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What Every Motorist Must Know about Georgia Car Insurance

In the state of Georgia, it is mandatory that one has to have minimum liability car insurance coverage in order to drive. Georgia car insurance requirements demand that a driver should maintain personal liability insurance. Protection limits for personal injury protection (PIP) and bodily injury protection (BIP) are set at 25 thousand dollars per person or 50 thousand dollars for every person involved in an accident. For property damage, the insurance limit is set to be at least 25 thousand dollars per occurrence.

Auto insurance in Georgia also provides for optional, affordable car insurance. This insurance will include under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage, collision which pays for any damage to the vehicle resulting from collision with an object, comprehensive, rental reimbursement and towing and labor coverage. In case of an accident, the additional coverage may be worth much more than the premiums that one pays to obtain the insurance coverage. Overall premium is normally based on your car’s value. Comprehensive car insurance coverage normally insures one against other drivers driving illegally, whether they are without insurance entirely or they do not have satisfactory liability allowances.

Auto insurance quotes in Georgia are often high. It is therefore important for you to look for a cheap car insurance provider in Georgia. By comparing the rates provided by different auto insurers in Georgia, you will ensure that you get the best rates. You will be able to compare discounts for good driving records and good grades among other insurance benefits.

There are many people who are struggling to get cheap auto insurance quotes in Georgia. In order to get the best premiums possible, you can get quotes from different auto insurance providers and compare the rates. Many people are not aware that the cost of car insurance can vary depending on different auto insurance companies in Georgia. By ensuring that you get the best auto insurance quotes in Georgia, you will get good value for your money. Over time, you will save a lot of money. You can get professional help from insurance agents who understand the intricacies of car insurance in Georgia. The knowledge of car insurance agents can offer you a lot of assistance when you are looking for car insurance in Georgia.

In Georgia, an insurance card is not an acceptable proof that you have insurance coverage. But state employees and enforcement officers can verify your insurance status for any vehicle that is registered in Georgia. They use the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS). Your vehicle registration may be revoked or suspended if you are found not maintaining proper car insurance. If detected to be operating without proper car insurance, you can also be subjected to vehicle impoundment and fines.

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