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Pitfalls To Avoid When Choosing Car Insurance In GA

How often have you faced issues while making a claim on your insurance policy? Have you been shocked to find out that you insurance policy does not cater to all the guidelines provided by the state of Georgia? Did u just recently find out that you have paid a fairly larger amount of premium for your car insurance than the market rates? Well these are some common situations that people find themselves in when they do not focus on the GA insurance policies that they take. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid such pitfalls


Never make an impulsive purchase

The first and the most common pitfall that you could fall into is when you make impulsive purchases without getting into detail. Most often, you might get enticing proposals that offer you freebies or great discounts that could tempt you into an immediate purchase. Never rush into these proposals as there could be hidden conditions and terms that could pose bigger problems for you later on. Carefully evaluate the proposal and then take a final call if required consult an expert if in doubt.

Checkout the claim servicing history

You would have come across several instances when customers find themselves in troubled waters when they have to make a claim. The insurer might then come up with a host of conditions that could spell a lot of trouble when it comes to claim settlements. Hence, before you buy the coverage make sure that you checkout the claim settlement history of the insurer. You could check online for customer feedbacks or ask for references from previous or existing customers of the insurer.

Compare premiums to get a better rate

Before you begin to check various rates offered to by insurers, make sure that you have a good idea on the market prices by checking them online. This will help you get a feel on the rates that the service providers will charge you. While there are a number of websites that will help you do this, you can also ask others who have bought their car insurance coverage recently. Such precautions will help you avoid paying high premiums and end up wasting your money while buying car insurance in GA.

Go through the fine print carefully

The most common mistake that people do while buying the Georgia car insurance coverage is not to look at the fine print that comes with it. Go through the document with utmost care and immediately ask any doubts that you may have in it. Check the insurance period and insured value to see if it matches with your requirements. Refer to the conditions and excess rates that are mentioned in the policy document. Do rectify it if the excess rates mentioned are above normal levels.

While insurance is mandatory under the law, there are various add-ons that you can opt for while buying your insurance policy. Always buy only what you need and do not buy unnecessary coverage they will only increase your premium. Always stick to the guidelines set by the Georgia dmv. Do enter your zip code above to get some great quotes from the top providers in your area.

A Close Look At Auto Insurance In Georgia

The state of Georgia deems it necessary for every single driver in the state to present a proof of their financial responsibilities towards their vehicles by purchasing what is known as a liability insurance policy. But in certain cases that are extremely rare, it is possible for individuals to even get their vehicles self-insured by approaching the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. In order to get a vehicle registered, it is necessary for the owner to present a proof of GA car insurance. Back in the year 2002, the state of Georgia deemed it necessary for all the insurance companies to submit and electronic copy of the information of the policy holder to the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System.

cheapAutoInsuranceInVirginiaIn the year 2010, the minimum liability insurance requirements in the state of Georgia for the ownership of a car have been set at what is generally known within the state as 25/50/25. The first two basic numbers, which are 25/50 are basically represented in thousands of dollars and are indicative of the limit that has been set for personal bodily injury liability. The last number which is 25 is used to indicate the limit that has been set by the state for property damage liability. For instance, consider that an accident takes place and is basically caused by a driver that has minimum Georgia liability insurance, than every single person that gets injured in the other car is going to receive up to $25,000 with a limit per vehicle of up to $50,000. Any additional expenses that occur can easily be acquired by the injured party by filing a suit against the driver. Damages that have been caused to the vehicle will be paid for up to $25,000. However, if the injured party wants to, they can pursue any additional property damage claims in court as well.

People that possess a lease or an outstanding car note are required to buy more than the preset minimum liability insurance. The leasing company has the potential to protect the investment that it has made in the car by fixing its very own minimum liability amount. However, the owner of the car has the ability to increase the GA vehicle insurance coverage amount on their vehicle so that they can be protected against law suits just in case an accident is caused because of them. This additional coverage amount plays a major role in averting them from lawsuits that might be filed against them in case an accident takes place because of their negligence or carelessness.

Lapses in coverage and the fines that is applicable on them

•             Fines for Lapses in Coverage

•             The state of Georgia allows a 30-day grace period for new insurance information to be electronically submitted to its database.

As of 2005, if there is an additional lapse of 10 days without Georgia auto insurance, the car owner will be charged a lapse fee. If the lapse fee has not been paid within 30 days, the car’s registration will be suspended, and an additional reinstatement fee will be added. A second lapse within a five-year period requires a mandatory registration suspension of 90 days. A third lapse within a five-year period requires a six-month suspension and a higher reinstatement fee. If the car was sold, stolen or repossessed, the former owner must submit an affidavit to the Georgia Department of Driver Services to have the fines removed.

Auto insurance In Georgia That Senior Citizens Can Avail

Senior citizens with limited resources can acquire auto insurance in Georgia with lowest rates by contacting various companies or by carrying out ample research over the internet in order to get the best deals possible around their area, that too by the top providers.

The ever increasing auto insurance rates in Georgia are truly a definite matter of concern. The fact of the matter is that senior citizens can get the auto insurance at a much cheaper rate as compared to the young population owing to their vast experience of driving. Seniors with reliable vehicle driving report in the past get the auto insurance in Georgia at a much lower rate. It’s difficult at this stage in life to commute in public transport therefore; the need for auto insurance requirements is even more.

There exists an impression that senior citizens will have to shell out greater insurance premiums but the fact of the matter is that this happens to be a misnomer. Senior citizens stand to benefit with lower insurance premiums as compared younger drivers. Elderly car owners are more cautious while operating their vehicle so are considerably safe drivers and are less associated with auto accidents. Facts and figures prove this and thereby, offer them the advantage of reduced auto insurance premiums. Senior citizens with a perfect driving report get lower auto insurance rates.

People beyond 50 years of age in general are typically added in the lower premiums category. Life insurance rates on the other hand, increases as one gets older in contrast to the car insurance which goes down. Numerous aspects are used by insurance companies to evaluate the ideal premium rate for a senior citizen as everyone has a different requirement. Senior people need to look around for the most efficient deal and getting in touch with number of individual companies is the most appropriate way to procure the most reasonable deal.

Senior citizens who are computer literate can carry out research over the internet to attain their auto insurance needs. Numerous elderly people search for internet information since it saves them time and effort compared to driving around to various insurance companies. Knowingly, many auto insurance providers in Georgia are reachable online with effective premiums and more significantly, provide suitable feedbacks with regards to their services submitted by existing policy holders. With all the relevant information available, senior people don’t need to go around from one company to another.

Irrespective of the age, one must ensure to enquire to potential insurance company to get the necessary replies as well as details. Alternatively, a senior citizen with the need to insure car, truck or any other vehicle can secure reasonably priced and reliable insurance policies at lower premiums. Senior citizens with years of driving experience and good driving record need to do survey of the insurance plans to be able to compare their current insurance policy with the existing policies in the market to acquire the most appropriate insurance policy in Georgia.

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