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Insider Basic Tips About Car Insurance in Georgia

It is a state requirement in Georgia to get the minimum liability requirements for insurance. In 2003, a new policy was introduced by the Georgian state authorities who give their local law enforcement officials access to an insurance database which is fed directly from the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. This database has a complete record of all vehicles operating within the State. It keeps track of which vehicle is insured and which is not. An insurance card is not the only source of proving the fact that you have valid insurance. Law enforcement officers have full access to this database and they can tell immediately whether a vehicle is insured or not.

Georgia state law makes it compulsory for all motorists and drivers within the state to ensure that they have the minimum liability requirements for vehicle insurance in place. Motorists in Georgia need 25,000 $ each for personal bodily injury per person and property damage per accident. They also need to have 50,000 $ insurance per accident which might include more than one individuals. This insurance coverage will take care of the financial consequences of accidents, medical bills and property damage if the insurance consumer is found responsible.

The state of Georgia follows the controversial tort system of justice. This basically means that when a road incident or traffic accident occurs, at least one person is found at fault for the accident. The guilty party will have to pay for all the damages suffered because of the accident. Not only does he take care of his own losses, he has to take care of the losses of other individuals who are affected by his actions. If a person does not have an insurance policy present, he cannot bear the entire burden himself. This is where the auto insurance companies step in. The presence or absence of the tort system of justice varies from state to state. Some states in America follow this system while others follow different systems.

The physical damage suffered by the owner’s vehicle is covered for by Collision Insurance. Although the laws of car insurance in GA do not make it compulsory for residents to have collision insurance still it is recommended to get this it since it is relatively cheap. Most lending and leasing companies make it mandatory for their clients to get collision insurance. Most motorists in Georgia would not prefer to have collision insurance coverage for an old vehicle but you should also always keep in mind that collision insurance coverage never exceeds the value of the vehicle. Another kind of insurance which most motorists would want to have is comprehensive car insurance in GA. This is to safeguard against damages resulting from theft, fire, animal and flood damages.

Getting cheap rates for car insurance in GA is an entire different thing. There are different things that you need to keep in mind to get cheap insurance rates. One of them is getting free price quotes from different insurance providers. To get a free price quote comparison between the top three car insurance in GA companies, simply enter your ZIP code on the top of our page. It is instant and FREE!