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Georgia Car Insurance Laws: Everything That You Need To Know

Before you drive your car on to the roads of Georgia, there are some very important rules that you need to know. Insurance is a primary factor and having any car insurance policy will not suffice. There are some guidelines set forward by the state authorities that you need to follow carefully. Any violation of such rule could easily land you in trouble. Let us take a look at some of the basic rules that you need to follow when it comes to Georgia car insurance.

You need to submit proof of insurance. In case you are driving a vehicle in Georgia, it is mandatory that you purchase a liability insurance coverage to prove that you are financially responsible for the vehicle that you are driving. You will have to submit this proof at the time of getting your vehicle registered. After the year 2002, authorities have made it mandatory that all insurance companies must provide electronic data of the policy holders to comply with the newly set up compliance system.

Guidelines for liability insurance.

The authorities in Georgia have defined minimum levels of liability insurance that each person owning a car must have. This is mandatory and violation in this respect will be considered an offence. The minimum liability that passengers in a vehicle will be entitled to if there is accident caused the driver will be $25000 subject to a maximum of $50000 per car. You can also claim up to $25000 for damages that have occurred to the vehicle. However, you can file spate civil suits if you wish to claim additional damages.

Need for increased liability insurance

Though there is a minimum liability insurance level defined under Georgia car insurance laws, there are times when you may have to buy more than the minimum required levels of liability insurance. This usually happens in the case of you having secured a vehicle loan or a lease for your vehicle. In such cases, the minimum liability insurance levels will be determined by the dealers. Alternatively, you could also choose to buy higher liability coverage to protect you from lawsuits in case of accidents. It is always better to have sufficient levels of coverage to avoid complications in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Timely renewal to avoid penalties

It is mandatory under Georgia law that you renew you insurance coverage in a timely manner. In case of lapses in this respect from your side you could end up paying penalties and having your registration suspended. However, the state allows you a grace time of 30 days to renew your insurance coverage in GA. In case you do not comply within this time frame then you will have to pay a lapse fee. If you fail to make the lapse fee payment within a month then you could end up getting your registration suspended and you will have to fork put additional charges for reinstating the registration.

Georgia auto insurance laws are very clear and transparent. It is in your best interests to spend some time understanding them to avoid pitfalls in the future. Check out cheap insurance rate now by entering your zip code above.