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Questions Asked About Georgia Car Insurance Laws

Some of the Georgia Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are following:

CheapCarInsuranceInGeorgina•             Is it necessary for every driver to carry insurance in Georgia?

It is considered to be an immensely serious offense if you are found driving without insurance when requested in the state of Georgia and such fault may lead to serious fines or suspension of your driving license for a certain period of time.

•             Are insurance information cards mandatory to carry?

Bound by Georgia car insurance laws, all automobile insurance companies provide you with insurance information cards for each and every automobile insured by them. According to Georgia car insurance laws, it in mandatory for you to carry this card with you while driving you automobile. Besides being a legal requirement for driving in Georgia, it is also needed if you drive in some other state because they may be enabled to gather your information from our database so this card provides them necessary information about you and if you unfortunately have an accident, there then this card is used for the exchange of your automobile insurance policy.

•             Is my insurance policy is still valid if someone else is driving my automobile?

If someone else is driving your car then your insurance is still valid only in the case that you have given him/her the permission to drive your vehicle. In order to benefit from this law, what you have to do is to just provide the driver with an acceptable proof of Georgia car insurance coverage mentioned under “Acceptable Proof of Georgia Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance” and also with your valid automobile insurance policy information card.

•             How Joshua Law affect the young drivers and what it actually is?

Joshua Law was implemented by the Georgia Department of Driver services back in 2005 and its still in practice. This law has many applications but its clauses relating teen drivers are most important. This law requires any teen of age 17 or less who is applying for a grade D Georgia automobile driver license from 1st January 2007 an on must provide the authorities with the proof that they have successfully completed the required driver education course which are made compulsory by DDS.

•             What are the minimum insurance liability limits for insuring a car in the state of Georgia?

One must have at least Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) in order to have a car insured in Georgia. You must have a Bodily Injury Liability of $25000 for the death or injury of any one person in any accident or a BIL of $50,000 if you get the insurance liability for all the persons in any accident. A PDL of $25,000 is also required if you want to insure your car.

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