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An Overview Of Auto Insurance In Georgia

To drive without auto insurance is illegal in most of the states of USA including Georgia. The main purpose of having auto insurance in Georgia or any state is to save you from the expense involved in an accident. You can also get insurance for your car against theft, vandalism or any damage caused by natural calamities like fire. In Georgia the drivers have financial responsibility for any harm done to others and their vehicle and so should have a minimum liability insurance coverage for their vehicle. If you drive without the minimum liability insurance coverage of your car then you may be putting other in a financial risk. So, to save yourself and others from the high financial cost involved in an accident at least minimum liability insurance is a must.

In Georgia car insurance there are basically two insurance plans the liability and collision insurance. The liability insurance mainly covers for the damage done to others in the accident. The state of Georgia mandates to have minimum liability coverage for all the drivers which are 25/50/25. The minimum liability coverage included $25,000 for any bodily damage done during the accident for one person in an accident and coverage of $50,000 for two or more person injured in an accident with a maximum coverage of $25,000 for each person. However, you should also have coverage of $25,000 for any physical damage done to the property of others during the accident.

The liability insurance coverage mainly covers for the damage done to the others car and life. However, collision car insurance coverage covers for the physical damage done to your car in an accident. Thus most of the drivers add this to their insurance coverage to save themselves from high cost of repairing their car. There is also a comprehensive insurance which gives protection to your car against fire, vandalism, theft etc. By getting uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage you can save yourself the cost incurred in case of an accident in which the other person is not insured or is not satisfactorily insured to cover all the expense.

The law enforcement officials of Georgia have a system in place to electronically track the status of your car insurance. Thus, you should always drive with proper insurance for your car. Driving without is illegal and can get you penalized, This can lead to the suspension of your car’s registration number and may have to pay $25 as lapse fee and $60 to reinstate the car’s registration number. Making the same mistake second and third time may lead to harsher punishment and cancellation of car’s registration number mandatorily up to 6 months. Thus, having auto insurance in Georgia is a must.

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