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Georgia Car Insurance: Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q: If a person has given the money for a 6 month insurance policy and now he is saying that the company cannot write the policy, is this legal? Can a company do this even if the user has paid complete money and don`t they have to tell before payment?

A: The answer to this question is very simple and annoying too but we cannot decline the rules so the answer is that the car insurance company in Georgia may cancel the policy if it wants to for some particular reason but make sure that the time of the policy has not crossed the time limit of 6 days, in most of the cases the customer is told that the policy can be broken within ten days.

Q: A person has met an accident with some other person while the first one has caused the accident, According to the law the first one has been paid the money but the money was not enough to repair the car completely. What should the person do? Should he request for some extra money?

A: The car liability coverage in Georgia has paid you the whole money but the one who is repairing your car is charging much more, you should have to deal with that person and if he is not agreeing then the only way is to appeal in the civil courts. The company is not going to pay more money at all.

Q: The company has said that they can repair the car and it will cost for $1250.00 but now the driver wants to repair his car from someone else and according to that shop, it is going to cost $250.00 more. Can the Georgia car insurance company pay for that extra charge or the difference can be paid by the company or not?

A: If the company is repairing the car from a reputable shop or anyone else is ready to do the job at the same price then the company will not pay for the extra charge you will have to pay the extra amount yourself if you want to repair your car from that specific shop. It is also written in the terms and conditions of the company policy.

Q: In case the company wants to use aftermarket products while repairing car and you want them to use original products then can a person appeal against that thing?

A: Yes, you surely can, you have full right to have the best thing in your car, make sure that the company has used the products of the original manufacturer and the guarantee of that product should also be stated.

Q: Can an aftermarket product be used to repair the car?

A: Yes, but make sure that the company has identified each and every product in the repair estimate. There should also be a disclosure statement attached in which it should be mentioned that the aftermarket products were authorized.

Hopefully these Georgia car insurance frequently asked questions have removed your questions that are there in your mind. To compare auto insurance quotes, just enter your area code on the top of the page.