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Two Important Reasons Why you Need to Get Auto Insurance In Georgia

Having an auto insurance policy in Georgia is almost just as important as having a driver’s license. According to state laws and regulations, if you are found driving a vehicle without insurance, you will be liable to pay a heavy fine and possibly a suspension on your driving license. Just like most other stats of the US, having car insurance is mandatory in the state of Georgia. But there are a lot of benefits of getting auto insurance in Georgia apart from the fact that you will be a law abiding citizen.

BestAutoInsuranceInGoergiaSome of the things that work in your benefit after getting auto insurance in Georgia include the following:

1. In case of a road accident or a mishap, the car insurance policy covers for all medical expenses and bills of the drivers and other third party individuals that were involved in the accident like the vehicle passengers.

2. It protects you from facing a severe financial crisis in case there is damage to property, bodily injury or if you have caused a death with the vehicle that you were driving.

You should consider the following points when considering getting auto insurance in Georgia.

First of all it is mandated by state law. The state of Georgia requires you to carry proof of financial responsibility. This effectively means that you should be able to show proof of the fact that you have the required funds to take care of any damages that are caused by your vehicle. This shows the necessity of getting auto insurance in Georgia. Georgia state laws requires all of its motorists and drivers to get minimum liability coverage which is fifty thousand dollars for bodily injuries caused to two or more than two people per accident. It also provides coverage of twenty five thousand dollars each for individual bodily harm and property damage per incident respectively.

Failure to secure minimum liability coverage or lapse in payments can land you in a world of trouble. Georgia is known to be very strict in implementing its auto insurance laws and deals with offenders by handing out penalties in the form of fines, misdemeanor charges and suspension of driving licenses or registration.

However, there is no compulsion for getting fault insurance in Georgia as Georgia is a tort state which effectively means that the driver is responsible, for causing the accident will have to take care of the medical bills and expenses of the victim. The victim also has the legal right to sue the guilty driver for more compensation.

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