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Top 6 ways for you to save on auto insurance in Georgia

Living and driving in Georgia can be a hassle if you take into consideration Georgia auto insurance laws. With so many regulations and compulsion of getting insured, incurring no cost at all is impossible. This in turn means that you would now on have to deal with monthly premiums and other related costs.

This thinking although somewhat acceptable but is not completely true. The biggest problem now-a-days is that people make the price of the policy their standard of deciding whether it is good or not. This factor although matters, is not the only important aspect to be inspected while judging the policy. This lack of information results in people paying more than they have to; resulting in wastage of resources.

Stop being lazy and shop around in search of the right auto insurance policy that fulfills your needs. Here are some guidelines mentioned by the Georgia Department of Insurance that lets you save $100 on your auto insurance policy within a year. So if your hard earned currency holds value to you then you would adhere to the following:

GeorgiaAutoInsurance1. Price is not the only factor- just because the company is offering you low rates, does not mean that you should choose it with your eyes closed. Make sure that the company and the agent are licensed by the Georgia insurance department. Considering the probabilities of insurance frauds, a non-licensed company might be useless when you need it. The next features that you need to take into consideration regarding the company are its financial position ad stability and the level of its customer service. If the company is not financially stable then there are chances that it might liquidate in the future or it might lack sufficient funds to pay off any claim against you, when you require them. There might be some who would fulfill the above criteria, but their customer service will be incapable to deal with your problems and claims on time. A delay can cause problems with the court where the claim is filed. You can easily attain all this information from the website of the Georgia insurance department, rather searching extensively throughout the internet.

2. Avoid buying unnecessary coverage- there are certain coverage that you are liable to attain as per Georgia auto insurance laws like auto liability insurance. This is to protect the rights of the other person in the accident; caused by your negligence. In addition to this there is numerous other coverage that are at the option of the insured. If you think about being safe than sorry, the premium cost would be extremely high leaving you with nothing. It is better to ponder on the options available and rule out those which are applicable in situations which are least likely to occur. For example if your car is old and already has a low market value, then it does not seem smart to spend a high amount of premium on comprehensive or collision coverage. While on the other hand, if you have purchased the vehicle on installments, the seller might require you to attain collision coverage, before making the deal.

3. Consider an increased rate of deductible- most people tend to avoid high deductibles and prefer policies that provide low deductible. This is a layman approach. It might sound logical to some that since they are getting an insurance policy it is better that they do not have to pay a single penny out of their own pocket, and the insurance should pay for nay damages and repair in case an accident occurs. This is not possible, since in every policy there is a deductible clause. This mentions the cost the insured would have to bear on his own if any circumstance occurs where a claim can be initiated. Since, the insured has to pay some amount out of his pocket; they choose the next best thing, that is to go for the least value of deductibles.  This in turn reflects in a higher amount of premium and greater amount of payments to be made until the insurance can be used. It is better to select a policy with higher deductible to the extent that you consider affordable for you.

GeorgiaAutoInsurance4. Inquires about the probability of discounts- under certain circumstances an insurance company might offer you a discounted amount of premium. Each company has different policies to determine who is eligible for it and who is not. These mostly include circumstance that reflects upon the company that the chances of a claim by the person are quite less. This might be because the person has got special certificates of defensive driving; signifying you an advanced level of driving; or because of an age factor. It is better to consult your agent on such criteria and your eligibility.

5. TAIPA plan- there are certain people whose low grade driving skills make them a threat to themselves and others on the road. In such circumstances the Tax Automobile Insurance Plan Association makes it mandatory to get auto insurance coverage as a legal obligation. They also prescribe the company they are required to get insured by. In such circumstances the person cannot decide his own insurance provider. But if that person has been insured by the company prescribed for three years and has not gained a ticket or committed nay road offense, then you get cut off from the TAIPA list and get insurance for a decreased premium rate. The criteria to be covered by TAIPA are to be rejected from two companies to get insured.

6. Compare the quotes of different companies- rather than getting a quote from a single company and spending all your time pondering and researching on it; it is better to attain quotes from different companies and compare them among each other to make best possible choices. (2)

You do not even have to go up and contact numerous companies, just type your ZIP code in the above box and get all the information in a mere 3 minutes. Compare all you want with no cost and reliable information!