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Top 6 ways for you to save on auto insurance in Georgia

Living and driving in Georgia can be a hassle if you take into consideration Georgia auto insurance laws. With so many regulations and compulsion of getting insured, incurring no cost at all is impossible. This in turn means that you would now on have to deal with monthly premiums and other related costs.

This thinking although somewhat acceptable but is not completely true. The biggest problem now-a-days is that people make the price of the policy their standard of deciding whether it is good or not. This factor although matters, is not the only important aspect to be inspected while judging the policy. This lack of information results in people paying more than they have to; resulting in wastage of resources.

Stop being lazy and shop around in search of the right auto insurance policy that fulfills your needs. Here are some guidelines mentioned by the Georgia Department of Insurance that lets you save $100 on your auto insurance policy within a year. So if your hard earned currency holds value to you then you would adhere to the following:

GeorgiaAutoInsurance1. Price is not the only factor- just because the company is offering you low rates, does not mean that you should choose it with your eyes closed. Make sure that the company and the agent are licensed by the Georgia insurance department. Considering the probabilities of insurance frauds, a non-licensed company might be useless when you need it. The next features that you need to take into consideration regarding the company are its financial position ad stability and the level of its customer service. If the company is not financially stable then there are chances that it might liquidate in the future or it might lack sufficient funds to pay off any claim against you, when you require them. There might be some who would fulfill the above criteria, but their customer service will be incapable to deal with your problems and claims on time. A delay can cause problems with the court where the claim is filed. You can easily attain all this information from the website of the Georgia insurance department, rather searching extensively throughout the internet.

2. Avoid buying unnecessary coverage- there are certain coverage that you are liable to attain as per Georgia auto insurance laws like auto liability insurance. This is to protect the rights of the other person in the accident; caused by your negligence. In addition to this there is numerous other coverage that are at the option of the insured. If you think about being safe than sorry, the premium cost would be extremely high leaving you with nothing. It is better to ponder on the options available and rule out those which are applicable in situations which are least likely to occur. For example if your car is old and already has a low market value, then it does not seem smart to spend a high amount of premium on comprehensive or collision coverage. While on the other hand, if you have purchased the vehicle on installments, the seller might require you to attain collision coverage, before making the deal.

3. Consider an increased rate of deductible- most people tend to avoid high deductibles and prefer policies that provide low deductible. This is a layman approach. It might sound logical to some that since they are getting an insurance policy it is better that they do not have to pay a single penny out of their own pocket, and the insurance should pay for nay damages and repair in case an accident occurs. This is not possible, since in every policy there is a deductible clause. This mentions the cost the insured would have to bear on his own if any circumstance occurs where a claim can be initiated. Since, the insured has to pay some amount out of his pocket; they choose the next best thing, that is to go for the least value of deductibles.  This in turn reflects in a higher amount of premium and greater amount of payments to be made until the insurance can be used. It is better to select a policy with higher deductible to the extent that you consider affordable for you.

GeorgiaAutoInsurance4. Inquires about the probability of discounts- under certain circumstances an insurance company might offer you a discounted amount of premium. Each company has different policies to determine who is eligible for it and who is not. These mostly include circumstance that reflects upon the company that the chances of a claim by the person are quite less. This might be because the person has got special certificates of defensive driving; signifying you an advanced level of driving; or because of an age factor. It is better to consult your agent on such criteria and your eligibility.

5. TAIPA plan- there are certain people whose low grade driving skills make them a threat to themselves and others on the road. In such circumstances the Tax Automobile Insurance Plan Association makes it mandatory to get auto insurance coverage as a legal obligation. They also prescribe the company they are required to get insured by. In such circumstances the person cannot decide his own insurance provider. But if that person has been insured by the company prescribed for three years and has not gained a ticket or committed nay road offense, then you get cut off from the TAIPA list and get insurance for a decreased premium rate. The criteria to be covered by TAIPA are to be rejected from two companies to get insured.

6. Compare the quotes of different companies- rather than getting a quote from a single company and spending all your time pondering and researching on it; it is better to attain quotes from different companies and compare them among each other to make best possible choices. (2)

You do not even have to go up and contact numerous companies, just type your ZIP code in the above box and get all the information in a mere 3 minutes. Compare all you want with no cost and reliable information!

Car insurance In GA: An Answer To All Questions

Georgia law makes it compulsory for every driver to have auto insurance especially for liability coverage. Since the option of whether or not you will get insurance is out of your hand. The next thing to consider is finding the best auto insurance quotes in Georgia. The aim is to find the combination of the cheapest rates and the best terms.

Auto insurance quotes are not just a random guess. There is some logic behind this, some factors that contribute to the determination of the auto insurance quotes in Georgia. Some of them you can control while others like age and gender cannot be changed; while others can be changed to get better rates.

1. Personal characteristics: this basically involves three factors that are your age, gender and marital status. According to the 2011 car accident statistics, the highest rates were caused between the ages of 19 to 28. This means that your rate will be higher if you lie between this age group. This factor changes according to the company policies of the insurance providers and Georgia statistics. Whereas, the number of male involved in car accidents as drivers totaled to 1,102 while the number of females is 412. So, they the quote would be higher for a male in comparison to females. As far as, marital status is concerned a married person would be more responsible so the rate would be lower.

2. Location: the areas where the probability of theft or any other loss that might result in a claim are less; result in a lower rate of insurance. For example if you live in Houston where the number of crashes in 2011 was 38,538; the rate would be higher for you, since the chances of an accident are higher similarly any other factors according to the area; might have an impact on the rate.

3. Driving record: the company takes into account the previous accidents the person was involved in and other characteristics. The better your record is the lower will be your quote rate. They take into account any convictions and any other possibilities in which you might be suspected of being guilty. Similarly if you have a defensive driver’s certificate or any other item that proves your superior level of driving in comparison to others might get you a lower rate.

4. Attributes of the vehicle: the general rule is that the less expensive the vehicle, the less it will cost to get it insured. Although the vehicle cost is not the only factor. There are other things that also matter like the safety features of the car. Similar each company has its own criteria for classification of the cars.

Now that you are of the possible factors behind the quotes, you can easily find out the different quotes and policies in just three minutes. And not only that, it does not cost you a single penny. So, just type in your ZIP code in the above box and get all the knowledge about different companies that offer cheap auto insurance rates and policies. . Get the best possible, do not compromise while paying extra.

11 Different Types of Auto Insurance In Georgia

Georgia is one of the largest states of America. Similarly there are many regulations relating to car insurance in GA. Since not everyone is a law wizard, many different questions arise especially after the liability auto insurance coverage. Here are all the questions relating that you might get confused or curious about and the answer to them.


Q. How can you regulate such a large state?

There are many rules and penalties set up to organize the insurance responsibilities in Georgia state although “Tesxasure” is the government verification program to determine whether the driver is insured or not.

Q. What if I drive without car insurance in GA?

This is a bad idea since you can get heavily penalized for driving without insurance in Georgia. If you get caught for the first time then you get penalized for 75 to 350 dollars. Similarly the range of penalties varies according to the degree of offense and damage caused. The highest reprimand is for causing serious injuries with maximum fine limit and/or a jail for a year.

Q. What can I do since I cannot afford insurance?

There is no such thing like cannot afford insurance. If you can afford to drive a car in Georgia, you need to get insurance at least liability insurance. Otherwise, you might have to pay the penalty

Q. Do I need to check my driving record?

Your driving record can have a great impact on your policy rates. Also, DMV record keeping abilities are not perfect so you need to keep a check on whether your record is properly being maintained or not; otherwise wrong records might result in higher premiums.

Q. Vehicle insurance verification– how do I do that?

So you might have insurance, but must have heard about vehicle insurance vehicle verification and wondered what it was and how can you get it. Well, if you have insurance there is nothing more to do. The certificate you receive after insurance is proof enough. This is just the name of the program by Georgia authorities to catch uninsured drivers.

Q. Policy cancelled- what do I do now?

Under any circumstances you can easily ask them to renew it. They cannot reject it unless if you have been a policy holder for more than 12 months. If they do, you must receive a 30 days notice.

Q. Do I have any rights after canceling policy?

No matter what reason behind the cancellation, you can ask for the return of any premium that you might have paid in advance to the company. If it was cancelled after some accident, then they need to cover the loss. Similarly they need to give a 30 day notice as per law.

All you need to do is fill the above box with your ZIP code, and a list of the insurance providers with their policies, rates and other data will be at your dispense. You just have to wait for only 3 minutes, and compare them with your current policy. Hurry and compare before you lose any money in unnecessary payment of premiums.


Common Mistakes That People Make When Buying Auto Insurance In Georgia

Auto insurance in Georgia covers a vast variety of circumstances to provide the driver with the mental peace. In addition to this, the auto insurance law of Georgia also compels a person to have insurance. Different requirements are set for different people. If you are liable to carry insurance, then it is better to be aware of the circumstances in which it will be effective; so that you can convert your legal obligation to a personal asset.

If you observe most of the policy coverage that are generally available these days, it is observed that there are six basic types of auto insurance coverage. There are planned on the basis of the most common types of road accidents. In addition to these, there might be some extraordinary circumstances in which you can get covered in your policy. It depends on you whether you choose minimum coverage or an extensive package. You can check whether you have gotten the right policy and rates by comparing it with the other auto insurance in Georgia.

One needs to have the basic knowledge about the coverage so that they do not get “over-insured”. This might result in payment of higher premium; even though the probability of utilizing that clause of the policy in reality. Here are the general concepts regarding the basic types of coverage of auto insurance in Georgia.

1. Liability coverage: every driver in Georgia is liable to get liability coverage of minimum 60, 000. This does not cover any damage done to you or your vehicle or any property under your name. if you ever have been in an accident in which you were found guilty of being at fault, then this covers the damage caused to the other person and his property. Most of the time, the minimum liability coverage is insufficient to completely compensate the other person’s damage. This provides the coverage whether you are driving your own car or somebody else’s car.

2. Property damage liability:  this is the extension to the liability coverage clause. This covers the damage done to the property of the third party in an automobile accident, in which you were found guilty of being responsible for it. The minimum state limit set by Georgia authorities for property damage is $25,000. You get insurance for a higher amount. A deductible might be a part of this. This protects you from any future damage that you might be sued for.

3. Comprehensive coverage: this comprehensive coverage in Georgia covers different type’s circumstances that might result in your car getting damaged other than normal circumstances in which the damage occurs due to collision with another car. These might include hurricanes to other natural disasters. This would also come into action if the vehicle gets stolen or have a collision with animals.

4. Collision coverage: the name is self-explanatory. This covers the damage incurred by you in collision with some other vehicle or stationary object. Some policies also provide coverage for damages after moving over some hole or turn upside down due to any reason. Their primary action is to pay for any repair cost incurred in bringing the vehicle in proper working condition. If the vehicle cannot be repaired, then the insurance providers provide the amount equal to the current value of your vehicle.

5. Gap insurance: it is observed that when a new car is bought it loses its value quickly. This insurance covers any damage incurred by the car during this period of rapid depreciation. This is also called lease insurance. This is important since the normal coverage only reimburses the amount equal to the current value of the car.

6. Rental insurance: this is a rare occurrence, since numerous policies would not cover you if you become a part of an accident while driving a rental car. Such policy covers laws relating to different types. This might provide personal as well as liability coverage. Although it does not cover provision of a rental vehicle when you car gets damaged.

7. Physical damage coverage: this includes comprehensive, collision and theft coverage. Georgia requires every person to carry a minimum amount of damage. This is effective when your car is under the process of repair but allows you to be prepared for future fatalities and auto issues in general.

8. Uninsured driver coverage: if you get in an accident in which the other party is at fault but it does not have any insurance coverage to protect you; then covers the cost of any medical damage incurred by you or the people travelling with you.

9. Fire and theft coverage: In 2010, 68,220 stolen vehicles were reported in Georgia; with the value of $635,570,078. That is why it is smart to get theft and fire coverage in Georgia. The cause of fire might be varied, even if the fire occurred due to collision.

10. Bodily injury liability: If an accident caused by you results in any other person injured, then you can use this to compensate any damages that you might be sued for. This does not give any benefits to you or any other driver mentioned in your policy. This might include the injured person’s medical bill, rehabilitation and nay other therapies required. The minimum liability of Georgia authorities is $30,000.

11. Personal injury protection: It is also called medical payment insurance. It provides similar coverage like bodily injury liability. The main difference lies in the fact that it covers medical and health costs for you, in case of an accident. This can work in hand with your medical insurance. You might be lawfully liable to get this insurance. This is a great way to ensure extra protection.

Now that you have acquired the basic knowledge about the different types of coverage at your expense, it is time to find out that are you smartly insured or are being taken advantage of by your insurance provider. Just add your ZIP code in the box above, and within 3 minutes you would get all the information from different policy providers with regards to their cost.

How Can I Get Cheap Georgia Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

Why do you buy auto insurance? It might sound to you like a very silly question however it is a very important question that you need to ask yourself. There are a lot of people who do not spend quality time while buying their auto insurance policy. They buy insurance as it made by mandatory by the state of Georgia. However they might have to repent about their actions when they come face to face with an unfortunate incident. You might have to face a lot of troubles in the future if you do not spend proper time focusing on the product that you are buying. Outlined below are a few common mistakes that people end up making while buying auto insurance in Georgia.

CheapCarInsuranceInGeorgia1. Purchasing just the mandatory cover to save on premiums

This is one of the most commonly observed mistakes that people make while buying auto insurance coverage. There certain basic coverage that has been stipulated by the state of Georgia Insurance for every vehicle owner. I order to save money some of the vehicle owner’s end up buying just the required minimum amount of coverage. However they need to understand that the coverage limit has to be decided by taking in to account a lot of factors like the vehicle value, lease or car finance etc.

2. Making false declarations

The next big mistake that you can make while buying your vehicle insurance coverage is to make false declarations about your vehicle. What you need to note in this regard is that certain false declarations could even get you some discounts in the initial phases, however in the event of you making a claim it could very well turn against you and your claim could end up getting rejected. You will also run the risk of facing lawsuits for making false declarations.

3. Your credit score matters in car insurance

One of the most important factors that could affect your insurance premium rates is your credit score. Make sure that you have good credit score while buying your vehicle insurance. It is a standard practice among insurers to checkout your credit score before offering you insurance premium rates. Many vehicle owners are still oblivious to the fact that their credit score can impact their vehicle insurance premiums in a positive and negative manner.

4. Buying insurance without checking service levels

With so many avenues like internet in front of you it is mandatory that you check how good the service reputation of the insurer is before you end up buying your vehicle coverage. You can easily check reviews and feedbacks posted by previous customers of the insurer online. This will give you a correct idea on how you will be treated by the insurer in the vent of you making a claim. You can also ask for references from people who have had such an experience with the insurer and take into account their views before making a final choice on buying car insurance in GA.

Do enter your zip code above to know how cheap your car insurance can turn out to be for you.

Georgia Auto Insurance Laws That Everu Car Owner Needs T Follow

Is your vehicle insurance premium burning a hole in your pocket? Well there is good news for those of you who are on the lookout for ways to reduce you vehicle insurance premiums. With the advent of the online market insurers and service providers have set up online portals from where customers can get some fabulous insurance quotes. However if you are a bit patient and spend some time on research before rushing to buy your vehicle insurance coverage then you stand a good chance to get an even better deal. Mentioned below are a few tips that could help you get some great discounts online.

Is your vehicle insurance friendly?

Well, this might not work for everyone but in case you are just about planning to buy your vehicle, it would be wise move to select a model that would be insurance friendly. There are certain models for which insurers charge a higher premium while certain models attract a lower premium. This classification is based on the previous claim experiences of the insurer. Hence, before you buy a new vehicle do spend time researching whether it is insurance friendly.

Set your deductibles from coverage

Before you buy your insurance coverage, spend time on understanding what are the deductibles that came from a part of your coverage. What you need to understand while buying you policy is that the deductibles in your policy are directly linked to your coverage premium. In case you increase your deductibles the premium on your policy goes down and vice versa. However you need to keep in mind the fact that if your deductibles are very high you could end up on the losing side in case of a major claim.

Plan your mileage in advance

One of the easiest options that you could choose to get cheap Georgia auto insurance quotes online is to plan your mileage in advance. Insurance companies tend to lower the coverage premiums on vehicles that tend to have lower mileage needs. This is obvious because the lower the mileage the lower are the chances of the vehicle meeting with an accident. Hence spend some time analyzing your annual requirements and ask the insurer for a discount on your premium if you are opting for a lower slab.

Avoid unnecessary coverage from your policy

Most often a lot of customers don’t even tend to read the coverage’s that are included in their policy. This lack of awareness leads to a number of unnecessary coverage’s that are included in their policy. Before you purchase your coverage make sure that you know the inclusions in your policy. It would also be a wise to move to make shortlist of the coverage’s that you would like to be a part of your vehicle insurance policy. Once you have this list ready compare it with the coverage’s that you insurer provides and select those coverage’s that you deem necessary. However do not omit any coverage that is mandatory under the Georgia Auto Insurance Laws.

Take a sneak peek at some great rates for your vehicle insurance by entering your zip code in the box given above.

How Can You Get Cheap Quotes For Your Car Insurance?

While it is common knowledge that all states have laid down certain rules and guidelines that all vehicle owners must follow mandatorily, there are a number of cases being reported where these rules are being violated. People who violate such rules often end up paying heavy penalties or face punitive actions. Some of these people commit such mistakes because of ignorance of the Georgia auto insurance laws. However there are other who ends up in trouble because of carelessness and negligence. It is better to follow the laid down laws clearly as it would means less trouble for vehicle owners and others. Mentioned below are some of the laws laid down by the state of Georgia that you should follow

You must have records to prove that you are financially responsible

The guidelines laid down by the state of Georgia states that all vehicle owners must purchase vehicle insurance third party coverage according to the stipulated amounts. Vehicle owners must make note of the minimum liability coverage and ensure that they have recordical proof of the said coverage in their vehicle at all times. In case they are unable to produce such proof of liability coverage when asked for they are liable to pay fines.

Cover your lease and loan as per the requirements

Thought the state has set forward guidelines on the minimum amount of liability coverage that you should purchase for your vehicle this will not be the case in case you have leased your vehicle or bought it by availing a car loan. In such cases the financier or the vehicle dealer will insist that you buy a coverage that will cover their risk in case the vehicle meets with a major accident. It will also be safer for you to have such coverage as it will reduce your liability in the event of such unfortunate happenings.

Minimum liability coverage limits

While it is well known fact that there are certain pre-set liability coverage limits that the state of Georgia has imposed on its vehicle owners there are still cases where owners do not fully comply to such rules. What vehicle owners need to understand is that such coverage’s are made mandatory under law with an intention to protect their interest also. Always makes sure that you consult with your insurer to double check if you vehicle has been insured according to the state laws.

Make sure that you pay your fines on time and take corrective action

In spite of following Georgia auto insurance laws a small oversight or delay on your part could end you getting imposed with a fine by the state. In such cases make sure that you pay your fines on time and take the necessary corrective action at the earliest. Delay caused in taking such corrective actions can cause further damages to you like cancellation of your registration etc.

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Five Different Kinds Of GA Auto Insurance Coverage

Life these days just does not come easy. The prices of day to day items are continually on a rise. With increasing costs in almost every sector of your life, you will definitely be on the lookout to reduce costs wherever possible. Well, one area where you can indeed reduce costs is while buying your vehicle insurance coverage. Although there are quite a few means through which you can save money on your Georgia car insurance, there are certain tried and tested methods that you must definitely employ to be able to save as much money as possible. All you need to do is answer the below mentioned questions and you will be on your path to get some of the cheapest rates from top providers in your area:

Are you aware of what exactly you need?

People make a lot of blunders when they buy an insurance coverage without having any clue about what exactly do they require. They don’t even bother reading through the basics of auto insurance in Georgia and just set out to purchase auto insurance coverage, just so they can get started with their driving dreams. What they basically do is jump in at any good offer that comes their way and end up having a lot of unwanted coverage’s in their vehicle insurance policy. They think that the very first auto insurance agent that comes their way is the right pick for them and they believe every single thing that he has to say to them. No matter how many lies the agent feeds them, they think that he is speaking the truth. This also means that they end up paying very high premiums for coverage’s that will not serve any purpose to them. Hence, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of your needs and wants before choosing your policy. For this reason, you must check out the basics of auto insurance in your state/city and then make a wise and informed decision about what it is that you truly want or need to be able to drive safely, without having to worry about getting caught driving without ample auto insurance coverage.

Did you check with other insurers?

Another big mistake that most people commit is to go for coverage without enquiring for quotes from another insurer. They basically just don’t bother carrying out any research what so ever in terms of coverage costs, premium rates and costs of auto insurance in Georgia. This step is completely wrong, as it would actually lead you into getting scammed by your chosen auto insurance provider, if the company has bad intentions and wants to scam you. By asking for a quote from another insurer it does not mean that you will change your insurer. It will help you make an analysis on the current prevalent premiums in the market and will also help you judge your insurer. In short you will easily be able to establish whether your insurer is taking you for a great ride. You could even seek the support of online websites that will help you make good comparisons among the premiums charged by various insurers. Read through the reviews that you have chosen auto insurance provider has received on the internet and you would be in a better position to work out how legitimate or how ‘scam based’ the company truly is. Basically, you just need to save yourself from spending money uselessly!

Are you aware of the excess limits on your coverage?

This is one area where you should tread very cautiously. This is because some insurers might recommend this to you as an option for reducing your insurance premiums. This is true indeed, but you also need to understand that there is a flip side to it. In case you set your excess limits very high, you could end up losing some serious money in the event of you having to lodge a big claim with your insurer. However, in case you are mentally comfortable with a higher excess you can easily enjoy a discounted premium. However, before getting into any commitments or purchases what so ever, make sure that you carry out ample research about it on the internet so that you can make a knowledgeable and wise decision as to what it is that you want to do. Make sure that you never get lured in by the claims made by your insurance provider. This is your life and it is down to you to make the best possible decision.

Do you know the importance of your no claim bonus?

This is a golden goose that will keep giving you golden eggs year on year if you treat it with respect. Well to put it simply you can easily get some serious discounts on your vehicle insurance premiums for every year that you do not make a claim for. This percentage will keep increasing year on year. The beauty of it is that it can be transferred to a new vehicle when you buy one resulting in a huge decrease in the new vehicles premium. Basically, you need to make sure that you look into acquiring it, although there is a good chance that your auto insurance agent would not be telling you about it if he has ill intentions towards your money.

Carrying out ample research over the internet is extremely important prior to setting out to purchase auto insurance in New Jersey. The reason is that there are a plethora of choices that you need to make in this regard and you need to make sure that you take every single step that would help you make a far better and more knowledgeable decision. Obviously, if you want to save money, you would need to work hard for it – rash decisions just wouldn’t do!

Always ensure that you do your study before buying your coverage and do follow all rules set by the Georgia dmv. Enter your zip code above to get an instant update on the cheap rates for car insurance in Georgia.

Three Reasons Behind Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

While it is mandatory under car insurance laws in Georgia that you must have the mandatory liability coverage if you own a vehicle there are a lot of other additional covers that you could opt for while buying your car insurance coverage. Before you end up buying any cover than insurance agent offers you, you need to carefully analyze the add-on covers that you can buy. Once you have clear understanding on the advantages and disadvantages of such add-on you will able to end up buying a policy that will be comprehensive in it true sense. Outlined below are some of the add-on coverage’s that you could opt for

1. Collision coverage

As the name suggest this coverage will come to your aid if your vehicle meets with a head on collision with another vehicle. The insurance company will take of liabilities arising from such damages subject to the limits that you have covered your vehicle for. They will also take care of all legal liabilities that might arise from such issues.

2. Medical coverage insurance

The next coverage that you could opt for when buying your car insurance policy is medical coverage policy. This kind of coverage will ensure that all medical expenses that come as an aftermath of an accident will be taken care of by the insurer. You can buy coverage to the extent that you deem fit. This will ensure that the best of medical treatments are made available in such cases.

3. Uninsured liability policy

In certain cases your vehicle could end up in an accident wherein the driver of the other vehicle could be uninsured. In such situations having uninsured drivers coverage will ensure that all your claims in this regard will be reimbursed by the insurer. In the absence of such coverage your only option in this regard would have been to file a civil suit.

4. Underinsured liability policy

The next situation that you could find yourselves in could be wherein the driver of the vehicle that has accident with yours is underinsured. It means that the driver in the opposite vehicle does not have sufficient insurance to meet the claims arising from the accident. In such cases having an underinsured driver’s coverage will meet all your claims in this regard.

5. Reimbursement of rental expenses

In case your accident meets with an accident and takes a few days to get it repaired, you will definitely have to arrange alternate means of transport. This means that you will have to get a vehicle on rent and it means that you will have to fork out the rental expenses. In such situations if have opted for a rental reimbursement coverage in your vehicle coverage policy, the insurer will take care of all such rental expenses.

While there are a number of add on covers that you can opt for in your GA auto insurance coverage you must at all times makes sure that your vehicle insurance coverage adheres to all Georgia car insurance rules. Do get a feel of the best insurance rates in Georgia by entering your zip code above.

Various Methods Used By Car Insurance Companies To Compensate You

In the Peach State, every car owner should meet minimum car insurance coverage requirements to get their cards registered and obtain license plate. Meeting Georgia auto insurance requirements is also essential to replace, renew or transfer an existing license plate. And this is mandatory by the laws implemented by the Motor Vehicle Division of Georgia. To validate the proof of car insurance, the state mandates the car insurance providers to electronically submit new auto insurance policy information along with any addition, termination and deletion of automobiles from the existing policies on GA Electronic Insurance Compliance System.

Important Georgia auto insurance requirements
Here are some important auto insurance requirements in Georgia.

  • BestAutoInsuranceCompanyInGeorgiaMinimum liability coverage – Every lessee and vehicle owner in GA are required to maintain mandatory and continuous liability insurance coverage. This coverage may include liability coverage of 25,000 dollar per injured person for bodily injury, 50,000 dollar per occurrence and 25,000 per occurrence of car damage.

  • Policy card – Car insurance providers that issue car insurance in GA are legally bound to provide the policyholders with insurance policy information card for each insured vehicle. A policyholder must carry this card whenever he drives the car.

  • Evidence of insurance – In Georgia, any vehicle which is not registered under International Registration Plan, is considered as a self-insured vehicle or a vehicle covered under a fleet insurance policy. In such a case, a policy information card, even though required, is not enough to be used as a proof of insurance. to meet Georgia auto insurance requirements, the Motor Vehicle Department’s title database and tag should have a legitimate insurance coverage indicator on the motorist’s or the car owner’s car’s record. This insurance coverage indicator gets added to the department’s database while a vehicle is being registered and also during the time of insurance coverage verification. A legitimate binder from an insurance company registered in the Peach State indicating VIN or Vehicle Identification Number can be served as a proof of insurance. Bill of sale along with a legitimated insurance declaration page pay also be furnished as the proof of insurance, but only for 30 days.

These are the minimum Georgia auto insurance requirements failing to which a motorist can lose his driving privilege.

Suspension for not meeting minimum requirements
Any Georgia motorist who doesn’t comply with these minimum requirements may face suspension of driving license. He may also lose his vehicle registration. Pre-payment of 6 months of minimum liability insurance coverage is required in order to withhold the suspension and restore the registration and the license as well.

Exemptions to minimum requirements
Georgia auto insurance requirements are application only for the vehicles that require registration in the state. Golf carts, snowmobiles, trailers, mopeds, all-terrain automobiles and bicycles don’t need to meet any insurance requirement. Non-Georgians working in the state and Georgia visitors can drive cars in the state for 30 days and 90 days accordingly, but only with an out-of-state registration.

Vehicle Insurance coverage for Younger Singles

We have clarified numerous questions regarding transferring out of your parents’ insurance policy to starting your personal coverage. Also check out how to save money by yourself coverage by being authorized for those special discounts many insurance firms offer.