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Georgia Car Insurance Laws: Everything That You Need To Know

Before you drive your car on to the roads of Georgia, there are some very important rules that you need to know. Insurance is a primary factor and having any car insurance policy will not suffice. There are some guidelines set forward by the state authorities that you need to follow carefully. Any violation of such rule could easily land you in trouble. Let us take a look at some of the basic rules that you need to follow when it comes to Georgia car insurance.

You need to submit proof of insurance. In case you are driving a vehicle in Georgia, it is mandatory that you purchase a liability insurance coverage to prove that you are financially responsible for the vehicle that you are driving. You will have to submit this proof at the time of getting your vehicle registered. After the year 2002, authorities have made it mandatory that all insurance companies must provide electronic data of the policy holders to comply with the newly set up compliance system.

Guidelines for liability insurance.

The authorities in Georgia have defined minimum levels of liability insurance that each person owning a car must have. This is mandatory and violation in this respect will be considered an offence. The minimum liability that passengers in a vehicle will be entitled to if there is accident caused the driver will be $25000 subject to a maximum of $50000 per car. You can also claim up to $25000 for damages that have occurred to the vehicle. However, you can file spate civil suits if you wish to claim additional damages.

Need for increased liability insurance

Though there is a minimum liability insurance level defined under Georgia car insurance laws, there are times when you may have to buy more than the minimum required levels of liability insurance. This usually happens in the case of you having secured a vehicle loan or a lease for your vehicle. In such cases, the minimum liability insurance levels will be determined by the dealers. Alternatively, you could also choose to buy higher liability coverage to protect you from lawsuits in case of accidents. It is always better to have sufficient levels of coverage to avoid complications in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Timely renewal to avoid penalties

It is mandatory under Georgia law that you renew you insurance coverage in a timely manner. In case of lapses in this respect from your side you could end up paying penalties and having your registration suspended. However, the state allows you a grace time of 30 days to renew your insurance coverage in GA. In case you do not comply within this time frame then you will have to pay a lapse fee. If you fail to make the lapse fee payment within a month then you could end up getting your registration suspended and you will have to fork put additional charges for reinstating the registration.

Georgia auto insurance laws are very clear and transparent. It is in your best interests to spend some time understanding them to avoid pitfalls in the future. Check out cheap insurance rate now by entering your zip code above.

What Makes your Auto Insurance in Georgia Unique

To legally drive vehicles on the roads of Georgia, you need to own financial responsibility for the damage that may happen due to your fault. Thus, if you are driving on the roads of Georgia, you should have a proof of financial responsibility.  By this, it means that you should be having enough funds to cover the responsibility of any financial burden that may be required in case of any damage caused to the other vehicle by you.

The proof of financial liability is obtained in the form of insurance policy or can obtain a self-insure policy through the office of insurance and safety fire commissioner.

ACheapGeorgiaCarInsuranceuto insurance in Georgia states that till the time you do not self-insure your vehicle you may need to have minimum liability insurance in which the limit is $25,000 for any bodily injury to one person in one accident, $50,000 for bodily injury to two or more than two people in one accident but to a limit of $25,000 per person and last but not the least $25,000 to cover for any expense in case of damage done to the other party involved in accident.

Liability insurance means it is the least amount of money which you need to legally get away with any accident or loss sue to accident. Auto insurance in Georgia allows you to opt for some additional coverage like collision coverage which covers for any damage done to your vehicle. The comprehensive coverage will cover insurance for damage due to theft, weather, fire and any such calamities. However, you can also have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage which covers for any damage done to you or your vehicle by a driver who does not have even minimum liability coverage.

Georgia car insurance companies submit all the insurance detail electronically once you buy it to a statewide database. This is one proof of your financial liability. However, there are some situations that your details may not be submitted electronically or is not available at that particular time. In this situation there are certain other things that can act as proof of financial liability. Some of them include:

•             Insurance card issued by the insurance company can be your proof of financial responsibility though they are no more valid and the only proof except for self-insured or if you have opt for international registration plan.

•             Self-insured information

•             Insurance binder

•             Bill of sale or the declaration page.

In case you do not produce proof of financial liability you may be penalized for the same.

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What do Motorists in Georgia Need to Understand About Car Insurance

If you own a car in the state of Georgia, then you should definitely have insurance for your car. Finding Georgia cheap car insurance is a must seeing the high premium amount that the residents of Georgia pay. The average premium amount that the residents of Georgia paid in the year 2003 was $920 which was $6 above the national average. So, you need to shop for cheap car insurance in Georgia.

Georgia car insurance law has made it mandatory to have insurance for your car. It is illegal to drive a car on the roads of Georgia without having your car insurance paper at place. If found driving without your car being insured, it can lead to suspension or revocation of the registration of the vehicle. In case this is found for the first time, then you can reinstate the suspended vehicle registration by obtaining a continuous Georgia liability insurance coverage of your vehicle and paying $25 as fee for lapse of policy and $60 for reinstating the registration. If this happens for the second time within 5 year of the first issue, the registration is suspended for 90 days with all other fine remaining the same. In case this is repeated for the third time within 5 years, the registration is suspended for 6 months with all other fine being same.

Auto insurance in Georgia makes it mandatory to have minimum liability insurance for every driver. The law states that the minimum liability limit is $25,000 for any bodily injury to one person involved in one accident and $50,000 for all those injured in one accident with a maximum f $25,000 for each person. The rule also states to have a minimum coverage of $25,000 for the damage done to the property of the other person involved in the accident. The law enforcement officials of Georgia State do not consider the insurance card as the proof of insurance coverage. They have a system in place to electronically track the insurance status of any car not insured but registered in the state of Georgia. The system used is called as GEICS or when expanded known as Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System.

Georgia Driver Services Department makes it sure that drivers follow the financial responsibility requirements by instructing the insurance companies to notify the department if any vehicle cancels its insurance or buys it and even when adds or deletes a vehicle.

On the top of this page is the space available to enter the zip code of your area to find out the cheapest auto insurance in Georgia. This will allow you to compare and contrast the quotes by different insurance company and allowing you to choose the insurance company which suits your budget and needs the best. It is for sure that if you do not enter the zip code in the space available above and going to buy insurance for your car then definitely you are paying more.

Why is Coverage Needed when Insuring your Car in Georgia

A lot of people wish that they will never have to face a time where they would have to make use of their vehicle insurance coverage. However, the harsh reality that motorists and drivers these days are facing is that most insurance claims are filed in cities and metropolitan areas. The density and flow of traffic is a very important factor in this regard and this is why it is essential to have Georgia car insurance. According to road surveys and other studies, there are about 200 minor traffic accidents in Atlanta alone during rush hour. Under these circumstances, it becomes crucial to take all necessary measures to ensure that you get suitable protection and insurance coverage from a Georgia Car Insurance policy.

Georgia auto insurance companies offer a standard minimum liability coverage requirement. Property damage liability up to $25,000 is offered with $50,000 per incident. Insurance companies in Georgia which provide the minimum coverage may well be enough to take care of fender benders or other minor accidents. However, the cost of insurance for major accidents is much likely to cost more. All drivers and motorists must realize that in the end they are the ones who are responsible for causing any damage for a road accident or a mishap. The financial backlash you could face as a driver in case of an accident may prove to be very severe for you to handle. Therefore, getting your vehicle insured from a car insurance company in Georgia is the smart thing to do.

It is also suggested that drivers should get collision and comprehensive car insurance coverage for their vehicles in the event that the vehicle is completely destroyed or is taken away by thieves or burglars. The driver’s injuries and medical bills are also paid by Georgia Car insurance companies in case of a claim.

Like many other states across the United States of America, Georgia also does not allow its drivers to use public roads if they do not have insurance for their vehicles. The minimum state liability requirements are thought of as the bare minimum coverage in case of vehicle damage or theft. People that are unable to keep a car insurance policy in Georgia are simply prohibited from driving on the public roads. Drivers and motorists who do not adhere to these rules and regulations can face legal charges and can also be stripped of their driving rights.

Although there a lot of resources and tools which you can use to find car insurance companies in Georgia, the best place to look for them is online. An insurance comparison website can do wonders for a potential insurance consumer. Comparing price quotes can tell them what the market rates are and which company is offering what.

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Insider Basic Tips About Car Insurance in Georgia

It is a state requirement in Georgia to get the minimum liability requirements for insurance. In 2003, a new policy was introduced by the Georgian state authorities who give their local law enforcement officials access to an insurance database which is fed directly from the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. This database has a complete record of all vehicles operating within the State. It keeps track of which vehicle is insured and which is not. An insurance card is not the only source of proving the fact that you have valid insurance. Law enforcement officers have full access to this database and they can tell immediately whether a vehicle is insured or not.

Georgia state law makes it compulsory for all motorists and drivers within the state to ensure that they have the minimum liability requirements for vehicle insurance in place. Motorists in Georgia need 25,000 $ each for personal bodily injury per person and property damage per accident. They also need to have 50,000 $ insurance per accident which might include more than one individuals. This insurance coverage will take care of the financial consequences of accidents, medical bills and property damage if the insurance consumer is found responsible.

The state of Georgia follows the controversial tort system of justice. This basically means that when a road incident or traffic accident occurs, at least one person is found at fault for the accident. The guilty party will have to pay for all the damages suffered because of the accident. Not only does he take care of his own losses, he has to take care of the losses of other individuals who are affected by his actions. If a person does not have an insurance policy present, he cannot bear the entire burden himself. This is where the auto insurance companies step in. The presence or absence of the tort system of justice varies from state to state. Some states in America follow this system while others follow different systems.

The physical damage suffered by the owner’s vehicle is covered for by Collision Insurance. Although the laws of car insurance in GA do not make it compulsory for residents to have collision insurance still it is recommended to get this it since it is relatively cheap. Most lending and leasing companies make it mandatory for their clients to get collision insurance. Most motorists in Georgia would not prefer to have collision insurance coverage for an old vehicle but you should also always keep in mind that collision insurance coverage never exceeds the value of the vehicle. Another kind of insurance which most motorists would want to have is comprehensive car insurance in GA. This is to safeguard against damages resulting from theft, fire, animal and flood damages.

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Three Effective Strategies to Acquire Low Car Insurance Rates in GA

The advent of high speed internet technology has seen a lot of businesses boom over the years. Such is the case with auto insurance firms. Auto insurance companies have started springing up in different parts of Georgia mostly because of the rise in traffic incidents and also because of the fact that many entrepreneurs and businessmen have opened auto insurance firms on the internet. Finding a reliable auto insurance provider is not that difficult or time consuming especially if you know where to look and if you understand the basics of the coverage policy that you are applying for.

The first thing you should do in your quest for finding affordable auto insurance in Georgia is to contact the Georgia Department of Insurance. You can log on to their website as every state has a portal of its own. You can use the information presented on the website to learn about the current laws of car insurance in GA. Different companies and insurance providers have different rates of insurance and they keep varying for time to time. Through this website, you will learn about the current changes and regulations taking place in the auto insurance industry. You can also check out a well-compiled list of reliable auto insurance providers in Georgia. You can also see which insurance providers have received complaints or have had legal action against them. This will prompt you to stay away from such providers.

Another good strategy for finding reliable car insurance in GA is to ask for references from friends and family who have purchased insurance policies for their vehicles. You should never underestimate the power of other driver’s opinions on auto insurance companies. There are a lot of websites on the internet that give reviews and feedback from different consumers and clients who have used a particular insurance provider. Look for a website that carries unbiased reviews and you can find out the merits and demerits of a particular insurance provider. You should stay away from companies that have lower ratings and scores or poor feedback. After you have gone through the list of different insurance providers, it will be much easier for you to make up your mind about which company you should select.

Some people do not prefer calling up these auto insurance companies for support since most of them operate through overseas call centers. Alternatively, if you need to get in touch with an insurance company, simply drop them an email and make a general query or submit a claim. Finding car insurance in GA which has a customer services department in the same state is desirable and should be your number one priority.

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Increase Your Savings by Searching Georgia Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Car insurance these days is indeed great as well as competitive business. It is very helpful for the owners and also for the drivers. And you should know that in Georgia without having an insurance coverage you are restricted to go to the road with your car.  If you are seeking for the insurance company that is offering reasonable prices as well as has greatest coverage policy, then the best object that experts will suggest you is to find free car insurance quotes and by this way you will definitely get a chance to have those great reimbursements from the greatest agreement and also the greatest coverage plan. And auto insurance quotes in Georgia are the appropriate way to have the cheaper insurance rate and getting the most coverage.

The best means to obtain auto insurance free quotes through online is to research through the company’s website. It is very easy to perform and very effective to determine the best insurance company with greater coverage. In the webpage of the auto insurance in Georgia has the option to perform the comparison quite easily and need to spend a few minutes only. The company has made the comparison and they have the data of the rate and the coverage plan to them and the things you need to do is to enter your area code to determine the cheaper insurance companies of your area. The page will show the three best companies who are providing best coverage within the reasonable price.

Signing out the online application provides us the opportunity to obtain cheap car insurance quotes in Georgia. Because the insurance quotes are limitless, you can get several quotes as you wish to ensure that you will be capable to obtain a reasonable charge. Different company offers different charge but all of them do not offer a reasonable rate. The rate is depends on several criteria. The company has some requirements that you have to meet to have a reasonable rate. The condition of your car, present market value of it, age of your car, the condition of your parking place, anti-theft protection and many more are the primary aspects of determine the rate. But the main aspects that is largely liable for reducing or deducing the rate of the insurance policy is the past driving records of the driver. If you have good records of having zero accident will treat as the best rated policy winner. The aggressive drivers are very risky to insure and for this they need to pay much.

Free online car insurance quotes in Georgia will help you to decide what plan you need to purchase. The purchaser can notify what his requires are and they may provide him directions to guide him to make his selection. You will absolutely save your valuable time from these online insurance quotes since this service are instant.

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