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Necessary Information About Georgia Car Insurance

Georgia Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by Georgian Drivers are answered below

•             Why automobile insurance in mandatory for the drivers in Georgia?

The state of Georgia especially in Atlanta, it is rated as one of the US’s top 5 cities having worst traffic. A state authority namely Atlanta Regional commission has estimated that the accident rate in Metro areas of Atlanta is an accident per 2.8 minutes which ultimately costs the state about $5 billion per anum. So, authorities have made it compulsory for drivers to maintain an automobile insurance policy in Georgia if they want to lawfully operate on the state’s roads.

•             If someone fails to show his/her automobile insurance policy when requested then what will be the Penalties?

If you fail to provide the authorities with your automobile insurance policy in Georgia or you provide them with a false auto insurance policy or if your driver license is already suspended then the authority will suspend your driving privilege until you provide a valid evidence of your auto insurance policy and driving license in front of a judge.

•             What should I do if want to lower my expenses on auto insurance in Georgia?

One can sufficiently reduce his/her automobile insurance expenses by simply keeping a good record of avoiding accidents. Generally, young and adult people don’t have a long driving record so this offer may become unavailable for them but senior citizens having a clean driving record can significantly reduce their automobile insurance expenditures.

•             What is GEICS?

GEICS corresponds to Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System. The state officials use this monetary system to monitor its resident’s compliance regarding state’s financial responsibility laws. The Georgian authorities have made it compulsory for their drivers to send their policy holder’s name and other important information regarding their Georgia car insurance policy to this monitoring system. The provided information includes the name of the policy holder, the names of drivers which are allowed to drive the insured automobile, insured automobile registration number, insurance policy coverage and policy expiry date. The insurance carrier will update the cancellation information if your policy is expired. GEICS further issue the notification regarding policy cancellation irrespective of the reason of cancellation.

•             Is the Liability Coverage the only coverage required by Georgian authorities?

Georgian authorities only require this liability coverage but it will not be the coverage you need in order to protect yourself. Almost 12% Georgian drivers are not insured so if you want to protect yourself from such drivers, you may need to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

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