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A Helpful Guide To DWI And DUI Laws In Georgia

No state allows intoxicated people drive. This is a highly punishable offense. In Georgia the laws against DWI are highly stringent. There are many different procedures which are to be followed if you are to be charged with a DWI. It is also a contributing factor when it comes to auto insurance in Georgia.

There is a set of different laws which pertain to the different ages. This helps them categorize the offenders with different punishments. Georgia has a limit of blood alcohol content. They are categorized according to age. This helps the law enforcement team to follow the proper procedure for convicting the offender.

In many states the limit is high. However, the limit for BAC in Georgia is as follows: for drivers under 21 is 0.02%, for drivers 21 and above is 0.08% and for commercial drivers it is 0.04%. This is then tested by a chemical test, if the driver refuses to take the test, there are different penalties. What you should know is that Georgia’s law is an implied state law. What this means is that if you refuse to take the chemical test, then you will face immediate suspension and other penalties.

GeorgiaAutoInsuranceThis is how the offenses go when it comes to refusal to take the chemical test. The first offense for not agreeing to take the chemical test is suspension of license for one whole year. The second offense is suspension of license for three whole years. And for the third offense your license gets suspended for five years. The thing with driving while intoxicated; you should try and get it this removed from your license. This will help to get it removed from your record. As when you go to get auto insurance in Georgia, your record plays an important role in the amount of insurance you will be paying.
You should know that there are other ways in which the judge can penalize you if you are found guilty of driving under the influence. You should try and stay sharp and never refuse to have your chemical test taken. This just makes the situation worse. At times, due to different pressures, the judge may not listen to your plea and have you penalized harshly.

Since there is no time limit for the DWI to stay on your license, you should contest your DWI immediately. Otherwise it will always stay on your record. This is just like a criminal record. Having a criminal record will make it hard for you to get a job or change your house or get auto insurance in Georgia. You should keep in mind it will also be a problem for your family. For this there are specialized DWI lawyers. They will be able to tell you all that you need to know when it comes to being convicted for a DWI. By entering your ZIP code in the box above, you will get a list of all the different clauses which insurance companies look at. This will help you know what all is important for you when it comes to DWIs and auto insurance in Georgia.