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Making Use of Auto Insurance in Georgia with Compliance to the Laws

The word of mouth is known to spread a lot of rumors in a record time, but when it is launched as an email, it reeks of major problems in mare seconds. In 2007 an email was launched that filled the minds of the people of Georgia with all forms of confusion on the laws in the country, auto insurance in Georgia being no exception. The laws circulated everywhere and there are laws still pending on the use of mobile phones by school bus drivers and prohibition of cellular or mobile devices by the under 18 drivers.

It also had penalties for such conducts. This would be a great help to drivers becoming more alert and responsible on the roads as there are many teenagers driving drunk and recklessly, causing all sorts of accidents. The email may have had many more laws that left the feeling of uncertainty to the public but the laws when it comes to auto insurance in Georgia that should be followed are simple and clear.

The state already requires every driver to have insurances for their cars. This insurance should involve personal liability insurance, personal injury protection and property damage. The personal liability insurance should not be less than $25,000 per person or $50,000 for those who might be involved in the car accident and $25,000 for property damage. Auto insurance quotes Georgia is therefore something really serious that will have severe consequences if not followed.

However, there are exemptions from carrying the auto insurance in Georgia. These exceptional cases include when the owner of the vehicle has moved to another state or the ownership was transferred out of state. In terms of the vehicle, these exemptions will include when the vehicle’s lease has been terminated, the vehicle has been repossessed, stolen or not in use because it is inoperable, sold or transferred ownership, stored or used occasionally for agricultural purposes, wrecked, savaged or junked. If there any other exemptions that vary with the Georgia car insurance companies, a simple way to look at the policies offered by these companies will be just a matter of typing in your zip code in the zip box on the top of the page. Here, you can get to look at all the options you have in auto insurance in Georgia.

Another important thing to be cautious on is the lapsing of your insurance. This serious offence may even vehicle registration suspended. Lapse, as defined in the auto insurance quotes Georgia is the passing of 10 days or more without the continuous coverage of your car insurance.  The fine for this lapse will be about an average $25 lapse fee and a $60 reinstatement fee before you can renew your license plate. Serious stuff right? Nobody in their right mind would love to cough up the money for fines and for the stubborn drivers, any second or third offense will increase your reinstatement fee to $160. Any other driver, who is daring enough to drive with a suspended license, will be charged with a misdemeanor. The main rule when it comes to Georgia car insurance is not to break any rule.