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Car insurance in GA: Your Complate Guide In Knowing DUI Laws In Georgia

The thing about driving under the influence is that it is harmful for everyone around the driver. There are only a handful of cases in which only the driver who is under the influence is hurt. There is always another party which ends up being hurt.

According to the state of Georgia, there are no ways of escaping penalty when you have committed DUI. As Drinking under the influence is thought to be morally, ethically and legally wrong, there is little a judge can do to minimize the penalty which is to be imposed on the culprit. Having a Drinking under the influence on your record also affects the car insurance in GA. Your insurance will definitely be higher if you have a Driving under the influence on your record.

Let me now tell you about the different penalties for driving under influence of alcohol or any other substance. The first offense penalty is always a bit lighter than a second and third offense. When the first offense is committed, the offender can face jail time from anywhere between 24 hours to 1 whole year. They might have a fine imposed of $300 to $1,000. The license will be suspended for one whole year. This penalty is unavoidable in any case. The offender will have to serve the community for up to 40 hours minimum. If a judge sees fit, this time can be increased accordingly. There is a license reinstatement fee of $20.

When a citizen of Georgia commits driving under the influence for the second time the following are the possible penalties. They may face jail time from somewhere between 3 days to 1 whole year. The fine is somewhere between $600 to $1,000. The license is suspended for three years after which a fee of $210 is to be paid to have the license reissued.
There are many cases in which the car insurance in GA is also suspended. This is then supposed to be reapplied for. As to be without car insurance is also a crime punishable by different penalties. The one thing you should take care of is the fact that there are no two ways about the penalties. if a person is penalized, they have to fulfill them as per the state requirement. You can not contest the court until and unless you have substantial proof that you are not guilty.

Since this is also a moral issue, the judge may be compelled to force a harsher set of penalties on the offender. However, the one thing which is always a must in the state of Georgia is the requirement to complete a course on substance abuse. This helps the offender learn a few things about substance abuse.

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