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Imprortant FAQ’s About Auto Insurance In Georgia

Q: Should one include the aftermarket products which the Georgia insurance company has used in estimate?

A: No! Don`t allow them to utilize other than manufactured products but the only thing that you are going to dislike is that you have to pay the difference in prices of manufactured and the non-manufactured prices.

Q: The party, with whom the accident has taken place, now has denied by saying that the insurance was not liable even a carbon copy of the police report has also been provided to that company and still no positive response has been obtained. What to do now?

A: The reason is quite simple and is that the insurance company in Georgia has its own intelligence and sees itself that who among both of the drivers were guilty. According to Georgia Code there is a special procedure of the carriers to find out the guilty one. So, no need to panic because a carrier also has some of the leeway in its elements used for investigating the whole incident. Statement of both the drivers along with some of the witnesses and the police statement as well can also be considered by the carrier of the company.

Q: A person met an accident, the other guy was driving badly and he was guilty of the accident, the police, instead of punishing me, gave the second one a ticket, as the police has considered me as the guilty one so the other insurance company is not paying for the expenses and the accident has caused a lot of damage, what should the first one do?

A: This is one of the most Georgia car insurance frequently asked questions (FAQ). Well, this has nothing to do with the auto insurance company as this is a civil based matter and if you want to claim your money then the only way to have it is just to appeal against that officer in the civil court.

Q: Recently, a person has filed a claim against the company of the one with whom the accident has taken place, don`t you think that the company now will have to pay me a diminished value?

A: It depends on the result of the claim filed against the other company; if the first person is right then the judge may allow you have diminishment. Even if you pay for the loss by the car insurance company, you still have to start the filing.

Q: An accident have taken place and the other company is paying for the loss but unfortunately a part is unavailable and it has been delayed for more than 3 weeks and still that part is not available, the company has now refused to give the rent of that car, can the company do so?

A: According to the Georgia car insurance laws the liability coverage only pays for the loss of the property and other damages, no such rental damage or payment has been mentioned there.

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