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Factors That Affects Georgia Car Insurance

When you are in Georgia, car insurance is a must have. You should always be insured if you are a driver. This is a law which pertains to all commercial and non-commercial drivers. Since Georgia is a Tort state, the person who is responsible for the accident is liable to cover the damages of property and human lives or any bodily injury.

The best thing to do when you live in Georgia is to have a strong knowledge of all the rules and regulations which relate to driving under influence. If you are not aware of these facts then you could get into a lot of trouble in case of an accident happening. What very few people are aware of when it comes to Georgia is that a DUI does not go away from your record after a passage of a set amount of time. You will always have a DUI in your record once you have committed the crime.

This is the same as having a criminal record, which does not go away when the charges are cleared or dropped. As DUI in Georgia is an offense morally and legally, the judges in the state tend to treat it harshly. They may only have need of proof, which indicates that the level of alcohol in your blood is enough to cloud your judgment, ability to act and ability to control your actions. With this proof, the judge can punish you with a suspension or a heavy fine.

The thing to remember when you are going to get car insurance in Georgia is that your record will be checked. Since your DUI is always present on your record, you should know that you are then seen as a liability for the company. For this you should try and get your record cleared. Otherwise be ready to have a highly expensive rate of insurance for your car. Since this record will follow you everywhere.

Georgia car insurance is something you are supposed to have as per law. So there is no way that you will be able to drive in Georgia if you do not have an insurance card. You may have to pay a little higher if you have a record of DUI but in the end, you will have the knowledge that you are safe and secure. However, this does not mean that you can drive around under the influence. This is a hazard to the safety of everyone on the road along with you.

Also, if you are really interested in learning more about what other laws are set by the state of Georgia, just enter your ZIP code here. This will instantly give you the different types of Georgia car insurance companies which allow you a discount in case of a record of DUI, only if you have completed a course for substance abuse.