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Three Reasons Behind Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

While it is mandatory under car insurance laws in Georgia that you must have the mandatory liability coverage if you own a vehicle there are a lot of other additional covers that you could opt for while buying your car insurance coverage. Before you end up buying any cover than insurance agent offers you, you need to carefully analyze the add-on covers that you can buy. Once you have clear understanding on the advantages and disadvantages of such add-on you will able to end up buying a policy that will be comprehensive in it true sense. Outlined below are some of the add-on coverage’s that you could opt for

1. Collision coverage

As the name suggest this coverage will come to your aid if your vehicle meets with a head on collision with another vehicle. The insurance company will take of liabilities arising from such damages subject to the limits that you have covered your vehicle for. They will also take care of all legal liabilities that might arise from such issues.

2. Medical coverage insurance

The next coverage that you could opt for when buying your car insurance policy is medical coverage policy. This kind of coverage will ensure that all medical expenses that come as an aftermath of an accident will be taken care of by the insurer. You can buy coverage to the extent that you deem fit. This will ensure that the best of medical treatments are made available in such cases.

3. Uninsured liability policy

In certain cases your vehicle could end up in an accident wherein the driver of the other vehicle could be uninsured. In such situations having uninsured drivers coverage will ensure that all your claims in this regard will be reimbursed by the insurer. In the absence of such coverage your only option in this regard would have been to file a civil suit.

4. Underinsured liability policy

The next situation that you could find yourselves in could be wherein the driver of the vehicle that has accident with yours is underinsured. It means that the driver in the opposite vehicle does not have sufficient insurance to meet the claims arising from the accident. In such cases having an underinsured driver’s coverage will meet all your claims in this regard.

5. Reimbursement of rental expenses

In case your accident meets with an accident and takes a few days to get it repaired, you will definitely have to arrange alternate means of transport. This means that you will have to get a vehicle on rent and it means that you will have to fork out the rental expenses. In such situations if have opted for a rental reimbursement coverage in your vehicle coverage policy, the insurer will take care of all such rental expenses.

While there are a number of add on covers that you can opt for in your GA auto insurance coverage you must at all times makes sure that your vehicle insurance coverage adheres to all Georgia car insurance rules. Do get a feel of the best insurance rates in Georgia by entering your zip code above.