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The Consequences of Being an Uninsured Motorist in Georgia

Anybody who gets behind the wheel in the state of Georgia should have a basic understanding of the laws of auto insurance in the state. The most important law to understand when driving in Georgia is their minimum liability insurance policy. According to this, each driver and motorist is required to include 25 / 50 / 25 coverage for bodily injury, death and property damage. It is illegal to get behind the wheel of a vehicle if it is not insured according to the minimum standards set by Georgia law. If you fail to make your monthly premium payments, your auto insurance company will cancel your insurance policy in Georgia and will not the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) immediately.

Once the policy is cancelled, the DMV sends a letter to the driver to let them know if he or she has acquired a new policy or not. If you are stopped by authorities and are found driving without an insurance policy for your vehicle, you could get penalized in different ways. Your registration is cancelled, you’re driving license is revoked or you could face a hefty fine plus prison time. Therefore, one should always make sure that his auto insurance policy in Georgia is in place before he starts driving around.

If the DMV finds out there has been lapse or gap in coverage, you will have to incur a lapse fee. It is definitely not recommended to go driving around without an insurance coverage in Georgia. Getting your driver’s license back will require you to get a new insurance policy and pay for full six months of coverage. In addition to this, you will be charged with a lapse fee and a restoration fee and this will drive your insurance costs through the roof.

Some people choose to ignore the DMV letter and think that things will turn around themselves. However this is not the case in the state of Georgia. You will be given exactly thirty days to respond to the initial query from DMV. If you fail to draft a reply in the allotted period of time, you will have to face the same consequences. Choosing to ignore this letter is not the right way of going about things. You should immediately reply to the letter and in the case that you’re not covered with any insurance policy; you should simply agree to pay the lapse fee. The first offense is minor, if however, you are caught driving again without insurance in the next five years then you are most likely headed for a ninety day suspension of your driving rights. After the ninety day period has passed, you can get your license back in the same way as the first offense. From all this discussion, the smartest thing to do obviously is to keep up with your insurance payments and never drive without your insurance papers in your car.

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