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Necessary Information About Georgia Car Insurance

Georgia Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Georgian Drivers are answered below

•             Why automobile insurance in mandatory for the drivers in Georgia?

The state of Georgia especially in Atlanta, it is rated as one of the US’s top 5 cities having worst traffic. A state authority namely Atlanta Regional commission has estimated that the accident rate in Metro areas of Atlanta is an accident per 2.8 minutes which ultimately costs the state about $5 billion per anum. So, authorities have made it compulsory for drivers to maintain an automobile insurance policy in Georgia if they want to lawfully operate on the state’s roads.

•             If someone fails to show his/her automobile insurance policy when requested then what will be the Penalties?

If you fail to provide the authorities with your automobile insurance policy in Georgia or you provide them with a false auto insurance policy or if your driver license is already suspended then the authority will suspend your driving privilege until you provide a valid evidence of your auto insurance policy and driving license in front of a judge.

•             What should I do if want to lower my expenses on auto insurance in Georgia?

One can sufficiently reduce his/her automobile insurance expenses by simply keeping a good record of avoiding accidents. Generally, young and adult people don’t have a long driving record so this offer may become unavailable for them but senior citizens having a clean driving record can significantly reduce their automobile insurance expenditures.

•             What is GEICS?

GEICS corresponds to Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System. The state officials use this monetary system to monitor its resident’s compliance regarding state’s financial responsibility laws. The Georgian authorities have made it compulsory for their drivers to send their policy holder’s name and other important information regarding their Georgia car insurance policy to this monitoring system. The provided information includes the name of the policy holder, the names of drivers which are allowed to drive the insured automobile, insured automobile registration number, insurance policy coverage and policy expiry date. The insurance carrier will update the cancellation information if your policy is expired. GEICS further issue the notification regarding policy cancellation irrespective of the reason of cancellation.

•             Is the Liability Coverage the only coverage required by Georgian authorities?

Georgian authorities only require this liability coverage but it will not be the coverage you need in order to protect yourself. Almost 12% Georgian drivers are not insured so if you want to protect yourself from such drivers, you may need to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

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The Importance Of Georgia Auto Insurance Laws And DUI Laws For All Insurance Owners

Just like many states, Georgia also enforces strict regulations for DUI and DWI. Essentially, one is forbidden to drive if the bloodstream alcoholic beverages limit is actually .8% and may be over. For industrial motorists and people younger than 21, the total amount could be reduced. The BAC level can be .10 or higher for individuals below 21 as well as .4 or even greater with regards to commercial automobile motorists. GA also enforces the “Open Pot Law” that signifies that there cannot be a wide open pot of alcoholic beverages inside a shifting vehicle. The fine for this criminal offense is going to be $200. Listed here are charges for drunken driving crimes as arranged with this state:

First Driving while impaired Conviction

•             Jail – From 10 days to at least one 12 months

•             Fine – Through $300 – $1,000

•             License Suspension As much as at least one 12 months

•             Community Service – 40 several hours Minimum

•             License Restoration – $210

2nd Driving Under the Influence Confidence

•             Jail – From three months to a single Year

•             Fine -From $600 in order to $1,000

•             License Suspensions – Three Year

•             Community Support – four weeks Minimum

•             License Restoration – $210

•             Ignition Lock Device – If Courtroom Enables

•             Complete Plan for treatment or Assessment

Third Driving while impaired Conviction

•             Jail – From Four months in order to 12 Weeks

•             Fine – Through $1,000 in order to $5,000

•             License Suspensions – 5 years

•             Photo Op. – Local Paper Coverage people

•             Community Service – thirty days Minimal

•             License Reinstatement – $210

•             Complete Treatment Plan or even Evaluation

Fourth DUI Confidence

•             Felony Offense

•             Jail — From Twelve months to five Many years

•             Fine – Through $1,000 in order to $5,000

•             Community Support – 8 weeks Minimum

•             Complete Plan for treatment or Assessment

GA has additionally applied the “Implied Permission Law”. This Georgia Auto Insurance Laws require drivers to undergo assessments of inhale, bloodstream, pee, or any other fluids to discover if you are intoxicated by alcoholic beverages or medicines. By considering these types of tests, your own license could possibly get suspended for just about 12 months. Essentially, this particular law is similar to the suggested consent regulations in many states and contains exactly the same fees and penalties.

As you can tell above, the actual punishment can get bigger. You will have to go through the entire plan for treatment or assessment that will help you deal with your substance abuse. You will have to be a part of discussions and you’ll have to undergo an exam too. The actual classes address subjects such as the law, the outcomes of alcoholic beverages along with other medicines on our bodies in addition to their relationship for the driving job, social as well as problem eating designs and action techniques to assist steer clear of future DUI. So that you can pass this program, you will have to make sure that the category requirements happen to be fulfilled.

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Tips from the Pros for the Best Georgia Car Insurance

It is a major requirement for every person living in Georgia to get car insurance. This is a fact that every driver in this city should know. In fact, you will be penalized if you neglect this. You need to compare and contrast insurance quotes and when you are doing that, it is good to keep in mind that the rates varies greatly from one insurance company to another. Some insurance firms will really charge higher than others.

But it is on record that auto insurance in Georgia is higher than other states. Though they are higher than others, you can still get Georgia cheap car insurance quotes if you check in the internet. The internet is the only guaranteed source that will attend to your needs any day, anytime, anywhere.  This is the main aim why it is very essential to consult a wide range of insurance companies or meeting insurance agents or brokers. They are poised to give you the latest information about auto insurance quotes.

These are people that are on the better ground to answer to your myriads of questions as much as possible. So many things will go a long way to determine your car insurance and some of them are the cost of your car, the region you are driving the car, your past traffic record since drivers are expected to have good driving skills, your marital status, your age, your accidents reports etc. Having Georgia car insurance is one thing you will be happy to have.

The internet will help you very well to get the best insurance policies. If you buy a car policy, you are expected to keep to the terms and conditions of the vehicle. If you are driving a rented car, some auto insurance policies will not cover you. It is mandatory that every car in Georgia must be insured.

If you decide to abuse this law, the law enforcement will have no option than to impound your car or revoke the car insurance already purchased. Keep in mind that this fine runs in thousands of dollars.

When you purchase auto insurance in the state of Georgia, the insurance company will simply give you a printout or a card, and this will go a long way to serve as a proof of your insurance. You need to go with this document wherever you are going. If the document is not with you, you will be severely penalized by the law enforcement agency.

Getting auto insurance is a necessity and never an option. It is very unfortunate that some drivers are really seeing it as an option. However, it is required that bring the photocopied one instead of the original. Thus, it is splendid to get Georgia cheap car insurance. This is very essential and you will never be wrong by getting them. Enter your zip code to get maximum savings.

Maximizing the Benefits of Having Car Insurance in Georgia

Georgia car insurance offers the following options for auto insurance plan.  It will be to your advantage to get to know about them.  They are explained below.

•Medical – this to a great extent covers treatment of the passengers and drivers of the policymaker’s vehicles when there is accident.

•Bodily injury liability – this really covers injuries to others caused by policymakers while operating a car.

•Property damage liability – this covers all the damages caused to a person while driving a vehicle.

•Comprehensive – this covers protection for the policymaker’s vehicle from loss and damage which results from incidents that are not collision.

•Collision – this insures the policyholder from damage if there is a collision with another object or car.

•Uninsured motorist coverage – this provides insurance coverage for a damaged automobile.

It is extremely a good thing for the Georgians to try their best to look for the appropriate auto insurance coverage. If you want to get the lowest quote, then you will have to visit online. Online information is more recommended in offering Georgia cheap car insurance and insurance coverage in this city is much higher than other states in America.   Do your research to get to know more about this.

It is important that you keep to the terms of the insurance agreement because failure to comply with it will really lead to the automatic revocation or suspension of the automobile registration. If an uninsured car is detected by a law enforcement agent or if an automobile is involved in auto crash, the owner of the vehicle will face some fines.

The argument is that if you really wish to drive safely in this state, then you really need to get auto insurance in Georgia. It is a must that you get them. You have to involve yourself in plenty of research before you could be able to get an affordable policy.  You will save good money if you get the best insurance quote that will satisfy your needs.

Georgia is a flourishing tourist attraction center. This great city has wonderful beaches, great weather, and beautiful scenery for your relaxation.  This is the main aim why Georgia has created Georgia car insurance for the driving pleasure of all the residents. When you purchase auto insurance in this state, they ensure that the insurance covers everyone that will have the privilege to drive your car and not only the names that were listed on your auto insurance policy.

Hence, it is exceedingly good to get their auto insurance policy. This is an action that you will never regret doing because it is designed for you. Introducing this type of auto insurance to your wonderful friends and neighbors out there will be a perfect thing that you could do.  For more inquires, it will be good for you to either visit the internet or make your observation from one insurance company. One of the ways local drivers enjoy their savings here is by entering their zip code.

The Mandated Laws for Car Insurance in Georgia that Every Motorist Must Observe

Georgia is a state in America that has its own laws that govern the people in that state. It is a requirement by the laws in Georgia that all those who own cars in this state must have car insurance. Georgia Department of Driver services make it mandatory to have car insurance in GA. Before driving or using a car, one must prove that he has a car insurance which shows that the driver has acknowledged financial responsibility in case he or she is involved in an accident.

When getting car insurance in GA you have to meet some minimum liability insurance which was set recently. There are also some legal requirements that cars that offer car insurance in GA must meet. Some of the laws apply directly to the car insurance companies while others apply to those who insure their cars in these companies. The department that is charged with the task of insuring cars is known as Georgia office of insurance and safety.

The office performs the task of ensuring compliance and enforcing the laws. It is a requirement under their laws that insurance companies must be licensed. The Georgia office of insurance and safety is the one that issues forms for registration by insurance companies and it does this through the Regulatory Services Division. National Regulatory Services is the one that performs the task of handling the applications. This system has enabled the insurers to apply for the licensing in the various or multiple states through one procedure. This is good for those companies that have the intention of moving to the other states in America.

In order to monitor the citizen’s compliance of the state’s financial responsibility laws, there is the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System where auto insurance in Georgia is usually placed in this system. Those insurance policies that have lapse for a period of more than 10 days are required to be reported by the car insurance companies. After the 10 days period has lapsed, any such car that has an insurance that have lapsed its registration will be suspended. If you are found driving such car, you will be fined or have your car impounded or it may lead to the suspension of your driving license.

It is possible to get Georgia cheap car insurance. You can do this by obtaining car insurance quotes in Georgia. Once you get this car insurance quotes, compare them and go for the best that suits your needs. You don’t have to struggle because all the information that you need about cheap car insurance is available on the internet. The internet has made it easier and cheaper for people to get the information that they need. In fact, some car insurance companies in Georgia have websites giving you all the information that you need about their policies.

We will help you compare cheap car insurance policy. All you need to do is to simply enter your zip on top of this page and compare the cheap providers that we have matched you with.

How Low Income Motorists can Find Auto Insurance Quotes in Georgia

Auto insurance quotes Georgia is not as complex and expensive as it seems and it will do you more good than harm especially if you do not like the idea of going behind bars. The state of Georgia clearly states that the insurance is a must for all the drivers.

This will include maintaining the personal liability insurance or BIP, and the personal injury protection, PIP in short. The minimum requirement is $25,000 per person or $50,000 to anyone involved in an isolated car accident, and not forgetting the property damage insurance of about $25,000 for every occurrence. Every type of car insurance policy has liability coverage. This is the costs and injuries caused to somebody or another vehicle during an accident.

During the process of auto insurance in Georgia, the first thing you need to do is to designate the amount you wish to be covered for. This is obviously depends on the state you are lived, the comprehensive car insurance comes into place with a deductible. This deductible is the amount of money you pay before the insurance money is paid. The amount and type of insurance you choose will determine the premium that you will pay either monthly, after every six months or even yearly, depending on the terms of your policy and auto insurance in Georgia that you select to cater to your car insurance.

People paying you for the injuries and damage caused may seem like it’s a quick way to get extra money but the fact is that the Georgia car insurance like all other insurance will restore you to the exact penny you were before the accident occurred. During the occurrence of an accident, a call to the insurance company is made and the company sends a representative to come and collect information about the auto accident just like federal agents at the scene of a crime. A claim number is then assigned. It’s usually a comprehensive record of the auto accident linked to an auto policy. After the claim is set up, a claim adjuster will be assigned with the sole duty of processing the claim through a series of tasks. Auto insurance in Georgia therefore is as serious with your safety as you desire them to be, and by entering your zip code in the zip box, you can find out about the different policies involved in the auto car insurance in Georgia.

The time and money you will spend on auto insurance quotes Georgia will not only save you from being on the driver’s seat illegally for not paying the required liability and protection insurances but it will also go a long way in ensuring the safety of not only the car you need but anybody who comes into contact with it.

How to Ensure your Safety with Auto Insurance in Georgia

Safety should be your first concern when driving a car. However, no matter how careful you are while driving your car, you cannot be hundred percent sure of not making any mistake or meeting with an accident. Also, driving on the roads of Georgia is very difficult due to its heavy traffic. A report suggests that Georgia notes the most number of accidents on roads. This has made the Government of Georgia to make it mandatory for all drivers to have insurance done for their vehicles. If you are driving on the roads of Georgia then be sure to carry your car’s proof of insurance with you without fail.

Though you may ignore taking up elaborate auto insurance in Georgia for your car, it is mandatory to have the minimum liability coverage of 25/50/25. The minimum liability coverage for bodily injury to any one person injured in one accident is $25,000 whereas for two or more persons injured in the accident the coverage is $50,000 with a maximum limit of $25,000 for one person. The minimum liability coverage should also include insurance to cover for the damage done to the property of others in the accident by your fault.

The government has taken stringent steps to ensure people do take auto insurance in Georgia for their car. They have a system in place called Georgia electronic insurance compliance system or GEIC which is equipped to electronically track the status of the insurance for any car registered in Georgia. Thus, the law enforcement officers generally use this method of finding your car’s insurance status and do not believe on the car insurance card.

The circumstance under which your car insurance status may be verified anytime is while you are driving your car or when detained at a traffic post and also when you are involved in an accident. Your cars proof of insurance may be asked when you register your car or if you planning to replace or renew the tag of your vehicle.

There is a heavy penalty in case you fail to pay premium for your car’s insurance which may also involve suspension of the registration of your vehicle. Then you may need to reinstate your vehicles registration by paying $25 as lapse fee and $0 for reinstating your car’s registration number. The suspension of the registration may be for 90 days in case of repeat occurrence of the incident in 5 years or in case of third occurrence the same may be for 6 months. They will also ask you to get continuous liability insurance coverage in Georgia for your car.

Finding Georgia cheap car insurance is a tough job. However, cheap Georgia car insurance can be got by comparing quotes by different insurance companies. You can do this now by just entering the zip code of your area on the top of this page. By doing this you will get the comparison of the quotes of all insurance companies making it easy for you to decide for the right policy and company for insurance.

The Benefits of Auto Insurance in Georgia when Involved in Traffic Violation

Driving in Georgia is a tough job due to its heavy traffic. Georgia also known for its very high rate of car accidents makes it mandatory to have an auto insurance done for minimum liability. Thus, while driving on the roads of Georgia, always keep proof of your car insurance handy. Well, you have the liberty to choose any Georgia cheap car insurance but it is mandatory to have the minimum liability insurance. The minimum liability rule is 25/50/25.

Auto insurance in Georgia requires you to buy an insurance coverage which has at least the minimum bodily injury coverage of $25,000 for one person in one accident and $50,000 for all those injured in one accident with the highest limit of $25000 per person. It is also compulsory to have coverage for the property damage done to others property due to the accident.

Auto insurance in Georgia offers you the option of choosing Georgia car insurance the coverage of which includes collision, coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorist, coverage for labor and towing charges and also gives coverage for rental reimbursement. Now the charges involved for all these services far exceeds the premium that you pay for your car insurance.

The collision coverage plan covers the car against any physical damage that may happen at the time of accident. However, the amount paid is always what has exceeded the deductible. Well, if you are a very good driver and sure of not getting involved in any accident then you may choose a plan with higher deductible as it will reduce your premium amount.

However, the comprehensive plan saves your car against unseen calamities like fire, weather, vandalism and above all theft. The insurance coverage premium is based on the value of the car. If you have uninsured/underinsured coverage then it will provide coverage to you in case of an accident by drivers who were driving without an insurance coverage or satisfactory liability allowances.

Driving without insurance is illegal and draws penalty. In case the license of a driver is suspended due to a failed accident judgment, failing to provide a proof of financial responsibility or due to DUI conviction or an offense which led to cancellation of your license then you may require a SR-22 certification to provide proof that you have purchased the insurance and to reinstate your license. Thus SR-22 certificate is in fact a future proof of certification of financial responsibility.

If planning to get cheap auto insurance for your vehicle then we suggest that you go to the top of this page and enter the Zip code of your area and get the comparison for cheap auto insurance policy in Georgia. You just need to take out a few minute of time to get the best deal. However, if you do not enter the zip code you may land up paying more premiums for your auto insurance. You can get free quotes by entering the zip code and check the amount you can save.

An Overview Of Auto Insurance In Georgia

To drive without auto insurance is illegal in most of the states of USA including Georgia. The main purpose of having auto insurance in Georgia or any state is to save you from the expense involved in an accident. You can also get insurance for your car against theft, vandalism or any damage caused by natural calamities like fire. In Georgia the drivers have financial responsibility for any harm done to others and their vehicle and so should have a minimum liability insurance coverage for their vehicle. If you drive without the minimum liability insurance coverage of your car then you may be putting other in a financial risk. So, to save yourself and others from the high financial cost involved in an accident at least minimum liability insurance is a must.

In Georgia car insurance there are basically two insurance plans the liability and collision insurance. The liability insurance mainly covers for the damage done to others in the accident. The state of Georgia mandates to have minimum liability coverage for all the drivers which are 25/50/25. The minimum liability coverage included $25,000 for any bodily damage done during the accident for one person in an accident and coverage of $50,000 for two or more person injured in an accident with a maximum coverage of $25,000 for each person. However, you should also have coverage of $25,000 for any physical damage done to the property of others during the accident.

The liability insurance coverage mainly covers for the damage done to the others car and life. However, collision car insurance coverage covers for the physical damage done to your car in an accident. Thus most of the drivers add this to their insurance coverage to save themselves from high cost of repairing their car. There is also a comprehensive insurance which gives protection to your car against fire, vandalism, theft etc. By getting uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage you can save yourself the cost incurred in case of an accident in which the other person is not insured or is not satisfactorily insured to cover all the expense.

The law enforcement officials of Georgia have a system in place to electronically track the status of your car insurance. Thus, you should always drive with proper insurance for your car. Driving without is illegal and can get you penalized, This can lead to the suspension of your car’s registration number and may have to pay $25 as lapse fee and $60 to reinstate the car’s registration number. Making the same mistake second and third time may lead to harsher punishment and cancellation of car’s registration number mandatorily up to 6 months. Thus, having auto insurance in Georgia is a must.

Look for a Georgia cheap car insurance to save yourself from the penalty of driving without insurance. You can do this with just a click of your mouse. Enter the zip code of your area and get a list of all the companies and their quotes. Now you can easily compare and find out the one which suits your pocket as well as need. So, what you waiting for? Go, and do it now!

Local Rules and Regulations for Auto Insurance in Georgia

Every state has their specific regulations regarding driving as well as the purchase of auto insurance. When you obtain a car insurance plan in Georgia then you have to meet the terms of the Georgia vehicles insurance laws. If you don’t comply with the laws, you never be able to have registration of your vehicle. Before purchasing your car you have to have clear knowledge about the local laws you need to meet for driving your car in the road of Georgia.

You are gratified to have both kinds of liability coverage plan, according to Georgia car insurance laws. Furthermore, every driver in the household purpose the car need to have such insurance coverage and have evidence of it carried with them, at the time of using their vehicle. Essentially, coverage needs to be purchased for every person rather than every vehicle.


There are also some exemptions in this regulation, conversely. These exceptions are applicable, while the vehicle is not curable, stolen, or repossessed. They are applicable too if the auto is wrecked, salvaged, or junked. If you have borrowed a car, an exception is applied, while the lease is concluded. Similarly, if you shift to another region or if ownership of your car is reassigned to another district, you will not need to comply with that particular constraint. Owners of cars which are using for agricultural purpose or another kind of seasonal work need not to comply with those rules moreover.

If none of those exceptions are valid to you, every family member of you using the vehicles is required to have bodily hurt liability coverage plan and property damage exposure. According to Georgia vehicle insurance rules, the minimum bodily hurt liability coverage total for each person is about $25,000. The minimal liability amount to be paid for all injured person in any mishap is $50,000. Again the amount of assets damage liability coverage plan you have to purchase is not less than $25,000.

Actually, Georgia is not the one of those so identified no-fault states. It means that in any road accident, the groups involved are not mandatory to cover their individual medical expenditure, if any. The guilty driver is the person at fault. This driver has to cover medical expenses acquired by victims. Additionally, the injured party has the authorized right to seek recompense for other charges or the losses they have acquired, such as lost profits or wages.

You don’t have to purchase individual injury protection coverage plan, if you don’t be desperate to. Correspondingly, the Georgia car insurance regulations don’t require the drivers to cover underinsured motorist physically injury coverage as well as uninsured motorist physically injury coverage. Finding the total coverage is not so economical. If you have the goal to have a cheaper auto insurance then you have to search for auto insurance quotes in Georgia. For this the things you have to do is to enter your ZIP in the page. And this way the local drivers have the chance to get the plan with costs as small as $4/ wk.