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Helpful Tips On Auto Insurance For Teenagers In Georgia

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Following the decision by many other states to do so, Georgia has also adopted a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system. This program has been introduced to benefit inexperienced drivers by providing them vital on the road experience as they avail more and more driving privileges, gradually everything turning into a driver’s license. The decision was taken keeping in mind the high number of accidents caused by inexperienced drivers. This is the best way for teenagers in Georgia to avail auto insurance services. The reason is that such a system would help the state cut down on the number of road accidents that are typically caused by teenagers, making them actually practice a lot of care and precaution while out on the road. In all honestly, the system has truly proved rather beneficial for the state.

 Requirements for Georgia Graduated Driver License

Aspiring drivers of the age of 15 years at least are the ones targeted by the Georgia GDL system and it has two steps, Instruction Permit and Provisional License.

Instructions permit requirements:

– Minimum age 15 years

– Completion of driver’s course provided by the state

– Completed application signed by parent or guardian

– Proof of birth

– Social security card

– Proof of enrollment or graduation from school

– Clear vision and written tests

The instruction permit has to be maintained by the teenager for at least 6 months, after which he can apply for the provisional license. It is a requirement for the teen to achieve 50 of practice driving during the validity period of the permit, which is 12 months.

At the age of 16 years and after passing the written, vision and road tests, the teen can obtain the provisional license.

Driver restrictions for teenagers in Georgia

– A licensed driver of the age of at least 21 and having at least 1 year’s driving experience has to accompany the permit

holder driver by being with him in the front seat of the car.

– Those provisional license holders who are under the age of 18, cannot take along more than one passenger under the age

of 21. This excludes immediate family members.

– Except only in the cases of an emergency, going to and from work or school, the teens are not allowed to driver between

12 am and 5 am.

– Provisional restrictions placed on teen last for 6 months and are only lifted if he has a clean record in that time frame

– Violation of these terms will result in the delay of receiving a license, which could even be upto the 18th birthday.

Following these methods not only ensures that teenagers receive their licenses, it also makes them much more responsible drivers and the benefits of that are only visible in the long term. This is a full proof method for teenagers to avail auto insurance in Georgia.

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