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How to Ensure your Safety with Auto Insurance in Georgia

Safety should be your first concern when driving a car. However, no matter how careful you are while driving your car, you cannot be hundred percent sure of not making any mistake or meeting with an accident. Also, driving on the roads of Georgia is very difficult due to its heavy traffic. A report suggests that Georgia notes the most number of accidents on roads. This has made the Government of Georgia to make it mandatory for all drivers to have insurance done for their vehicles. If you are driving on the roads of Georgia then be sure to carry your car’s proof of insurance with you without fail.

Though you may ignore taking up elaborate auto insurance in Georgia for your car, it is mandatory to have the minimum liability coverage of 25/50/25. The minimum liability coverage for bodily injury to any one person injured in one accident is $25,000 whereas for two or more persons injured in the accident the coverage is $50,000 with a maximum limit of $25,000 for one person. The minimum liability coverage should also include insurance to cover for the damage done to the property of others in the accident by your fault.

The government has taken stringent steps to ensure people do take auto insurance in Georgia for their car. They have a system in place called Georgia electronic insurance compliance system or GEIC which is equipped to electronically track the status of the insurance for any car registered in Georgia. Thus, the law enforcement officers generally use this method of finding your car’s insurance status and do not believe on the car insurance card.

The circumstance under which your car insurance status may be verified anytime is while you are driving your car or when detained at a traffic post and also when you are involved in an accident. Your cars proof of insurance may be asked when you register your car or if you planning to replace or renew the tag of your vehicle.

There is a heavy penalty in case you fail to pay premium for your car’s insurance which may also involve suspension of the registration of your vehicle. Then you may need to reinstate your vehicles registration by paying $25 as lapse fee and $0 for reinstating your car’s registration number. The suspension of the registration may be for 90 days in case of repeat occurrence of the incident in 5 years or in case of third occurrence the same may be for 6 months. They will also ask you to get continuous liability insurance coverage in Georgia for your car.

Finding Georgia cheap car insurance is a tough job. However, cheap Georgia car insurance can be got by comparing quotes by different insurance companies. You can do this now by just entering the zip code of your area on the top of this page. By doing this you will get the comparison of the quotes of all insurance companies making it easy for you to decide for the right policy and company for insurance.