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The Truth About Car Insurance In Georgia

Almost all programs related to car insurance in Georgia are created to meet the standards of the European Automobile Insurance program. Automobile insurance that is offered by many insurance companies is created for both individuals and corporate clients, only with different pricing policies and terms and conditions. You can also use the installed system. Physical damage of the automobile is a damage determined by the amount of vehicle repair (replacement) costs. Therefore, the amount of insurance company’s payment will be determined individually.

Here is the list of possible risks covered by insurance companies:

• Vehicle damage as a result of car accident
• Fire, explosion, thunder lightning, aircraft, or some other natural disaster case
• The breakage made from various subjects
• Theft, burglary, robbery
• Vandalism, illegal actions or third parties…

Vehicle Owners Liability Insurance is another type of insurance provided in Georgia. Vehicle Owners Liability Insurance covers the costs of the insured vehicle by third parties related to life, health or property damage coverage. The insurance payment plan is determined individually and always depends on a specific person or company case. In many cases, the driver and passengers are the victims of automobile accident. Considering their body injuries, there is also compensation provided to the driver and passenger if they have insurance. According to Georgian law, you can insure your car if it is less than age 13 years old, and if the cost of insurance exceeds $ 3000. There are companies that apply different limits, but most of them keep these as a standard line.

Persons looking for vehicle insurance will need the following documents:

• Vehicle maintenance card
• ID card or passport
• Valid driver’s license or a copy of them
• Official translation of these documents if it is in another language
• A copy of owner ID card required
• Completed and signed application form
• Applicant must also have a car ready to show and to take photographs
• Receipt of the policy value.

The Georgian administration organized by insurance companies will make the best effort to provide you faster processing of your documentation. By the time of submission to the moment of issuing of your automobile insurance can pass maximum few hours or one business day. Once you get it, you can pay the cost of the insurance policy in all National Bank’s branches or private bank’s branches all over Georgia. All you need to have is your ID card and payment plan provided by a sales manager. Auto insurance is made to answer all possible situations that could happen in nowadays traffic. It will also give you a confidence every time you sit in your car and make you enjoy every ride you take.

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