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Why is Coverage Needed when Insuring your Car in Georgia

A lot of people wish that they will never have to face a time where they would have to make use of their vehicle insurance coverage. However, the harsh reality that motorists and drivers these days are facing is that most insurance claims are filed in cities and metropolitan areas. The density and flow of traffic is a very important factor in this regard and this is why it is essential to have Georgia car insurance. According to road surveys and other studies, there are about 200 minor traffic accidents in Atlanta alone during rush hour. Under these circumstances, it becomes crucial to take all necessary measures to ensure that you get suitable protection and insurance coverage from a Georgia Car Insurance policy.

Georgia auto insurance companies offer a standard minimum liability coverage requirement. Property damage liability up to $25,000 is offered with $50,000 per incident. Insurance companies in Georgia which provide the minimum coverage may well be enough to take care of fender benders or other minor accidents. However, the cost of insurance for major accidents is much likely to cost more. All drivers and motorists must realize that in the end they are the ones who are responsible for causing any damage for a road accident or a mishap. The financial backlash you could face as a driver in case of an accident may prove to be very severe for you to handle. Therefore, getting your vehicle insured from a car insurance company in Georgia is the smart thing to do.

It is also suggested that drivers should get collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage for their vehicles in the event that the vehicle is completely destroyed or is taken away by thieves or burglars. The driver’s injuries and medical bills are also paid by Georgia Car insurance companies in case of a claim.

Like many other states across the United States of America, Georgia also does not allow its drivers to use public roads if they do not have insurance for their vehicles. The minimum state liability requirements are thought of as the bare minimum coverage in case of vehicle damage or theft. People that are unable to keep a car insurance policy in Georgia are simply prohibited from driving on the public roads. Drivers and motorists who do not adhere to these rules and regulations can face legal charges and can also be stripped of their driving rights.

Although there a lot of resources and tools which you can use to find car insurance companies in Georgia, the best place to look for them is online. An insurance comparison website can do wonders for a potential insurance consumer. Comparing price quotes can tell them what the market rates are and which company is offering what.

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Save Money on your Car Insurance in Georgia by Updating your Policy

Making some changes to your current auto insurance policy is a good way of saving some money. Things change with time and almost everybody is aware of that. You might not be earning the same amount next year. Regardless of whether the amount is less or more, there is a possibility that you might be in another rate group next year. Every individual has different figures and statistics at the end of each year. Some of the details which you might have missed out on about car insurance in GA are presented as follows.

It might be that a previous incident or traffic violation in your permanent driving record has expired by now. When you bought your current insurance policy, you probably got a higher premium rate because of this red flag in your driving record. If the period for the violation has expired, you should ensure that your auto insurance policy provider is still not holding that against you in your record. If that was the only red flag in your record, you now have a clean and unblemished record and you can inquire from your insurance agent whether you are eligible for a discount or not.

In addition to this, the age factor of a driver is a also a major factor in determining the rates of car insurance in GA. If you are a year older, maybe you are in a different age group. Both of these conditions can lower your premium payments and this would decrease the overall cost of car insurance in Georgia. It is also a very good reason to look closely at your own driving record. Practicing the art of safe driving is a very good way of making sure that you will never have to pay higher than what is absolutely required to buy car insurance.

Georgia’s financial responsibility law requires all of its motorists and drivers to get a minimum 25 / 50 / 25 coverage plan. But you might be in a better financial position and this minimum coverage might now be enough to meet your needs and requirements. In such cases, you should always think about getting collision, comprehensive and underinsured/ uninsured insurance. You should also be well aware of the fact the state of Georgia no longer sees insurance cards as legitimate proof of liability.

The insurance coverage included in the 25 / 50 / 25 formula includes protection for bodily injury policies and property damage. If you are found at fault for the accident, the bodily injury liability protection will pay for the medical bills or death of the other person involved in the accident. Property liability coverage is there to protect your financial position if your car causes damage to someone’s fence, house or backyard. It also covers for your legal representation in the case you are taken to court.

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Insider Basic Tips About Car Insurance in Georgia

It is a state requirement in Georgia to get the minimum liability requirements for insurance. In 2003, a new policy was introduced by the Georgian state authorities who give their local law enforcement officials access to an insurance database which is fed directly from the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. This database has a complete record of all vehicles operating within the State. It keeps track of which vehicle is insured and which is not. An insurance card is not the only source of proving the fact that you have valid insurance. Law enforcement officers have full access to this database and they can tell immediately whether a vehicle is insured or not.

Georgia state law makes it compulsory for all motorists and drivers within the state to ensure that they have the minimum liability requirements for vehicle insurance in place. Motorists in Georgia need 25,000 $ each for personal bodily injury per person and property damage per accident. They also need to have 50,000 $ insurance per accident which might include more than one individuals. This insurance coverage will take care of the financial consequences of accidents, medical bills and property damage if the insurance consumer is found responsible.

The state of Georgia follows the controversial tort system of justice. This basically means that when a road incident or traffic accident occurs, at least one person is found at fault for the accident. The guilty party will have to pay for all the damages suffered because of the accident. Not only does he take care of his own losses, he has to take care of the losses of other individuals who are affected by his actions. If a person does not have an insurance policy present, he cannot bear the entire burden himself. This is where the auto insurance companies step in. The presence or absence of the tort system of justice varies from state to state. Some states in America follow this system while others follow different systems.

The physical damage suffered by the owner’s vehicle is covered for by Collision Insurance. Although the laws of car insurance in GA do not make it compulsory for residents to have collision insurance still it is recommended to get this it since it is relatively cheap. Most lending and leasing companies make it mandatory for their clients to get collision insurance. Most motorists in Georgia would not prefer to have collision insurance coverage for an old vehicle but you should also always keep in mind that collision insurance coverage never exceeds the value of the vehicle. Another kind of insurance which most motorists would want to have is comprehensive car insurance in GA. This is to safeguard against damages resulting from theft, fire, animal and flood damages.

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