have the details of your car insurance in their records. However you may come face to face with certain situation wherein you might have to exhibit proof for car insurance in GA. Outlined below are some of the options that are available to you

Keep your insurance card with you at all times

There are certain new guidelines that have been issued by the state which does not qualify insurance card as sufficient proof for insurance expect under certain circumstances. However, the state guidelines direct insurers to issue these cards to the policy holders and owners of the vehicles are expected to keep them in their vehicles at all times. Do remember to keep them in you vehicles so that you can exhibit them whenever the need arises.

In case you self-insure your vehicle

In case you are self-insuring your vehicle with the concerned authorities, you will receive a card from the concerned authorities stating the details of the insurance along with a certificate of insurance stating theta you are self-insured. These documents are valid proofs that you can use to show your financial responsibility in case the need arises to exhibit proof for auto insurance in GA.

First timers can use the insurance binder

In case you are purchasing your insurance coverage for the first time, your insurer will be issuing you with a binder that will act as valid proof of your insurance for period of 30 days. During this period, the insurer is expected to submit an electronic copy stating your insurance coverage to the authorities.

Sale bill or page of declaration

In case you have purchased a new vehicle all you need to have with you is a copy of the sale bill as well as a page of declaration that the insurer will provide you with. Both these documents will acts as proof for duration of one month. This method is often used by car owners to exhibit their financial responsibility until the proper electronic records are made available to the Georgia DMV.

Always maintain a copy of the documents

You can never know when unfortunate events occur and you could end up losing all your documentation. Though it is easily possible for you to get copies of the required documents from your insurer it is always better to have an additional set of copies files away that you can retrieve easily if the need arises.

Check for accuracy

Once you get the certificate of insurance and the insurance, it is mandatory that you check them for accuracy of details and information on it. In case you note any discrepancies please make sure that you check with the insurer immediately and get them rectified.

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