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What Are The Consequences Of Not Having Car Insurance In Georgia?

There are people who wander on their vehicles on the roads of Georgia and are still unaware of the policy and the terms of Georgia car insurance laws. The very basic part of the auto insurance in GA is the state mandated requirements for the coverage of car insurance. Those who are driving cars without getting their car insurance are basically illegal drivers and they can be in severe danger if caught by the police so it is very important for every single citizen.

AutoInsuranceinGeorginaThe insurance company from which you have insurance your car should also report to the State Department of Motor Vehicles, usually called as DMV, if the insurance policy has been cancelled. When DMV will receive the notification then soon after that the driver will receive a letter stating that he will have to get a new policy and to send the proof of the new insurance to the DMV. If according to the letter a lapse has been occurring then surely the owner of the vehicle will have to pay the fine. If you are driving a car which has not yet got the insurance then you will be in severe consequences. No matter you are driven or not, your driving license will immediately be suspended and if you want to have it back then the only way will be to buy an insurance policy for the car but along with this you will have to pay a full coverage of 6 months to lapse and restoration fee.

If you have not responded to the letter from DMV then you should be clear that now you are doomed because you will have to face the same result. The time limit is of 30 days and you have to respond back within 30 days which according to me is more than enough time if you are answering any inquiry. Instead of getting into so much trouble the better way is to respond the letter before the deadline and buy a new auto insurance policy. But after all of this you will have to pay lapse fee.

If you are caught twice within five years driving a car without insurance then your driving license is suspended for 90 days and to have it back you will have to wait till 90 days and then you reinstate your license. So if you want to maintain your record clean, you will have to keep your car insurance up to date and make sure that the driving record is clean. It is not easy to live without driving license for 90 days; it just makes you dependent on someone else who will have to take you from one place to another. So you will have to follow all Georgia car insurance laws.

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