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11 Different Types of Auto Insurance In Georgia

Georgia is one of the largest states of America. Similarly there are many regulations relating to car insurance in GA. Since not everyone is a law wizard, many different questions arise especially after the liability auto insurance coverage. Here are all the questions relating that you might get confused or curious about and the answer to them.


Q. How can you regulate such a large state?

There are many rules and penalties set up to organize the insurance responsibilities in Georgia state although “Tesxasure” is the government verification program to determine whether the driver is insured or not.

Q. What if I drive without car insurance in GA?

This is a bad idea since you can get heavily penalized for driving without insurance in Georgia. If you get caught for the first time then you get penalized for 75 to 350 dollars. Similarly the range of penalties varies according to the degree of offense and damage caused. The highest reprimand is for causing serious injuries with maximum fine limit and/or a jail for a year.

Q. What can I do since I cannot afford insurance?

There is no such thing like cannot afford insurance. If you can afford to drive a car in Georgia, you need to get insurance at least liability insurance. Otherwise, you might have to pay the penalty

Q. Do I need to check my driving record?

Your driving record can have a great impact on your policy rates. Also, DMV record keeping abilities are not perfect so you need to keep a check on whether your record is properly being maintained or not; otherwise wrong records might result in higher premiums.

Q. Vehicle insurance verification– how do I do that?

So you might have insurance, but must have heard about vehicle insurance vehicle verification and wondered what it was and how can you get it. Well, if you have insurance there is nothing more to do. The certificate you receive after insurance is proof enough. This is just the name of the program by Georgia authorities to catch uninsured drivers.

Q. Policy cancelled- what do I do now?

Under any circumstances you can easily ask them to renew it. They cannot reject it unless if you have been a policy holder for more than 12 months. If they do, you must receive a 30 days notice.

Q. Do I have any rights after canceling policy?

No matter what reason behind the cancellation, you can ask for the return of any premium that you might have paid in advance to the company. If it was cancelled after some accident, then they need to cover the loss. Similarly they need to give a 30 day notice as per law.

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How Can You Get Cheap Quotes For Your Car Insurance?

While it is common knowledge that all states have laid down certain rules and guidelines that all vehicle owners must follow mandatorily, there are a number of cases being reported where these rules are being violated. People who violate such rules often end up paying heavy penalties or face punitive actions. Some of these people commit such mistakes because of ignorance of the Georgia auto insurance laws. However there are other who ends up in trouble because of carelessness and negligence. It is better to follow the laid down laws clearly as it would means less trouble for vehicle owners and others. Mentioned below are some of the laws laid down by the state of Georgia that you should follow

You must have records to prove that you are financially responsible

The guidelines laid down by the state of Georgia states that all vehicle owners must purchase vehicle insurance third party coverage according to the stipulated amounts. Vehicle owners must make note of the minimum liability coverage and ensure that they have recordical proof of the said coverage in their vehicle at all times. In case they are unable to produce such proof of liability coverage when asked for they are liable to pay fines.

Cover your lease and loan as per the requirements

Thought the state has set forward guidelines on the minimum amount of liability coverage that you should purchase for your vehicle this will not be the case in case you have leased your vehicle or bought it by availing a car loan. In such cases the financier or the vehicle dealer will insist that you buy a coverage that will cover their risk in case the vehicle meets with a major accident. It will also be safer for you to have such coverage as it will reduce your liability in the event of such unfortunate happenings.

Minimum liability coverage limits

While it is well known fact that there are certain pre-set liability coverage limits that the state of Georgia has imposed on its vehicle owners there are still cases where owners do not fully comply to such rules. What vehicle owners need to understand is that such coverage’s are made mandatory under law with an intention to protect their interest also. Always makes sure that you consult with your insurer to double check if you vehicle has been insured according to the state laws.

Make sure that you pay your fines on time and take corrective action

In spite of following Georgia auto insurance laws a small oversight or delay on your part could end you getting imposed with a fine by the state. In such cases make sure that you pay your fines on time and take the necessary corrective action at the earliest. Delay caused in taking such corrective actions can cause further damages to you like cancellation of your registration etc.

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Informations You Are Required In Getting The Best Auto Insurance Quotes In Georgia

The automobile insurance is a must by the Georgia Auto Insurance Laws and you should have it to be able to drive in the city. There are many insurers and agents who are competing to get you to join their insurance company and you can easily get the price quote from them. By law, it is important to have bodily injury coverage, automobile coverage liabilities and uninsured automobile coverage. This coverage is compulsory which means that you need to get by the law.

liability and body injury GA auto insurance will protect you if you injure, kill or damage another person’s property. The coverage will help you to pay all the legitimate claims to the limit that you have agreed upon with the company.

The accidents benefits coverage will help you to get different benefits in case you are killed or if you are injured in the accident. The benefits include the income replacement if you are incapacitated for some time. The non-earners benefits if you became incapacitated for life. For the person who needs extra caregiver, the coverage will cover for this. The coverage pays for the attendant care, rehabilitation and medical expenses. Other expenses are funeral expenses as well as the payment for the survivors.

The uninsured automobile will protect the holder when he is killed or injured by the uninsured person. It will also cover you if you are involved into the hit and run accident but when you were not at fault. It also covers the damage that may be done to the auto mobile when the insured is not recognized or if he is not insured.

 Direct compensation & property damage (DCPD). This will allow you to claim the damage for your vehicle in case it has been damaged by another person’s car. This coverage is used when you get involved into the collision which was not your fault.

Even if under the Georgia Auto Insurance Laws, you may not be required to have the comprehensive or damage coverage, it is always important to have it if you are still making the payment on your car. The lienholder or the owner of the car may require you to take this coverage so that his interests in the car are protected.

The GA auto insurance coverage that are optional to take are the following. The collision will cover you if you are the one that caused the accident or if your car has been hit by unidentified object or vehicle. Comprehensive coverage will protect you against any damage that can take place on your vehicle including the vandalism, theft and fire but it does not cover the damage that it is caused by the collision. All perils coverage is the coverage which combines both the comprehensive and collision damage.  The specified perils cover is the coverage that covers the damages that have been specified in the policy.

Depending on your situation, you can take up more coverage than the minimum required by the law. (1)

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Helpful Informations About The Different Classes Of GA Auto Insurance

Purchasing a car insurance policy is not an easy job. There are a plethora of things that you need to do so as to make sure that you get the best possible rates around town by the top providers in your area. First of all, you need to start off with looking up the best auto insurance providers in your area. The second thing that you need to do is acquire quotes from multiple providers and carry out a basic comparison on them. This is necessary for the simple reason that it would allow you to make sure that you do not get scammed.

Getting multiple quotes would help you see what the ongoing premium rate is in your area and it would also make it possible for you to stay away from providers that are nothing but scams and are out for your money only with no regards what so ever for your personal integrity. Obviously, when you approach an auto insurance provider, it is necessary for you to provide certain bits of information that are associated with you, your job, and your profession and of course – your finances.

Information that you need to provide to car insurance providers in Georgia

If you want to get car insurance in GA, you have to keep the following information handy:

Information about the vehicle that you wish to get insured

For the vehicle that you want to insure, you should have the estimated distance which you may drive every year, the body type, model, the make and the year of the vehicle. If your car is not paid in full, then you have to include the address of the Lienholder. The automobile use is what you use the vehicle for such as driving to the school, to work, business or pleasure. All of these bits of information are basically meant to help the auto insurance provider get a clearer picture about how widely and commonly it is used.

Personal information about yourself

You have to also provide the following information when you go to apply for the car insurance in GA. Provide the name of the driver, the license number, class of insurance and date of birth. If there is more than one driver, then you have to provide the information on how long you expect every driver to use the car. All of these elements would basically make it possible for the insurance provider to take a peek in to your life, see how frequently you drive your car and basically learn how many people use your car to be able to give a proper auto insurance quote.

Information about any driver’s trainings that you might have taken

If any driver has any driving training, then it is necessary for him to provide the certificate of his training to the auto insurance provider when they apply for the insurance policy. In this way, you may qualify for a discount and that would actually help you save quite a bit of money that you would otherwise have had to pay on your auto insurance premiums. If there are many people in the household who have licenses, then you can include them in your application. It is necessary for you to provide information that is genuine and legitimate. The fact is that the auto insurance company that you have approached would be carrying out a proper search to validate things that you have told them and if anything turns out to be a lie, you would face serious charges.

Information about other drivers that use your car

You have to also report if any of the drivers listed on your application may have gotten their vehicle permit or license cancelled within six years. You have to report any automobile insurance cancellation from any other company within 3 years. You have to report also any case involving the car insurance fraud against you or any of the drivers you listed in the application. Once again, it is necessary for you to provide information that is truly legitimate as you might suffer from severe consequences if it is found that you have lied.

Information about any driver’s convictions that you might have faced in the past

While applying for the Georgia cheap car insurance, you have to report any driver’s conviction, insurance claims and collisions accident you got involved into in the past. You have to provide all the details about the claims that you may have lodged within the last six years. You have also to include the amount paid for the claim, the claim type and the date of the claim. If you are not sure of what to fill, you can ask a help from the insurance representative.

The information that you provide will be the basis of calculating the premiums for your Georgia cheap car insurance as well as the terms and conditions that will be set for your policy in case you are approved. When you sign the application form, it is one way to confirm that the information you have provided is accurate. Even if the form may have been completed by someone else, signing is a sure fire way to guarantee that you agree with the information provided.

Since the insurance company may take time to verify the information you gave, it is important to ensure that you are giving accurate and complete information. If you give any false information, your policy can be canceled or become invalid. If your policy is canceled because of the misrepresentation, you may find a hard time to get a new policy and if you get it, you will have to pay expensive premiums for it. So, in order to save yourselves from all such issues and concerns, it is necessary for you to make sure that you provide information that is accurate and true, with not a trace of lie in it.

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Detailed Analysis About DUI Stages Of Conviction In Georgia

Just like all other states of America, Georgia also implies different driving laws. Some of the most important and famous laws are DUI and DWI. These terms could be used in place of each other and mostly in Georgia, the DUI law is imposed. DUI means driving under the influence; this influence could be of any drug or alcohol or anything. The most DUI law in Georgia is imposed due to driving under the influence of alcohol. The penalties for this particular offense are extremely strict and it is highly recommended for you to make sure that you are never caught driving under the influence.

DUI charges are based on the BAC test. This test is performed through your breath, urine or blood. If BAC is above than .08, then drivers are charged with DUI law. This BAC value differs with the age. For the BAC test, ages are categorized in two different categories. Drivers under the age of 21 would be alleged with this DUI conviction if its value is higher than .02 and for older than 21 years its value should not exceed from 0.08, otherwise you will be alleged with DUI charges.  There is a 3rd category as well which value should not be increased from 0.04 %, this category is called commercial category.

There are different stages of the convictions of DUI in Georgia. It does not depend on anything else but the number of offenses you have faced due to DUI in a specific time period.

The last stage of the conviction of DUI (driving under the influence)

In the last stage of DUI, your license will be suspended for the longest time possible and there is a good chance that you might even face jail charges against you for continually breaking the law. If you have been convicted against DUI offense for the fourth time, then according to the DUI laws in Georgia 2008 for drunk drivers, you will be fined from minimum $1000 to maximum of about $5000, which goes on to show how high these penalties are. Moreover, you will also be jailed starting from 1 year to 5 years. Just in case you are alleged for the felony offense in documents, then there is a good chance that you would have to go to some community services and take up community service programs for at least 60 days to have your name cleared. This is not the end as you will have to be a part of a complete treatment program. The charges truly are very strict and getting your registration reinstated is a true hassle. Instead of putting up with so many issues, it is just better for you to make sure that you never drive while being under the influence as it would not just ruin your life, it might harm others too just in case you get in to an accident. Remember, accidents that occur due to rash driving while being under the influence generally tend to be fatal, and it is necessary for you to avoid them right from the beginning.

The second last stage of DUI

This stage is not worse like the fourth stage, but it has its own drawbacks and penalties that are truly very strict and hard. If you are convicted for a DUI offense for the third time continually, then your license will be expired and suspended for the next five years of your life which is the worst thing ever and you have to reinstate your driving license for $210 and you will be fined about $1000 to $5000 as well. Not being able to have your license reinstated for a full five years means that you would not be able to drive for such a long time. Moreover, the penalty of a DUI offense for the third time does not end here. You also need to have minimum 30 days community service with complete treatment program and newspaper coverage of yours.

First and second DUI offense

If you are convicted DUI offense for the first time, you will be charged with DUI charges according to Georgia laws but it will be a kind of warning. You would be jailed for 24 hours to one year with a fine of $300 to $1000. Your license would be suspended for 1 year at least and you have to go to the community center at least for 40 hours. In comparison to these if after first offense you are charged for it again, then you could be jailed for 3 days to 1 year and fine would be $600 to $1000. You have to go through the whole treatment program and if the court allows then you will be charged with ignition interlock device.

Instead of having to put up with so many hassles and having to waste such a lot of money over penalties and reinstatement fee, it is better for you to just remain safe and never drive while being under the influence. All of these penalties are really very difficult and your credit score is going to be destroyed for life. The worst part is that your auto insurance company might also back out and they might not be interested in offering auto insurance in Georgia to you because of your reckless driving while being under the influence. You would be considered a highly dangerous driver and no auto insurance company would want to associate themselves with you.

In short, no matter what stage of life you are at at the moment or what states you are in you need to follow the laws and regulation of that state. To save yourself and others from all this fatigue you need to avoid any kind of drugs or alcohol while driving. Another major reason here is that you would be endangering your whole driving career as it would be tarnished for life. Enter your zip code in the box above to learn about other methods of reducing your car insurance rates in GA.

Georgia Auto Insurance Law -Four Factors You Need To Know

Georgia is known for many things from which the historical heritage and the southern hospitality stand out the most. The drivers in the state of Georgia, as other drivers in other states, must follow its auto insurance requirements and laws to have the privilege to operate a motor vehicle. Even though that many car insurance laws in Georgia are pretty much the same to insurance laws in other states, they have few specifics that are characteristic for this state.

Minimum coverage

According to the Georgia law, all drivers need to carry their accident liability insurance policy in their vehicle in any given moment. Their insurance policy must be according to the Georgia standards and to carry at least $25.000 per person for injuries sustained in an accident cause by the insurer, $50.000 for bodily injuries of two or more people and $25.000 for property damage. The common term used to refer to these minimum requirements is 25/50/25. However, one needs to know that these requirements are designed only for the purpose of protecting other parties in an accident cause by the insurer. That is the only goal and this coverage doesn’t help for damages to the insurer’s vehicle, property or person in case of some sort of vehicle accident.



The tort system is how Georgia deals with traffic accidents. According to the tort law system one party is always guilty in an accident. As a result of that, Georgia motorists are not obligated to possess personal injury insurance or to have under-insured/uninsured motorist protection. Hypothetically, if you are involved in an accident, you possess the minimum required insurance coverage and the other involved party is uninsured motorists. The tort law says one of the parties needs to be “at fault” for the accident. In case it’s your fault, your insurance will cover the other party’s damage. On the other hand, if the uninsured motorist is at fault, you are not entitled to any money compensation from him. Might sound unfair but that’s how the law functions and it works as such for a long time.


One needs to be fully aware that Georgia has heavy penalties for drivers caught behind the wheel without proper GA auto insurance policy. The law is pretty clear and strict when it comes to penalizing drivers without insurance – every driver that drives uninsured risks 60 to 90 days suspension of his driver’s license. In order to register your vehicle in the State of Georgia you need to provide written proof of insurance. Also, if a driver without insurance policy is pulled his vehicle can be towed. In addition to that the driver risks several more fines if caught driving without it.


The State of Georgia offers few exceptions to its insurance laws. Here are the exemptions

–              Salvaged or junked vehicles or vehicles with an expired lease

–              Vehicles used seasonally or for agricultural purposes such as farming equipment

–              Repossessed vehicles or vehicles that have been stolen

–              Motorists are not required to insure inoperable vehicles

Even though that this gives you a glimpse in how the auto insurance in Georgia system works it won’t help you much in getting the best rates.

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What 16 Year Olds Need To Know About GA Auto Insurance

It is necessary for the citizens all across the country to possess auto insurance to be able to drive safely on the road. This obviously leads us to believe that even 16 year olds need to be insured if they wish to drive in the state of Georgia. However, the fact of the matter is that at such young age, teenage drivers are generally not experienced in driving around in a car and they tend to have a rather immature outlook on life and they are also known to drive in a very reckless manner. For this reason, insurance companies generally tend to charge high and increased premiums from them. The premiums that 16 year old needs to pay are far more substantial than those that are paid by experienced drivers who are above 25 years of age.

Now, in terms of acquiring auto insurance in Georgia, teenagers generally have two options. The first option is for them to acquire their very own individual policy. On the other hand, it is also possible for them to get added on to their parents’ policy. Here are the differences between both of these options:

Individual policies for teenagers

16 year old in Georgia obviously have the ability to get their very own policies. However, the very first issue in this regard is that the costs associated with getting your very own policy are extremely high. This also means that the teenager would be required to show and prove his or her source of income. The premiums that need to be paid generally lie in between 75% and 150% at large which is a whole lot more than any other would ever have to pay in terms of premiums.

Getting added onto parents Georgia car insurance policy

Although adding your teenage onto your very own policy is also a really pricey option, it is far more affordable compared to the teenager having his or her own policy. The kind of premiums that you can expect to pay in such a setting tends to remain in between 50% and 100%. So, if you are paying about $1,200 a year for the liability insurance that you have taken up, after adding your teenage child on to it, you would actually be paying anything in between $1,800 and $2,400.

What are the different factors that can impact the premiums?

One of the most prominent factors that are used by insurance companies in Georgia while figuring out the premiums is the driving record held by the teenager. If you made any traffic violations at a young age, you can assume that your premiums are going to cost you a lot. The rates are also likely to triple if you’ve ever had an accident at an early age. However, the insurance costs are not affected by minor violations as such.

Factors that can help cut down the premiums

Insurers generally tend to offer what is known as a ‘good student discount’. You may avail it if you have successfully maintained a 3.0 GPA all through high school.

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Think Wisely To Buy The Optimum Georgia Cheap Car Insurance

Auto insurance in Georgia is cheaper than other parts of US and it has been proven in the statistics. The statistics have even revealed that by investing $900, inhabitants of Georgia can enjoy the merits of cheap car insurance. It will be a valuable to discuss the merits of getting coverage for the vehicle so that the beginners who have never dealt with auto insurance quotes in Georgia can realize the importance of getting their car insured. First of all, the people who are planning to seek Georgia car insurance need to understand why it is advisable to safeguard their vehicle before moving ahead. It will not only them in know the ‘why’ factor of the situation but they can even explore the plausible alternatives in terms of auto insurance quotes in Georgia.

In addition to this, they can accordingly seek the services of Georgia cheap car insurance in the most appropriate way. By getting auto insurance quotes in Georgia, an individual can be assured that if he/she incurs damages or monetary losses while driving, then he will receive the compensation by the concerned insurance company. However, the entire matter is investigated by the car insurance company before awarding the compensation. On the other hand, people who have not bothered to buy car insurance in GA may have to face losses and the worst part is without possessing the coverage policy for their vehicle, they cannot expect compensation in such an unfortunate condition. Therefore, it is the duty of every motorist to insure his car soon after purchasing it to avert any adverse circumstances related to motor accident.

Life is unpredictable and in the state such as Georgia where the scope of buying auto insurance is wide, one must utilize the same to get its yield when needed. There are lots of losses or damages which are even beyond the imagination of a car owner ranging from car theft to motor accidents, thus, by purchasing the Georgia car insurance, they get protected against such events. It is crucial to think twice before actually buying car insurance in GA because logically, you can plan better ways by acting smartly.

In simple words, an average daily wages’ employee might find the auto insurance quotes in Georgia out of his budget, then, he can ideally look for cheaper or affordable plans to reduce his additional expenses. The beginners who are applying for auto insurance for the first time must remember that with the rise of premium, the limit of coverage offered by company also increases. However, it does not mean that they cannot purchase Georgia cheap car insurance. In fact, by employing this step, they will not exceed their budget and yet get protected. Lastly, to offer you Georgia car insurance at your doorstep, we have indeed maintained a website for the optimum results. This website processes your request as you key-in your postal code within Georgia.

Imprortant FAQ’s About Auto Insurance In Georgia

Q: Should one include the aftermarket products which the Georgia insurance company has used in estimate?

A: No! Don`t allow them to utilize other than manufactured products but the only thing that you are going to dislike is that you have to pay the difference in prices of manufactured and the non-manufactured prices.

Q: The party, with whom the accident has taken place, now has denied by saying that the insurance was not liable even a carbon copy of the police report has also been provided to that company and still no positive response has been obtained. What to do now?

A: The reason is quite simple and is that the insurance company in Georgia has its own intelligence and sees itself that who among both of the drivers were guilty. According to Georgia Code there is a special procedure of the carriers to find out the guilty one. So, no need to panic because a carrier also has some of the leeway in its elements used for investigating the whole incident. Statement of both the drivers along with some of the witnesses and the police statement as well can also be considered by the carrier of the company.

Q: A person met an accident, the other guy was driving badly and he was guilty of the accident, the police, instead of punishing me, gave the second one a ticket, as the police has considered me as the guilty one so the other insurance company is not paying for the expenses and the accident has caused a lot of damage, what should the first one do?

A: This is one of the most Georgia car insurance frequently asked questions (FAQ). Well, this has nothing to do with the auto insurance company as this is a civil based matter and if you want to claim your money then the only way to have it is just to appeal against that officer in the civil court.

Q: Recently, a person has filed a claim against the company of the one with whom the accident has taken place, don`t you think that the company now will have to pay me a diminished value?

A: It depends on the result of the claim filed against the other company; if the first person is right then the judge may allow you have diminishment. Even if you pay for the loss by the car insurance company, you still have to start the filing.

Q: An accident have taken place and the other company is paying for the loss but unfortunately a part is unavailable and it has been delayed for more than 3 weeks and still that part is not available, the company has now refused to give the rent of that car, can the company do so?

A: According to the Georgia car insurance laws the liability coverage only pays for the loss of the property and other damages, no such rental damage or payment has been mentioned there.

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What Is Georgia Car Insurance And What Is It All About

You just have to pay the premium when you buy Georgia car insurance and then the company takes the responsibility of protecting you and supporting you in case of any accident. You can acquire property, liability and medical coverage from insurance. Now, you might be thinking that for what role these coverage plays in insurance so the details are:

•             If your car has met an accident or has been stolen then property coverage will cover completely for that loss.

•             Liability coverage protects you from any type of bodily or other kind of injury.

•             Medical coverage basically pays for all of the medical expenses that you have to pay after an accident.

If you are a resident of Georgia, then you will be pleased to hear that some of the Georgia car insurance frequently asked questions (FAQ) have been mentioned below. So have a look at them because these will help you to make a broader and clearer picture of insurance in your mind.

Q: What if someone uses his car to do work e.g. pizza delivery? Will the insurance work at that time?

A: That majorly depends on the company that whether it provides you the coverage or not. In most of the cases, the company does not provide any coverage while you are delivering some kind of property whether it is a pizza or any other thing. It simply means that you will have to pay yourself in case of accident while delivering any kind of property so in order to make sure that this type of facility is present in your company or not, just check out their terms and conditions given by your Georgia car insurance company.

Q: If you’re driving license has expired and in order to do some work, you have borrowed your neighbor`s car but the carriers of both neighbors and mine have put down the claim and have said that you have not any right then is it ok?

A: As your driving license has been expired so you are not allowed to drive anyone`s car whether you have taken that with their permission. If you will drive that car then it will be termed as illegal and if you caught by the police then surely, you will be fined.

Q: An agent has told that the policy is of some price and when the buyer gets the Georgia car insurance policy, he comes to know that the premium is much more but nonetheless, he paid the amount specified by the agent, now will he has to pay the rest of the money?

A: If the agent is wrong, then the person must have to pay the rates needed for the required premium otherwise, he will be unable to have the insurance policy from the company.

So, these were some of the Georgia car insurance frequently asked questions (FAQ), in order to find a company enter a zip code and find the best one for you.