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Georgia Car Insurance : What You Should Know About DWI And DUI Laws In Georgia

Despite all the effort employed in public awareness, warnings and education programs, penalties for violation of laws such as getting behind the wheel while intoxicated will never stop.

A Person who is drunk is noticeable because when alcohol affects its user, it impairs response times, especially in emergency situations such as zebra crossings or during overtaking. Sometimes this becomes fatal, and that is why Georgia car insurance companies are against drunk driving. Considering the fact that alcohol affects every driver differently upon consumption; some people are at a higher risk than others.

GeorgiaAutoInsuranceDrunk driving, like most social problems, has assumed solutions found in auto insurance quotes in Georgia. Don’t be fooled into consuming a little amount of alcohol and then getting behind the wheel because different types of alcohol on sale have different alcohol contents and can intoxicate your brain altogether, no matter the amount.

Auto insurance quotes in Georgia mention it as the responsibility of the driver to know his alcohol consumption limit before taking a policy because such a person is seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. Georgia car insurance companies have confirmed through their research that a driver with blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.10 and above is highly susceptible to cause an accident.

It doesn’t matter if you are legally intoxicated; auto insurance in Georgia will always look forward to your safety as a driver. It’s proven that the beginning of impairment is long before the driver’s blood alcohol content reaches levels necessary to be guilty of drunk driving. It is not advisable to get behind the wheel as long as you a BAC of over 0.10%.
Also, in his drunken state of mind, the driver will generate an exaggerated character, having impaired judgment and very low alertness levels. This is due to the brains failure to control small muscles hence his inability to concentrate while driving.

Drunk driving is done mostly at night when visibility is by aid of artificial lighting such as street lamps and car headlamps, which do not provide enough illumination. It thus becomes very dangerous to drive at night. Georgia car insurance companies have recorded most accidents as to have occurred at night.

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