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What are the Requirements to Process to Complete a Car Insurance in Georgia

Before getting auto insurance in Georgia, you need to understand the state’s car insurance requirements. You also need to have a god understanding of auto insurance quotes in Georgia. Georgia’s Financial Responsibility law requires that the minimum insurance coverage liability be 25,000/50,000/25,000. This means that if in case of an accident in which you are determined to be at fault, the Georgia car insurance policy insures you against loss as follows:

•             In case of death or bodily injury of one person in any one accident, the insurance coverage will be a minimum of twenty five thousand dollars.

•             In case of bodily injury or death of two or more persons in any one accident, the coverage is for fifty thousand dollars, which is also subject to a limit of 25,000 dollars per person.

•             For injury to or destruction of other people’s property in an accident, the insurance covers you for a minimum of twenty five thousand dollars.

In the state of Georgia, an insurance card is not considered as an acceptable proof that you have insurance coverage. Instead, Georgia law enforcement officers and state officers electronically verify the insurance status of any vehicle registered within the state of Georgia. They do this by using the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System (GEICS). The circumstances that may make law enforcement officers verify your auto insurance include:

•             When you are operating your vehicle

•             When you are detained at a traffic stop

•             When you may be involved in a traffic accident

•             When you are registering, replacing or renewing your vehicle’s tag.

Insurance companies in Georgia are required by to notify the Georgia Department of Driver Services the moment someone buys insurance. They should also give a notification when a person terminates coverage, deletes or adds a vehicle.

Your vehicle’s registration may be revoked or suspended if you fail to maintain proper insurance. If the enforcement officers detect that your vehicle is uninsured or the same is involved in an accident, the vehicle will be impounded and the owner subjected to fines.

Once your vehicle is suspended for the aforementioned mistakes, there are conditions set for the reinstatement of your vehicle’s registration.

For the first occurrence, you will be required to obtain and keep continuous liability insurance in Georgia for your vehicle. You will also be required to pay lapse fee of $25, a reinstatement fee of $60 and pay any other fees and taxes due.

For the second occurrence which happens during any five year period, you will get a mandatory 90 days vehicle registration suspension. You will also be required to obtain and keep an insurance coverage liability in Georgia on your vehicle.

A third occurrence in any five years will earn the vehicle a 6 month suspension and you will be required to pay a 25 dollar lapse fee and a reinstatement fee of $160.

Getting auto insurance quotes in Georgia should go together with an understanding of insurance regulations. You can take a few minutes to enter your zip in the box above and you will be able to compare three cheap insurance companies that match with us.