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Things You Need To Know About Georgia Auto Insurance Laws

The general definition for car insurance is that it is a tool for establishing financial responsibility in case an accident occurs that results in property damage, injury or even death. As with every state, Georgia Auto Insurance Laws require from the drivers to have insurance policy for coverage of damages that are caused by the insurer. In addition to that, drivers that operate financed or leased vehicles are commonly required by the loan giver to have additional types of coverage – collision and comprehensive.

Believe it or not, the state of Georgia is extremely strict when it comes to auto insurance. If you are ever found driving around without proper vehicle coverage or at least the required minimum coverage, you are surely going to find yourself in trouble. The reason is that you will not just face severe fines and penalties but there is also a really good chance that your registration might get suspended. In order to get it reinstated, you would need to pay a lot of fee and penalties and you would also have a bad credit count because of this mistake. For this reason, it is necessary for you to acquire in depth details about the basics of auto insurance in Georgia to be able to get ample coverage with the best policies being offered by top notch providers in the state of Georgia.

Basic insurance requirements in the state of Georgia

Georgia auto insurance laws require the drivers to have bodily injury insurance that features minimum liability of $25.000 for one injured party as well as minimum of $50.000 per accident. Translated in plain English, this means that if the insurer causes an automobile accident which will result with the injury in one person, the insurance policy must cover at least $25.000 of the total sum requested as a result of the accident. In case the driver causes an accident in which two or more people are injured the policy must be able to produce minimum $50.000. Also, the driver needs to have property damage insurance policy that includes minimum liability of $25.000 per accident. Driving without insurance policy in the eyes of the State of Georgia is a misdemeanor punishable with $1.000 fine and up to one year in jail.

Insurance reporting

The State of Georgia demands from all insurance companies to electronically report their insurance policies to the Electronic Insurance Compliance System within thirty days, counting from the first day of purchase. That way, the data’s stored in that database are available for the law enforcement as well as other state officers. Regardless of that, every driver is obligated to carry their policy in their vehicle in any given time. The insurance companies that make the policies are also obligated to report termination or cancellation to the Department of Driver Services. Once the DDS receives that information it contacts the driver which policy is terminated or canceled and instructs him or her to make new insurance policy. If the driver fails to obtain new insurance policy, he risks to be fined or to earn a suspension on vehicle registration.

Alternative solutions to financial responsibility

Even though that most of the drivers in the State of Georgia prefer to establish some form of financial responsibility within standard auto insurance policies, there happen to be alternative ways to do so. Drivers can secure a deposit, bond or other means that can guarantee the $100.000 minimum coverage (injury and property damage coverage minimums). These matters are handled by the Georgia Insurance and safety fire commissioner and you must always make sure that you keep up with the laws of auto insurance in Georgia if you wish to confirm that you continually get to drive your car around without getting worried about suffering from severe consequences.

Just like you wish to make sure that your family remains safe at home at all times and you do so by purchasing insurance for them, it is necessary for you to purchase auto insurance as well to make sure that you get compensated in case any accidents or even mishaps take place while you are out driving on the road. All of these steps are necessary for your personal security so make sure that you take them into consideration.

The consumers in Georgia are required to possess automobile liability insurance, particularly for the minimum limits that are deemed necessary for one to be able to drive on the highways and public road in the state of Georgia. The minimum liability limits are said to be bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Both of these are priced at about $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence on an individual basis. Then there is liability insurance which needs to be paid to cover for the damages that were caused by accidents that occurred due to your personal negligence. The fact of the matter remains that if anyone is found without possessing the minimum coverage, the person is going to be subjected to stiff fines that are very high and the worst part is that your registration might also be suspended. In such a case, reinstating your registration is going to be a terrible ordeal and you would also be required to pay high reinstatement fees. On the whole, the experience is totally not worth it and it is highly recommended for you to purchase ample insurance coverage so that you can drive around without having to worry about issues such as these.

However, even with all the knowledge on the car insurance laws in Georgia you can’t get the lowest rate if you don’t know how to do so. That’s something that requires only minutes of your time.

By entering your zip code on the top of this page, you can instantly get free quotes from plenty of insurance companies. At the end of the day, sticking to the Auto Insurance Laws in Georgia doesn’t have to mean that you need to overpay for your policy.

Auto insurance In Georgia That Senior Citizens Can Avail

Senior citizens with limited resources can acquire auto insurance in Georgia with lowest rates by contacting various companies or by carrying out ample research over the internet in order to get the best deals possible around their area, that too by the top providers.

The ever increasing auto insurance rates in Georgia are truly a definite matter of concern. The fact of the matter is that senior citizens can get the auto insurance at a much cheaper rate as compared to the young population owing to their vast experience of driving. Seniors with reliable vehicle driving report in the past get the auto insurance in Georgia at a much lower rate. It’s difficult at this stage in life to commute in public transport therefore; the need for auto insurance requirements is even more.

There exists an impression that senior citizens will have to shell out greater insurance premiums but the fact of the matter is that this happens to be a misnomer. Senior citizens stand to benefit with lower insurance premiums as compared younger drivers. Elderly car owners are more cautious while operating their vehicle so are considerably safe drivers and are less associated with auto accidents. Facts and figures prove this and thereby, offer them the advantage of reduced auto insurance premiums. Senior citizens with a perfect driving report get lower auto insurance rates.

People beyond 50 years of age in general are typically added in the lower premiums category. Life insurance rates on the other hand, increases as one gets older in contrast to the car insurance which goes down. Numerous aspects are used by insurance companies to evaluate the ideal premium rate for a senior citizen as everyone has a different requirement. Senior people need to look around for the most efficient deal and getting in touch with number of individual companies is the most appropriate way to procure the most reasonable deal.

Senior citizens who are computer literate can carry out research over the internet to attain their auto insurance needs. Numerous elderly people search for internet information since it saves them time and effort compared to driving around to various insurance companies. Knowingly, many auto insurance providers in Georgia are reachable online with effective premiums and more significantly, provide suitable feedbacks with regards to their services submitted by existing policy holders. With all the relevant information available, senior people don’t need to go around from one company to another.

Irrespective of the age, one must ensure to enquire to potential insurance company to get the necessary replies as well as details. Alternatively, a senior citizen with the need to insure car, truck or any other vehicle can secure reasonably priced and reliable insurance policies at lower premiums. Senior citizens with years of driving experience and good driving record need to do survey of the insurance plans to be able to compare their current insurance policy with the existing policies in the market to acquire the most appropriate insurance policy in Georgia.

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Reasonably Priced Car Insurance For Under 25 Year Olds

Drivers under 25 years old find it difficult to own a car due to high premiums to be paid on auto insurance in Georgia. There are many factors such as type, brand and safety features provided in the car which determines the car insurance premium.

Among the best feelings in the world is to own a car with one’s funds and attaining the liberty to travel where one wants to go to. Unfortunately, this type of passion is likely to vanish the minute one realizes the cost of auto insurance in Georgia for those under 25 years of age could be. Drivers under 25 years of age comprehend just how the age makes it difficult to procure a low-cost car insurance policy in Georgia.

Reasons for Expensive Auto Insurance for under 25 in Georgia

affordableGeorgiaCarInsuranceThere exist various factors which are required by the companies for car insurance below 25 of drivers. One specific justification might be the high frequency of accidents caused by new and incompetent drivers in comparison to other experienced drivers who have been driving for many years. One cannot find fault with car insurance companies in Georgia for this discrimination as there would be young drivers who would be driving carefully and refrain from taking chances to the extent possible.

Although car insurance for drivers under 25 years is likely to be exceptionally over priced, car owners can persuade the auto insurance company to give them reasonably priced insurance rates, thereby saving funds. A number of factors influence the car insurance rates for under 25 years and it is dependent on the driver to survey these aspects and adjust accordingly.

Features having an effect on auto insurance in Georgia for drivers under 25

Several aspects realize the rates appropriate for car insurance under 25, and the foremost aspects an insurance company in Georgia looks for is the driver’s location. Individuals living with their parents can add their insurance policies to their parents’ existing plan. This would be a wise decision as it would save funds.

An additional fact that determines the car insurance rates for drivers under 25 is the brand and type of car. The smaller and compact are more preferred since larger vehicles like SUVs and sedans carry more premiums. That’s the reason for many people opting for smaller and more compact cars.

Apart from the resident location and brand and type of car owned, an additional factor considered by auto insurance companies in Georgia for drivers below 25 are the various types of safety features included in the vehicle. The safety features would consist of components such as air bag, alarms, and other anti theft systems that the car company offers in their products. The higher the levels of security provided in the car, the cheaper is car insurance for drivers under 25 year olds.

An additional significant feature that an individual needs to ensure is that one must have a good driving record when requesting for car insurance cover. If the selected car insurance company notices that an individual has not received tickets or has not met with any accidents, then the insurance cover providers could be benevolent enough to allow extensive discounts on the auto insurance for under 25 years drivers.

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How Young Drivers Can Avail Auto Insurance In Georgia

Parents can normally add their children to the existing their auto insurance policy to satisfy the state’s financial responsibility specifications. It does increase the cost but still stands to be cheaper than going for a new policy.

A few policies need all insured drivers to be listed in the policy. So the policy holder needs to update the concerned company as about any new driver as they turn 16. Failing to do so, due to an accident claim , if the company comes to know about it at a later stage, then it may penalize the individual by billing the individual for the additional premium that the individual would have paid, refuse to hand over claim and coverage, or policy renewal refusal in the long-term. Usually, if the concerned car is being driven by a teenager then the company will charge the teen’s premium rate. Alternatively, the company will charge the teenager’s premium rate on the most expensive car with the highest rate.

Teenagers Away for Education or Living Separately

When the children move out, one does want to take them off the policy which requires the proof to be given to the insurance company such as driver’s license, lease agreement or utility bills which shows a different residence address of the child.

It’s actually not a sensible idea to take off children from the existing policy in case they are residing in any other city and going to school. It’s dangerous to take off the teenager from the policy since he might drive to school or come home on visits. Various insurance companies in Georgia require an individual to keep students on the policy. (1)

If the children are living in another city and going to school, it is advisable to advice the insurance company of the same. Companies structure premium rates on the location of the car and it might require to modify the premium. If the school is in another state, confirm the financial responsibility laws in that state to ensure that the child has the right cover.

If the child goes to school, this brings in premium discount for the individual. Discuss the same with the insurance agent for additional discounts.

How to Save Funds on Young Drivers Insurance

A few insurance companies in Georgia give discount for teenagers who successfully complete the Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS)-approved driver education program. Drivers taught by their parents could very well get the discount if the parent had used a DPS-approved course. A few companies offer specials discounts to young drivers who secure good grades in school or who belong to particular youth groups.

How to Buy an Auto Insurance Policy in Georgia

Premiums vary among companies so it is advisable to look around and do some research. Below given is certain guidance to assist an individual come across the ideal plan for the money invested:

• Identify the coverage requirements prior to the actual buying of the insurance .

• Give consideration to selecting a higher than average insurance deductible. Higher than average deductibles will most likely lower premium, however one needs to pay more in case of a claim.

• Secure price rates for the same coverage from various auto insurance companies in Georgia.

• In the event acquiring a price quotation or requesting for insurance, respond to all the questions honestly. Incorrect information could impact the price quote or could lead to refusal or termination of coverage.

• Discuss with the insurance agent if one qualifies for any concessions the company provides.

• Give consideration to aspects beyond the rate, such as a company’s financial review, complaint list and permit condition. The financial review points to the company’s business longevity and reliability and the complaint list is an indicator of the customer service. Procure only from licensed companies and agents as it is illegal to sell insurance without a license in Georgia. An individual can furthermore utilize the Shopping for Auto Insurance Company/Policy Comparison Worksheet to accumulate information about companies and their respective policies.

• Analyze personal credit score. Certain companies utilize the credit score while determining the rate chargeable.

• Understand more about a company for its license status, complaint history and financial rating by contacting OCI’s Consumer Help Line or by visiting the website

Comprehension of Auto Insurance Rates in Georgia

Georgia law demands insurance rates to be rational, beneficial and not discriminative or in proportionate. Auto insurance companies in Georgia establish their own rates and file them with OCI for examination. OCI can force the company to hand over refunds if it can determine that the company’s filed rates are excessive.

Aspects affecting the Auto Insurance Premium in Georgia

Companies use underwriting to make a decision about whether or not to sell an individual a policy and at what rate. Companies need to submit their underwriting guidelines with OCI and accordingly update OCI of any amendment. Following are the factors utilized by companies to arrive at premium rates:

• An individual’s age and marital status. Males under 25 and females under 21 have the maximal rates. Drivers over 50 could very well benefit from lower prices.

• An individual’s driving report and compensation claims report. A satisfactory driving record could save some funds. Companies of auto insurance in Georgia will most likely demand more if there are accidents or tickets on the driving record. Companies could very well charge a little more for major convictions, driving violations and accidents damaging property. Certain surcharges are compulsory and will most likely apply to the premium for three years.

• Location of the car kept: Rates are usually enhanced for individuals residing cities since possibilities of accidents and auto thefts are more in cities than in rural areas.

• Type of the car: Collision and comprehensive quotes are maximum for deluxe, top-end and sports cars. Rates could very well be more for cars that wear down easily or will cost more while servicing.

• Primary use of the car: Rates definitely will be significantly greater if an individual drives the car to work or for business. Rates are the least when the car is used primarily for enjoyment.

• An individual’s credit report: Normally insurance companies rely on the credit rankings to make the decision of selling the policy and at precisely what price. A company can’t deny to sell a policy or cancel or non-renew a policy solely on the basis of credit rating. One can check out the Learning Center on, maintained by OCI and the Office of Public Insurance Counsel, to come across the companies that utilize credit scores and exactly how they utilize them.

• If an individual drove without insurance in Georgia: Companies could very well ask for more if an individual drove uninsured in Georgia for more than 30 days in a year before he applied for insurance. If an individual had not, a company can’t command more for liability coverage due to the fact that the individual lacks policy coverage. (2)

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Helpful Tips On Auto Insurance For Teenagers In Georgia

Learn about the policies that are entailed in auto insurance for teenagers in Georgia and enter your zip code to save hundreds!

Following the decision by many other states to do so, Georgia has also adopted a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system. This program has been introduced to benefit inexperienced drivers by providing them vital on the road experience as they avail more and more driving privileges, gradually everything turning into a driver’s license. The decision was taken keeping in mind the high number of accidents caused by inexperienced drivers. This is the best way for teenagers in Georgia to avail auto insurance services. The reason is that such a system would help the state cut down on the number of road accidents that are typically caused by teenagers, making them actually practice a lot of care and precaution while out on the road. In all honestly, the system has truly proved rather beneficial for the state.

 Requirements for Georgia Graduated Driver License

Aspiring drivers of the age of 15 years at least are the ones targeted by the Georgia GDL system and it has two steps, Instruction Permit and Provisional License.

Instructions permit requirements:

– Minimum age 15 years

– Completion of driver’s course provided by the state

– Completed application signed by parent or guardian

– Proof of birth

– Social security card

– Proof of enrollment or graduation from school

– Clear vision and written tests

The instruction permit has to be maintained by the teenager for at least 6 months, after which he can apply for the provisional license. It is a requirement for the teen to achieve 50 of practice driving during the validity period of the permit, which is 12 months.

At the age of 16 years and after passing the written, vision and road tests, the teen can obtain the provisional license.

Driver restrictions for teenagers in Georgia

– A licensed driver of the age of at least 21 and having at least 1 year’s driving experience has to accompany the permit

holder driver by being with him in the front seat of the car.

– Those provisional license holders who are under the age of 18, cannot take along more than one passenger under the age

of 21. This excludes immediate family members.

– Except only in the cases of an emergency, going to and from work or school, the teens are not allowed to driver between

12 am and 5 am.

– Provisional restrictions placed on teen last for 6 months and are only lifted if he has a clean record in that time frame

– Violation of these terms will result in the delay of receiving a license, which could even be upto the 18th birthday.

Following these methods not only ensures that teenagers receive their licenses, it also makes them much more responsible drivers and the benefits of that are only visible in the long term. This is a full proof method for teenagers to avail auto insurance in Georgia.

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Why Is There A Big Need For Low Income Car Insurance In Georgia

It is very necessary for individuals as well as families to get auto insurance in GA if there is a vehicle in their possession. This provides protection for every person that drives on the road as well as the person who owns the vehicle. Being poor cannot be an excuse for driving a vehicle without it being insured and this is no different in Georgia. The negative impact of the economy is being felt everywhere and this has increased the need for Georgia car insurance for low income earners.

The majority of low income earners that are drivers must buy car insurance in Georgia. Drivers in this state, like others, are required to have liability insurance. The required minimums are less than the coverage that is required for the majority of households that have assets. Throughout the history of the country, the majority of the states have relentlessly made their liability laws mandatory but more recently more states have done the same. Drivers are required to produce authentic evidence of a policy if stopped by lawmen and insurance proof if involved in an accident. Whether or not drivers are from low income families, the state of Georgia mandates that insurers let the department of motor vehicle know whenever a policy has not been renewed or has been cancelled.

It is very necessary to look for affordable auto insurance in GA because owning car insurance is just as essential as being licensed for driving a vehicle in the state of Georgia or any other American state. In addition to protecting the driver, protection is provided for passengers as well as persons that are riding in the next car. No one is legally able to drive on public roads and not have car insurance and the consequences of doing that are very severe and not worth risking. Like a driver’s license, car insurance is proof that the driver is adequately competent to drive a vehicle and that the motor vehicle is protected if there is an accident.

Low income earner auto insurance in Georgia may be sought because of government laws but there are families that feel that they should make every attempt to protect health or property. If the property is attachable, they may want to make sure it is protected in case they are the ones at fault in an accident and the person driving the other vehicle decides to seek compensation for medical expenses and/or to replace or make repairs to the vehicle.

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What Every Low income Earners Needs To Know About Car Insurance In Georgia

More than ever, today with the increase in unemployment and the negative impact of the recession, several persons are finding it challenging to have any type of insurance including auto insurance. There is an awareness that people are in need of low cost auto insurance in GA to avoid them being in trouble with the law and also to provide necessary property protection. The policies that are provided in this regard are primarily for persons that fall in the group of low income earners who are not able to afford car insurance if it is not very cheap. Reduced cost car insurance policies such as these offer coverage for damage to the vehicle that occurs in accidents.

Due to the recession, a lot of persons have risked driving with car insurance coverage and have gotten themselves in serious problems when they get involved in an accident. According to the DDS – Driver Department of Drivers Services, when an individual is convicted of driving on the roads without car insurance, a part of the consequent may include a 60 or 90 day suspension. The reason for Georgia auto insurance is to show evidence that the driver is capable of driving a car and also that there is protection if the car should be involved in any kind of road accident.

A lot of companies offering auto insurance in GA provide services that are affordable and do not require down payment. In fact, there are companies that use the payment for the first month as down payment to allow the buyer to feel as if he or she is paying zero dollars down. The very low cost insurance for cars makes it a possibility for even low income earners able to have insurance for their car. This gives the car owner road accident protection and the driver can get repair done to the vehicle and not have to be concerned about sourcing money for it. There is also the provision of security as well as fearlessness with having car insurance in Georgia.

However, there will be particular criteria that must be fulfilled for the car owner to be eligible for applying for Georgia auto insurance and this include being a minimum of 19 years old with a flawless driving record and the vehicle must fall in a particular price range. The annual wage should be at a certain level also for eligibility for this small cost auto insurance.

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Opportunities For Low Income Earners On Georgia Car Insurance

The first step to take is to check the insurance commission of Georgia. Several states including Georgia, offer car insurance services that are of low cost that is designed to give coverage to families as well as individuals who are not able to pay the cost required by major companies.

The rates will be low on condition that income of these families or individuals comes under the level that is required by the state. You will be offered the least coverage that is available and there is the chance of purchasing additional insurance coverage for your car if there is enough money to do so. When you call to find out what the state is offering in terms of insurance, you will also receive additional guidelines on locating Georgia car insurance that is cheap and are not scams.

You also get to save money on your monthly premiums if you take the correct approach. Search for all the ways that are available for discounts. If the family has a home, there may be the opportunity to get great car insurance coverage for low income earners if the car insurance policy is combined with the insurance for the home. Some companies offer further savings if you get health insurance with them too.

If a driver in the family is causing you to pay higher car insurance cost because of an unfavorable record, it is suggested that you make attempts to get the individual to go for defensive driving lessons. Insurance companies are generally supportive of this and it will result in you receiving a larger discount.

Apart from programs for low income insurance for cars in GA offered by the state, you will find several discounts that can be accessed from some insurance companies. You will not hear about a lot of them unless you ask about these discounts and savings. A good amount of money can be saved when the reductions are grouped together. A few of these discounts include good student, good driver, multiple vehicles and policies, vehicle mileage that is low, safety features such as air bags, car alarm or steering wheel lock (anti-theft devices) defensive as well as mature driver, trade association, among others.

In addition, you may look around on the internet for the most ideal rates available. Check carefully as there will be different charges from the various companies. There is a possibility that you are able to save more than you are doing now. There are opportunities available to save money on Georgia car insurance if you are prepared to do some amount of research and maybe a little bit of sacrifice.

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How Can Low Income Earners Get The Best Car Insurance In Georgia?

According to National Survey of America’s Families, a third of the entire employed persons carry home wages that are considered to be at the poverty level and more than half of these workers persistently receive low wages and they are responsible for the majority of the income the family receives. Not only is it essential for individuals to obtain car insurance in Georgia, it is a must for any owner of a vehicle.

More families are finding themselves among the statistics regarding low income and poverty due to the negative turn of the economy. Residents that fall in this category will be pleased to know that there are possibilities of finding insurance for cars in Georgia for residents having low income. Relevant personnel are making it even easier nowadays for persons to search for affordable insurance policy.

If individuals decide to go the internet route, they will see that they are able to find a great insurance policy while remaining right in the comfort of their home. There will be familiar names that appear in the result list of a search and some will not be too popular but may still provide ideal insurance for cars in Georgia. The websites may provide online quote which is essentially a program that is designed for persons to quickly and easily compare the rates for car insurance of selected companies.

This service is generally free. When the shopper discovers a price that he or she can work with, the policy can be paid for online. To have access to the online quote, there are some easy questions that the shopper is required to answer. This includes the driver’s age and the mailing address of the person who is buying. Information regarding the car that is being insured as well as the kind of coverage that is needed should be inserted also. All of this is necessary for quoting the policy price.

If the shopper should have any question, they have the opportunity to contact a customer representative by way of telephone. They are equipped to answer the questions that persons are likely to ask and also able to provide advice such as discounts that the company gives and that the shopper might be eligible for. They also help the buyer to arrange affordable payment plans. Purchasing new car insurance in Georgia today will not be challenging and searching the internet is the most popular method which is known to save several people lots of hours or even days searching for an ideal plan.

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Helpful information For Low Income Earners that Need Car Insurance in GA

The reason for the different financial programs for helping persons getting low income may be different and is dependent on the type of organization. If the particular organization is a charitable one that is not-for-profit, the purpose is generally morally inclined to aid persons who are not so fortunate. Government programs are one other method of assisting low income earners. This is generally not as straightforward but it is more thorough when compared to the charitable programs.

To make sure that you are getting the fairest available rates for auto insurance in Georgia, it is essential that drivers get quotes from several different car insurance companies as is possible so that a wide comparison and contrast can be done to select the most ideal bargain available. Drivers are able to evaluate the amount of coverage that is actually required and the amount they must pay for the coverage.

GeorgiaAutoInsuranceThere are several resources on the internet that give car owners the opportunity to simply and quickly compare the quotes for Georgia car insurance from different companies offering this service. It should be noted that the car insurance company offering the least expensive rates is not necessarily the company which most ideally meet the requirements of the buyer. It is necessary to carefully study each of the policies being offered by auto insurance companies in Georgia in order to choose the service that is offering the most and the best benefits for the price that is most affordable.

Getting good auto insurance in Georgia is great help for low income earners as they are allowed to save a lot of money on a yearly basis. And there are several ways that they can seek out this particular help as all residents are required to have car insurance whether or not salary is high.

Several persons do not readily consider looking for discounts when they are seeking auto insurance, but this is a wonderful way of saving valuable money. There are insurance companies that will offer discount on auto insurance in Georgia if the car owners also purchase from them additional policy. Low income earners also get help in saving money when the deductible is increased. This gives the individual the opportunity to pay a reduced cost for car insurance. A reduction in coverage is also helpful for saving money on car insurance. For instance, if a driver ends up without any vehicle in case of an accident, some policies pay for a car rental. But if there are other ways to get transportation, dropping this coverage can save more money.

By entering your area code on the top of the page you can compare different auto insurance prices in GA.