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Are You Eligible For A DUI Offense If You Resist To Give A Test?

Every country has some restriction or the other till a specific age number in terms of driving and the same is the case with Georgia. In Georgia, the legal drinking age is 21. If anyone who is more than 21 years old is caught driving under the influence, he or she will be charged with normal DUI charges. However, things are really different for those who are under 21 years and are caught driving under the influence. The reason is that they will be treated differently, because it is illegal to drink if you are under 21, until and unless there would any of the following reason:

1.            Wine served at a religious ceremony

2.            The utilization of certain drugs that are prescribed by the doctor to cure a particular health condition

For those who are underage and committed something which comes under DUI, then they will be facing hasher consequences. They will charged with DUI offense if their BAC test value will be greater than 0.02 or between 0.02 – 0.08. If its value is 0.02 %, then the driver will be charged with the allegation of DUI offence and the penalties would be as follows:

In case of first time drunk driving convictions:

A.            If BAC value is between 0.02% – 0.08%:

1.            Six months license suspension

2.            NO mandatory prison time

3.            20 hours community service.

B.            If BAC value is over than 0.08%:

1.            Minimum 24 hours prison

2.            At least one year license suspension

3.            40 hours at a community centre

Note: for any DUI, if the BAC value is more than 0.02 % then driver will be fined 300 $ to 1000 $.

Being in a DUI is really full of trouble so as possible one should know the methods to prevent DUI charges.

In case of second time drunk driving conviction:

1.            Imprisonment: minimum 3 days

2.            License suspension: 3 years

3.            Fine: minimum 600 $ to 1000 $.

4.            Community service: minimum 30 hours.

It will not be ending here, in addition to all this the underage DUI will be accused any of the following charges:

1.            Should be under the supervision of an adult.

2.            Minor in possession

3.            Soliciting alcohol

4.            Child endangerment law violation

5.            Other minor drunk passengers?

6.            Distributing alcohol to other minors

7.            Used a fake ID to purchase alcohol

8.            Moving and controlling the vehicle

And whatever else the officer has observed will be mentioned in the case.

Things do not end here, considering the fact that certain insurance companies can also finish their insurance policy with you if you are ever charged with underage DUI offences and mostly companies raise the monthly charges of the insurance on your company. We need to be very careful while driving and accept it as our responsibility on a prompt basis. This is necessary because we can avoid any kind of mishaps which will cause damage to our present and future as well.

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