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What are the Necessary Legal Requirements for Georgia Auto Insurance

The traffic of Georgia is very chaotic and has recorded the highest rate of on road accidents. Thus, it has been made mandatory to drive without minimum liability insurance in Georgia and driving without is illegal. The Auto insurance in Georgia covers collision, towing and labor charges, coverage for rental reimbursement and also uninsured as well as underinsured coverage for motorist. The premium you pay for your auto insurance is much less than the expense incurred on all these services.

The Financial responsibility Law of Georgia states that it is mandatory for all the drivers to have minimum liability coverage. The liability coverage in state of Georgia is 25/50/25 which means that the coverage should include a minimum insurance of $25,000 for bodily injury and in total 50,000 for all the others injured in one accident with $25,000 maximum for one person. The state also mandates coverage of $25,000 for other property damage if any in the accident.

Law enforcement officials of Georgia have a system which electronically tracks the insurance status of all the cars registered in Georgia. The auto insurance in Georgia makes it illegal not to have car insurance in place and also imposes fine for the same. If you fail to maintain proper insurance of the car then your car registration can be cancelled or revoked. In case of uninsured car meeting an accident you may be levied a fine and in rare case impoundment of the car.

In case of your car registration being cancelled then Georgia car insurance policy would require you to follow certain guidelines to reinstate the registration. If you want to reinstate the car registration cancellation you will have to take continuous liability coverage for your vehicle, have to pay $25 as lapse fee and $60 as reinstatement fee.

In case the same problem of failure to maintain proper insurance surfaces within 5 years of the first issue then the law will mandatorily cancel your car registration for 90 days and make you obtain continuous liability coverage, impose a $25 as lapse fee and $60 as reinstatement fee. However, if the same incident occurs the third time in any 5 year period then the car registration will be cancelled mandatorily for 6 months and the driver have to obtain and keep a continuous Georgia liability insurance coverage and have to pay the same fee amount as lapse fee and reinstatement fee for your car registration.

However, the penalties may be increased in case the driver is caught driving a car whose registration has been cancelled or suspended. Thus, it’s better to search for Georgia cheap car insurance.

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