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Four Factors Affecting your Auto Insurance in Georgia

As per the latest rules implied by Georgia Department of Driver Services, every motorist in Georgia must have a minimum motor vehicle insurance coverage. Besides, any individual who lease a vehicle in Georgia should buy minimum insurance coverage to operate a car in this state. Motorists who disobey the rule may have their driving licenses suspended. Therefore, if you own a car in the Peach State, you must have minimum insurance coverage and have an uninterrupted permission to drive your car.

Being a Georgian, before you buy a car insurance policy, have a look at the below-mentioned points.

1.    Evidence of financial responsibility – This is a very important point regarding Georgia auto insurance laws. As a driver or owner of a car, you must demonstrate your financial responsibility towards your car by buying a liability insurance policy. You must furnish proof of insurance while registering your car, while the insurance company is also liable to upload the policyholder’s information on Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System.

2.    Minimum insurance requirements – Georgia government has set a minimum liability insurance requirement for owing a motor vehicle at 25/50/25. It means, the insurer of a motorist with 25/50/25 liability insurance shall be liable to pay 25,000 dollar to each injured person in the other car, with an upper limit of 50,000 dollar per vehicle, in case of an accident. And a car damage of 25,000 dollar will be covered. However, for additional amount, the injured party can sue the motorist to the civil court of Georgia.

3.    Additional insurance – Georgians who lease a car or have an outstanding car note should buy additional liability coverage. Minimum coverage of 25/50/25 is not enough for such motorists. The leasing companies or the lien holders usually set their own minimum liability amount in order to protect their investments. Car owners can also voluntarily increase the coverage amount to avoid being trapped in any lawsuit in case they cause any accident.

4.    Penalties for coverage lapse – According to Georgia auto insurance laws, a Georgia motorist is entitled to get a grace period of 30 days for submitting new insurance or renewal insurance information on its database. But for lapse of additional 10 days, he has to pay a lapse fee. In case he fails to pay the lapse fee within 30 days, then his registration would be suspended. Moreover, for reinstatement, the person will be charged with additional fees. In case of a second lapse in coverage within 5 years from first lapse, the motorist’s registration will be mandatorily suspended for 90 days. While for the third lapse, his registration will be suspended for six months and he has to pay higher fees for reinstatement. And in case the car is stolen or sold, the former car owner should submit affidavit to Georgia Department of Driver Services to get his fines removed.

These are the basics of Georgia auto insurance. For more information on Georgia auto insurance laws, you may contact Georgia Department of Driver Services.