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Why Avoid Minimum Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements?

Even though it’s not the case with some states, Georgia auto insurance laws needs to be taken very seriously because of many reasons  but mainly that it treats harshly anyone that doesn’t follow them. In order to be able to drive legally on the roads and highways in the state of Georgia, every driver needs to fulfill the minimum insurance requirements. Even though that the state minimum will help you to drive legally, many recommend a bigger policy. Here are the minimum requirements, what that means to you as a driver, why it’s a good idea to purchase a bigger auto insurance policy and how to obtain the best rate.

Minimum insurance requirements in Georgia.

The minimum insurance policy can cover costs up to $25.000 per person for body injuries, $50.000 for body injuries for more than one person and up to $25.000 for property damages. Without this policy, no one can legally operate a vehicle in the state of Georgia. However, there are few exceptions that the law recognizes. The state of Georgia doesn`t require any insurance policies for motorcycles, certain seasonal agricultural vehicles, stolen vehicles, non-drivable vehicles, junked  or salvaged vehicles. This is important to know because in case you with your vehicle are involved in accident with the vehicles that are on the exceptions lists, your insurance policy in GA will cover the damage regardless whose fault is. This is because of the tort system which is still in force in Georgia.

Can you trick the system?

If you don`t want to mess with the state of Georgia once you purchase your policy, you need to make sure that you have it all time in your vehicle and to renew it when the time comes to do so. The renewable date is something that you can check on your insurance policy papers. In case you forgot to renew it, the state of Georgia can send you a small fine. That is if you don`t renew it within the first ten days after the expiration of the renewal date. Another way to check your renewal date is to go online and visit the official web site of the Department of Revenue.

Why go for bigger insurance policy?

The main reason for going for more expensive GA car insurance policy is because in many accidents the minimum insurance doesn`t cover the cost of the accident, regardless if it’s for hospital costs, car repair or other property damage. The thing is that nowadays even simple hospital procedures can cost a lot, not to mention that you hit some luxury car. $50.000 per accident are too often, too many times too little to cover such costs.

How to deal with that?

In order to make the most of your money, look for great deals on insurance policies. The easiest ways is right in front of your nose, just enter your zip code above on this same page and wait for a while. After a while you`ll get quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance companies. It can easily happen to pay less and buy more. Stick to what you read and not only will you never be in trouble with auto insurance laws in Georgia but you will get the best insurance deals.


Find Out How Car Insurance In Georgia Changes For Different Life Stages

As a person moves through the demands of the various stages of life, the demand from the insurance policy also changes. So we need to select a policy that helps us in all stages of life. Georgia car insurance does not require to be renewed if it is having the right coverage for one’s needs.

Georgia Car Insurance for Younger Drivers

For younger drivers, it is best to get a normal and basic policy. But the Georgia car insurance for younger drivers depends on the time spent on driving and on the type of the vehicle. If the car is older and is used to fulfill the basic amenities of the user, then the policy that protects the driver is sufficient. The same is not the case with the young owner of a sports car. Auto insurance in Georgia offers different coverage policies for different users.

Getting married also influences the needs and coverage of the insurance policy. Once one decides to get settled in the 20s, the requirements of the insurance policy also change. Once married, the Georgia auto insurance provides a policy that covers for the spouse too. And the user may possess one or more cars. Auto insurance in Georgia is present for the different necessities of young drivers. Mostly the insurance for the spouse is got at lower price and can also have a good effect on the existing policy rates.

Auto insurance in Georgia for Older drivers

After a certain age, insurance requirements tend to change. Buying a new vehicle for the family and insuring it involves entirely different policies. Auto insurance in Georgia accepts changes and provides coverage for kids, teens and the whole family. Georgia auto insurance also offers some discount on the insurance policies for teens from the provider. Insurance for teens is always expensive. So, Georgia auto insurance gives additional benefits to already existing accounts.

After retirement, more changes show up in the driving and insurance needs of a person. Auto insurance in Georgia understands the needs of a retired person and offers policies accordingly. A retired person need not use the vehicle as often as a youngster does. This means not much coverage is needed for this stage of life. Georgia auto insurance gives a low mileage discount for people who drive less than 10,000 miles a year. A lot of money can also be saved through this scheme of the Georgia auto insurance. To drive safe, it is better to be insured and protected. It is very important to select the suitable insurance for the different stages of life. This ensures coverage and protection for everyone at all stages of life.

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Questions Asked About Georgia Car Insurance Laws

Some of the Georgia Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are following:

CheapCarInsuranceInGeorgina•             Is it necessary for every driver to carry insurance in Georgia?

It is considered to be an immensely serious offense if you are found driving without insurance when requested in the state of Georgia and such fault may lead to serious fines or suspension of your driving license for a certain period of time.

•             Are insurance information cards mandatory to carry?

Bound by Georgia car insurance laws, all automobile insurance companies provide you with insurance information cards for each and every automobile insured by them. According to Georgia car insurance laws, it in mandatory for you to carry this card with you while driving you automobile. Besides being a legal requirement for driving in Georgia, it is also needed if you drive in some other state because they may be enabled to gather your information from our database so this card provides them necessary information about you and if you unfortunately have an accident, there then this card is used for the exchange of your automobile insurance policy.

•             Is my insurance policy is still valid if someone else is driving my automobile?

If someone else is driving your car then your insurance is still valid only in the case that you have given him/her the permission to drive your vehicle. In order to benefit from this law, what you have to do is to just provide the driver with an acceptable proof of Georgia car insurance coverage mentioned under “Acceptable Proof of Georgia Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance” and also with your valid automobile insurance policy information card.

•             How Joshua Law affect the young drivers and what it actually is?

Joshua Law was implemented by the Georgia Department of Driver services back in 2005 and its still in practice. This law has many applications but its clauses relating teen drivers are most important. This law requires any teen of age 17 or less who is applying for a grade D Georgia automobile driver license from 1st January 2007 an on must provide the authorities with the proof that they have successfully completed the required driver education course which are made compulsory by DDS.

•             What are the minimum insurance liability limits for insuring a car in the state of Georgia?

One must have at least Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) in order to have a car insured in Georgia. You must have a Bodily Injury Liability of $25000 for the death or injury of any one person in any accident or a BIL of $50,000 if you get the insurance liability for all the persons in any accident. A PDL of $25,000 is also required if you want to insure your car.

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Tips from the Pros for the Best Georgia Car Insurance

It is a major requirement for every person living in Georgia to get car insurance. This is a fact that every driver in this city should know. In fact, you will be penalized if you neglect this. You need to compare and contrast insurance quotes and when you are doing that, it is good to keep in mind that the rates varies greatly from one insurance company to another. Some insurance firms will really charge higher than others.

But it is on record that auto insurance in Georgia is higher than other states. Though they are higher than others, you can still get Georgia cheap car insurance quotes if you check in the internet. The internet is the only guaranteed source that will attend to your needs any day, anytime, anywhere.  This is the main aim why it is very essential to consult a wide range of insurance companies or meeting insurance agents or brokers. They are poised to give you the latest information about auto insurance quotes.

These are people that are on the better ground to answer to your myriads of questions as much as possible. So many things will go a long way to determine your car insurance and some of them are the cost of your car, the region you are driving the car, your past traffic record since drivers are expected to have good driving skills, your marital status, your age, your accidents reports etc. Having Georgia car insurance is one thing you will be happy to have.

The internet will help you very well to get the best insurance policies. If you buy a car policy, you are expected to keep to the terms and conditions of the vehicle. If you are driving a rented car, some auto insurance policies will not cover you. It is mandatory that every car in Georgia must be insured.

If you decide to abuse this law, the law enforcement will have no option than to impound your car or revoke the car insurance already purchased. Keep in mind that this fine runs in thousands of dollars.

When you purchase auto insurance in the state of Georgia, the insurance company will simply give you a printout or a card, and this will go a long way to serve as a proof of your insurance. You need to go with this document wherever you are going. If the document is not with you, you will be severely penalized by the law enforcement agency.

Getting auto insurance is a necessity and never an option. It is very unfortunate that some drivers are really seeing it as an option. However, it is required that bring the photocopied one instead of the original. Thus, it is splendid to get Georgia cheap car insurance. This is very essential and you will never be wrong by getting them. Enter your zip code to get maximum savings.

How Useful is Georgia Car Insurance Quotes

The state of Georgia lies in the southeastern region of the US. It is the largest state east of Mississippi. The most populated city inn Georgia is Atlanta.

When driving in Georgia, is vital to be protected by ensuring that you have the right auto insurance. By getting the right auto insurance quotes in Georgia, you will have peace of mind as drive throughout Georgia. Through many reputable providers of car insurance in Georgia, you can get quality, cheap car insurance. There are also many reputable insurance agents who can help you get competitive car insurance quotes.

In the state of Georgia, there are an estimated 1.5 million uninsured drivers. This makes about 16% of the population.

The auto insurance rates in Georgia seem to have increased since August 2011 with the average rates being around 1,357 dollars for a 12 month policy. In the previous months in the same year, the rates were lower. In July 2011 the rates were 1,348 dollars, 1,339 dollars in June and 1,313 dollars in May.

With an increase in these rates, it becomes important for prospective and existing policy holders to continue saving money for auto insurance in Georgia. The car insurance providers and agents can help to get competitive quotes for your insurance coverage. It is a legal requirement that drivers in Georgia carry minimum bodily injury coverage of 25 thousand dollars with a 50 thousand dollars maximum liability per accident.

By getting auto insurance discounts for your car insurance in Georgia, you can save money on your vehicle insurance quotes.  You can get car insurance quotes from various auto insurance providers in Georgia by filling in online forms available on the internet. You must however ensure that you compare quotes from various insurers for the same type of coverage. Without this precaution, you might end up paying very high premiums as many companies in Georgia have high premiums for car insurance. A car insurance quote can help you to find the best policy for the lowest prices. By getting the best quotes, you will be able to save a lot of money with time on your car insurance.

Apart from getting assistance from car insurance agents, you can do your own research in order to get the cheapest Georgia car insurance quotes possible. Using your time to shop around for competitive quotes will surely save a lot of money in the long run.

By not entering your zip above and clicking to compare the 3 extremely cheap car insurers that we match you with, you are most probably paying a lot more than you should. You could perhaps be paying by over 800 dollars per year! If you do not get competitive rates from the 3 car insurers we match you with, then you are most likely one among the very many Americans in Georgia who are overpaying on their car insurance.  You can save yourself a lot of money and have peace of mind by entering your zip above and comparing free quotes and then see how much you can save.

The Answers to your Questions about Car Insurance in Georgia

The question as to why one needs car insurance in GA has been asked by so many people. It is very important to have Auto insurance in Georgia because it is actually a safety measure. Auto insurances in Georgia are there to ensure you are safe and protected. It provides security for you. In case of an accident, they will cover for all your expenses as per your agreement with your insurance company. Secondly, it is a requirement that every resident of Georgia who has a car must have car insurance.

According to the laws in Georgia, you are required, as an owner of a vehicle, to have a set amount of liability insurance on your car. The liability insurance coverage have been put in place in order to provide compensation to another individual where you cause an accident and you are found to be the one who cause the damages to that individual. The law has set the minimum amount of coverage to be $25,000 but you are allowed to buy higher liability insurance.

Car insurance has been categorized into two. We have the first party coverage and the third party coverage. The first party is known for covering your property and you. The third party coverage is there in order for you to carry out your responsibility where you cause an injury to other people whether you are in your own vehicle or another. IT helps you to fulfill your responsibility of paying where you cause bodily injuries to other people in the event of an accident.

What are the other coverage’s that are offered by car insurance in CA? Apart from the liability coverage that is offered by insurance companies in Georgia, we have other coverage plans. We have the uninsured/underinsured coverage which people in Georgia are encouraged to go for. This is because there are chances that motorists sometimes don’t maintain adequate insurance coverage and this will protect and provide security where you are involved in an accident with a person with a motorist who doesn’t have enough or adequate protection. There is also the Gap coverage that is offered by car insurance in GA which is known for filling the gap between the actual loan value the insured is owed and the Blue Book value.

Is it possible to find Georgia cheap car insurance? Yes it is possible. There are so many car insurance companies in Georgia because of the increase in those who own cars in this state. Cheap car insurance services do not mean cheap services. In order to find the best car insurance company in Georgia, you need to do your research well and compare the various companies. However, there is a need for you to be careful when choosing these companies.

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Do I Need Car Insurance in Georgia

Why do you need car insurance in Georgia? Is there any genuine reason that one should purchase car insurance in GA or it is only because it is a legal requirement? Yes it is important for car owners to go for auto insurance in Georgia as there is so much importance attached to it. In Georgia it is an offence to drive a car without car insurance and the offence carries severe penalties. You need to go for car insurance because it protects you from fire, theft and vandalism. They also minimize your costs in case you are involved in an accident. If you drive your car without insurance, you will be putting your life and those of others at risk.


There are different car insurance plans in GA. The first to be discussed here is the liability and collusion. The liability is the one that covers the damage caused to individuals when an accident occurs and they are written in three numbers e.g. 25/50/25 meaning $25,000 for bodily injury costs per individuals, $50,000 for bodily injury costs on each accident and $25,000 for damage caused on the property. The liability on the bodily injuries covers the wages lost and the hospital bills for damages caused to others in the event of an accident. The collusion coverage is the one that is for damages on the car/vehicle. It is for the repair and replacement of the vehicle where an accident has happened. If the repairs on cars are over 70% of the value of the car, your car will be replaced by the insurance companies in Georgia. There is also the comprehensive which is for natural disaster, animal collusion, theft, vandalism, fire etc.

GeorgiaAutoInsuranceCar insurance in GA protects your investments that are why it is very important that you go for them. This includes the loans that you may have taken to purchase your car and your car/vehicle. They stop you from being bankrupt because you can easily go bankrupt if in case of an accident that causes injury to another individual. You may end up in a serious financial trouble because there are so many costs that you incur when you are involved in an accident and all these costs you have to pay for them by yourself.

It is also a requirement to have car insurance in GA as per the laws of that state. As a driver, you need to have an accident liability insurance for the cars that you own and it must cover $25,000 for each person bodily injury, $50,000 for bodily injury where several persons are involved and $25,000 in case of a property damage where an accident occurs. There are severe penalties for those who drive without car insurance. The registration of your vehicle will be suspended, you will have to pay fine and there is a reinstatement fee of $60.  If you drive a car that has a suspended registration, be sure to go through a very harsh penalty as this is taken as a misdemeanor.

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The Requirements to Pass for Car Insurance in Georgia in Compliance with the Laws

According to the laws of insurance, the insured person can actually recover from an uninsured motorist policy if he or she is allowed to do so. In Georgia there is an exception to this rule. The exception provides that uninsured motorist coverage is available only if the offender is insured and because of some certain circumstances there is no recovery that can be given against his or her insurance carrier.

According to the laws, there is minimum liability coverage for car insurance in GA which is $ 25,000 in the case of an injury to a person or an accident to a single person. In case of the death of more than one person one is required to pay $50,000 and there is an insurance liability of damaged property which is of $25,000.

There is the GEICS system which stands for Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System and this system is usually used in the monitoring compliance with the state’s financial responsibility laws. The policy holder’s information is sent to the system and where there is a cancellation of the policy, the system will show it. The information that is sent to this system includes; vehicle identification number, listed drivers, coverage, expiration date, policy inception date and the policy holders name.

If as a driver it is shown by the GEICS system that you have complied, then there is no need to show proof of the insurance but if you have not complied and an accident occurs, you have to present proof of the insurance if requested by the law enforcement officials. Every driver or owner of a vehicle must have an insurance policy and if as a driver you fail to comply with the requirements for car insurance in GA you will be subjected to the suspension of registration, suspension of your driving license, reinstatement costs and civil penalties.

Liability is not the only protection that you will need although it is the only requirement in the state of Georgia. There is the underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage that you can consider buying. You can also go for comprehensive and collision coverage’s to protect your vehicle from theft, fire and collusion with other objects. There are insurance agents and representatives who will guide you in Georgia when purchasing these policies.

It is a requirement by the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Department that all cars that have been registered in Georgia must have a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage and for some drivers they are required to file SR22 insurance form on top of the minimum insurance requirements. Companies that offer auto insurance in Georgia have to follow some rules. They are allowed to use Personal Credit History in order to determine the rates. Those drivers that have a clean driving record and a good credit are qualified as preferred customers and this ensures that they enjoy lower premiums.

In order to get Georgia cheap car insurance, you must consider comparing the various policies offered by the different companies. We will help you do that. All you need to do in order for us to help you in comparing is to enter your ZIP on top of this page and then go ahead and compare the free Quotes for maximum savings.

The Mandated Laws for Car Insurance in Georgia that Every Motorist Must Observe

Georgia is a state in America that has its own laws that govern the people in that state. It is a requirement by the laws in Georgia that all those who own cars in this state must have car insurance. Georgia Department of Driver services make it mandatory to have car insurance in GA. Before driving or using a car, one must prove that he has a car insurance which shows that the driver has acknowledged financial responsibility in case he or she is involved in an accident.

When getting car insurance in GA you have to meet some minimum liability insurance which was set recently. There are also some legal requirements that cars that offer car insurance in GA must meet. Some of the laws apply directly to the car insurance companies while others apply to those who insure their cars in these companies. The department that is charged with the task of insuring cars is known as Georgia office of insurance and safety.

The office performs the task of ensuring compliance and enforcing the laws. It is a requirement under their laws that insurance companies must be licensed. The Georgia office of insurance and safety is the one that issues forms for registration by insurance companies and it does this through the Regulatory Services Division. National Regulatory Services is the one that performs the task of handling the applications. This system has enabled the insurers to apply for the licensing in the various or multiple states through one procedure. This is good for those companies that have the intention of moving to the other states in America.

In order to monitor the citizen’s compliance of the state’s financial responsibility laws, there is the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System where auto insurance in Georgia is usually placed in this system. Those insurance policies that have lapse for a period of more than 10 days are required to be reported by the car insurance companies. After the 10 days period has lapsed, any such car that has an insurance that have lapsed its registration will be suspended. If you are found driving such car, you will be fined or have your car impounded or it may lead to the suspension of your driving license.

It is possible to get Georgia cheap car insurance. You can do this by obtaining car insurance quotes in Georgia. Once you get this car insurance quotes, compare them and go for the best that suits your needs. You don’t have to struggle because all the information that you need about cheap car insurance is available on the internet. The internet has made it easier and cheaper for people to get the information that they need. In fact, some car insurance companies in Georgia have websites giving you all the information that you need about their policies.

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Why Should I Get Car Insurance in Georgia

As per the law in the state of Georgia, it is a requirement for every owner or driver of a car to have car insurance and apart from that car Insurance in GA plays a big role in ensuring that the residents of these states are protected from many accidents that occur. Over the years, there have been increases in the number of accidents and even the good drivers who have a good driving record have been involved in these car accidents. This is sufficient proof that car accidents can happen to anyone and at any time and the only remedy to these accidents is car insurance. That is why we have auto car insurance in Georgia.

In Georgia, if you want to operate a car, it is a requirement by the Georgia Department of Driver Services that you must have a minimum motor vehicle insurance coverage and this shows that you as a driver of a car acknowledge the financial responsibility that comes with an accident. Car Insurance in GA ensures that almost all drivers in Georgia show their financial responsibility by offering them a liability insurance policy for them to purchase. You have to proof that you have insured your car in order for you to have your car registered.

CarInsuranceInGeorgiaIn Georgia, the minimum liability insurance has been set at 25/50/25 meaning $25,000 for each person injured in the other vehicle has been set at $25,000 for total personal injury liability per accident where more than one person has been injured and $25,000 for property damage. Car insurance are there to ensure that all the drivers in Georgia take comprehensive responsibility when driving on the road and therefore ensuring the roads are safe at all times.

Car accidents expose people to a lot of problems particularly if they don’t have car insurance. When one is involved in an accident, he or she usually incurs a lot of losses that eats into the savings that he had already made. Insurance companies are there to protect you from such problems. The insurance companies will help you to compensate and help you reduce the cost of the repairs. Drivers with good driving records and the ones that have never been involved in an accident are usually rewarded by these insurance companies. Car insurance in GA will give you a discount if they discover that you have a good driving record and this is one of the ways that one can get Georgia cheap car insurance.

The fact that we have so many companies in Georgia offering car insurance services has pushed the rates down because of the competition among these companies. This means that you have a good chance of getting a car insurance company that you can afford and offers services that you need. To help you in comparing your existing policy or just get an idea of what a new policy could cost you, simply enter your ZIP on top of this page and then compare quotes from the 3 cheap providers we match you with.